Osu! Blackthorn’d it

Osu! Blackthorn’d it

Well now.

It only took us 8 shots and a little under 90 minutes, but we scored the gunship. Went through phase 1 seven times and saw phase 2 once – The same time we killed it. Ultimately, it cost us 2 tanks at 2%, but we had enough players alive to tip him over. Phase 2 wasn’t as bad as I’d heard from others.

Phase one was just a matter of keeping the players alive as much as possible while dodging Blade Rush (them pesky charges)! We ran four different groups assigned to different areas of the deck to try to contain explosions. Strict cooldown management was used to get us through Onslaughts and Phase 2 Roars.

Monday presents Spine of Deathwing!

Everyone says I should be trembling. That bad, eh?

It’s Osu

On a completely different note, I want to introduce you guys to a game that’ll help you develop your reflexes and your mouse agility. Great for League of Legends and Starcraft 2 players.

if you’re familiar with Elite Beat Agents, then you’ll have an idea of what Osu! is about. It’s a rhythm game where you must time the location and speed of your clicks according to the rhythm of the song.

Watch me play along to Usher.

It’s like DDR for my hands!

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