One Step Closer to the Blogroll Answer

One Step Closer to the Blogroll Answer

I’ve been working on this little project of mine for the past few days and I think it’s time for me to display some of it to you guys. At the moment, my blogroll consists of nothing more than a select few blogs that rotate upon refresh. How my new look blogroll will work is that it will examine the feed URL of any blog and pull the last 5 recent headlines to appear on that blog and display them. You might’ve seen something similar from pages like Alltop or popurls. I won’t deny that I was definitely inspired by those two sites. I’m debating setting up something similar purely for WoW. Of course, there’s several obstacles in the way of that (how the heck do I sort these, how do I determine who gets listed and who gets the shaft, etc.)

But for the time being, you can find a working version of it up live on my blog.

I also need a name for it. It’s not really a blog roll, really. Matt’s ‘Marks? Allwow? Hah, right. Any ideas on names would be appreciated.

Oh by the way, those of you with your blogs listed there, let me know if you want me to take it down. I probably should have asked for permission first but if you do have a problem with me posting nothing more than your recent headlines that link to your blog then I will take it down with no questions asked.
Siha made a nice point that sorting by class may not be the right thing to do as there are numerous bloggers who write cross class. I might just give up and not worry about any kind of categories at all and just throw everything up as a mixed bag.

So, thoughts? Good idea? Bad idea? Could be executed better? Any coding wizards out there that might be interested? Design enthusiasts?

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  1. Interesting. Is more of a blog feed kinda thing, than a traditional blogroll. Curious to see the final form. Meself, I used to try to assign categories to blogs, but I decided it just didn’t work – things is too fluid. Have you thought about sorting by most recent entries?

  2. Interestingly, I’ve seen my blog listed on various sites as “Priest”, “Rogue”, “Hunter” and “Multi-class” as well as “General Blog Goodness”. 🙂

    Although I do use categories to sort my blogroll (primarily class-based), I also put blogs into more than one category. For instance, I think I have OutOfMana (Megan’s blog) listed under Pally as well as PvP and Multiclass (yeah, I could check but I’m lazy).

    At any rate, it looks pretty good so far. (And while I still suck @ PvP, I’m getting better.) 😉

  3. Ratshag: Yeah, but I quickly dismissed it due to lack of coding knowledge to successfully pull that off. I’m not that good :(.

    Kestrel: Indeed! I was thinking about sorting it by the main of the blog author.

  4. It’s kind of an array, but BlogArray doesn’t really roll off the tongue.

    Matrix something perhaps? BlogMatrix still doesn’t have the nicest ring to it.

    grid, bucket, cloud, splash, snapshot, nothing else I can come up with works 🙁

    zupas last blog post..Moar dots!


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