Oculus Gets a Facelift

Oculus Gets a Facelift


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Since the days of Burning Crusade, we’ve seen the rise of the Heroic.  Five brave heroes banding together to take on our favorite dungeons, but the foes are much more formidable.  The badges/emblems, the epic loot, the reputation, the Nether/Orb, and the Heroic Daily.  These have become staples of our WoW community.

My personal favorite?  In BC, I loved Shadow Labs.  People whined about it taking too long, but I loved it.  In WotLK, it’s hard to choose a favorite.  Nexus, Utgarde Pinnacle, and Halls of Lightning certainly rank among my favorites.

However, as a WoW player from any walk of life, you’ve probably been a part of this conversation:

“Hey, does anyone wanna do the daily?”

“Sure, I’ll go!  I still need emblems for my heirloom piece.”

“Yeah, me too!”

“Has anyone checked what the daily is?”

“Lemme check.”

(Pause for dramatic effect)


“….F*** that.”

“Yeah, forget it.”

Oculus is the second dungeon in Coldarra, the subregion in northwest Borean Tundra.  There it sits, laughing at all of us.  It touts itself as the most hated heroic we’ve ever set foot in.  Even Heroic Shattered Halls was manageable once you got geared enough.

Trouble usually comes from coordination and orientation.  Being the first 5-man to introduce flying mounts, I’m grateful that I can’t lose my driver’s license by the horrible flying I do in Oculus.  And trying to get a PUG, or even a late-night group of post-raid guildies, into a focused mindset to handle the rotation needed to down Eregos is a chore unto itself.

Combined with a slew of other issues we’ve all come to hate, Oculus has become the least-run Heroic in the game.  People loathe it.  Forums and blogs feed the hatred.  I have yet to complete Proof of Demise, simply because I can’t stomach the thought of doing Oculus.  Even in my guild last night, I heard someone say, “I’ll run any Heroic but Oculus.”

A Brand New Day

Thankfully, Patch 3.3 is going to bring us some treats to ease our anger.  It was just announced in the patch notes that Oculus is getting nerfed.  **Pause for roaring applause**

  • Many bosses and creatures have had their total health reduced.
  • Several bosses and creatures have had cooldowns on specific abilities increased, effect durations reduced, and damage on some of these abilities reduced.
  • Ring-Lord Conjurers and Sorceresses now hang out in packs of 4 instead of packs of 5.
  • Vehicle scaling on the drakes based on the rider’s item level has been increased to make them more powerful.

Perhaps Blizzard has finally noticed the dust collecting below the portal of this monstrosity.

Oculus was by no means impossible, but it definitely was a bit too challenging for its level.  Especially now with the Emblem grind going full force, this shift puts Oculus into the mix of “Chain Heroics”.

I’m looking forward to trying out the new Oculus to see if I can heal through it without wanting to pull my hair out.  I also look forward to trying my hand at some fancy achievements that I never got to try before, such as Amber Void, Ruby Void, and Emerald Void!  Another step toward my goal: Glory of the Hero.

Do you agree with the negative stigma surrounding Oculus?  Are you looking forward to its facelift in Patch 3.3??


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  1. The current version of Occulus has one benefit..

    It gives those instance servers a break from their stress on the days it is the daily. Those little hamsters need a break now and then.

  2. The people on the PTR last week when I was playing disbanded their groups any time Occulus popped up. We complained to the developers (and they probably witnessed the groups breaking up themselves), and they realized that the player base thinks a 15 minute debuff was actually preferable to running Occulus. I’m not sure that the nerfs will be enough to remove the stigma – because I think people just don’t like the design of the vehicle combat. Even if it’s easy-mode in 3.3, I don’t think people can get over their stereotype against it.

    They’d actually have to be willing to run the new version to see if they’ll like it or not.
    .-= Lissanna´s last blog ..What’s up with 3.3 Resto druids? Changes explained =-.

  3. I hate Oculus. Glad it’s being nerfed.

  4. I actually love running Occ, I just can’t ever find anyone to do it with me. 🙁

    Things getting changed works fine for me if that ends up making other players willing to run it.
    .-= Psynister´s last blog ..Vanity Pet Analysis: Lil’ K.T. =-.

  5. Bobby Smith says:

    The Oculus or rather the stigma attached to its pre-nerf state is a reflection of the game community as a whole in WoW. Maybe I am delusional or nostalgia is blurring my vision, but I remember a time when people wouldn’t give up as easily and things were a bit more challenging than “mass pulls and aoe tank and spank” the entire instance down. As far as I am concerned, the Oculus was the only interesting sideshow in all of the Heroics, simply because the other Heroics are so easy that the formula for completing them is exactly the same.

    I never had trouble with the Oculus, the only burden was actually finding a group for it. (maybe that is why I didn’t have trouble, only the people who were fresh 80s and knew nothing about Oc or the experienced players who know the instance isn’t as hard as people make it out to be were my group members) Nonetheless, if you are still wasting your time with my comment, this is yet another reason I feel justified with quitting the game. People give up too easily and Blizz caters to it.

  6. I don’t think the nerf will make a tremendous difference in the unpopularity of the instance.

    The first time my old guild ran Oculus as fairly new 80s, we quit after 2 hours in frustration on the dragons. We just didn’t get the vehicle system well enough. And they wouldn’t run it again after that. Even after the nerf – it left a bad taste in people’s mouths.

    It’s not just the dragons themselves – it’s that on that fight, you lose all the normal wipe recovery. You can’t battle rez a player or feign death during the fight, and then shamans can’t self-rez in place – so every single death or wipe becomes a long, time-wasting run back in. Just when Blizzard gave us so many tools to make wipe-recovery fast and easy, they gave us Oculus where those don’t work, and people don’t have the patience for it.

    I think a lot of the players who won’t run it now dislike it so much, they may have not even tried it since the current nerf went live – so nerfing it again won’t tempt them more. Of all the end-game raids, try finding a PUG for Eye of Eternity – same problem, same dragon vehicles, even longer wipe recovery since you have to redo the whole fight.


  7. Its not that I hate Oculus.
    Its that I hate the 4 other morons who don’t have a damn clue what to do inside.
    .-= Matticus´s last blog ..Oculus Gets a Facelift =-.

  8. Personally, I never thought that Oculus was too hard…it was just too annoying.

    The reason I avoid it like the Swine Flu is because everytime I’m in there I get really annoyed with it. Maybe it’s the fact that I hate the part where you fly on the drakes (I was never a fan of the Defending Wyrmrest Temple or Aces High quests either)

    Nerfing it doesn’t solve the annoyance issue, but at least it will make the run as a whole go faster.

  9. Oculus is so hated on my server that I’d never run it, even on regular difficulty, until a few weeks ago when I browbeat my boyfriend into helping me put together the group because I wanted to see the place.

    It wasn’t that bad. Sure, we were in there like a bunch of noobs poking a dragon, and we had a few deaths because of it… but how can you expect us to know what’s going on when we’ve never seen the place before? I had read the drake’s abilities etc prior to running it, but it just doesn’t click with me until I’m actually able to try it out.
    .-= Rhii´s last blog ..Quick One =-.

  10. I kind of like Oc. Not sure why. And walking backwards? Definately a challenge as a healer. I have nover not succeeded in there. Not sure I understand what’s so hard? My boyfriend hates it, but will go on occasion if I ask him to. But now that he has his mage? Who knows if I will ever find a tank to take me there again? Still… I bet easy mode will be just that, too easy.

    BTW, I really like your posts and am glad you joined the team. Thanks for your wit and fun writing! Keep up the good works.

  11. /agree with Matticus. The number of people who show up for Heroic Oculus without ever having done the normal version contributes far more to my stress than anything the instance can throw at me.

    The end fight is new and unique in and of itself. The addition of the phase shift when you’re just getting to understand mounted combat is what causes most of the wipes with groups I’m in.

    But if you’ve done the normal mode and then come to the heroic for the first time and someone says “periodically he phases out and summons orbs you have to circle strafe around to avoid”, then you’re probably going to get through it without too many problems.

    As an aside, why does everyone do a 180 and fly away on the phase shift. I’ve always found a wide circle strafe to be far more efficient – it gets you back on the boss much faster (on an emerald drake I can have 3 stacks of the DoT up before the tank rider has fired their first blast).

    These days when I see the Oculus in the daily, I change my comment to say “only interested in groups who have the normal achievement”. I reject a few groups, but I’d say I get through the instance about half of the time.
    .-= Karatheya´s last blog ..Minor Updates on Guilds in Cataclysm =-.

  12. I don’t mind Occulus. I actually love the last boss fight. However, I’ve had jerks running the group the only two times I ran it who refused to explain the first fights when most of the rest of the group said they were new, and then yelled at us when we died. So I wouldn’t mind going back if friends and guildees wanted to, but I don’t have fond memories of pugging it.

  13. Occulus isn’t anything too hard, though I admit that bad players make last boss much harder than it is. Trash and bosses themselves are zero problem and have been since 3.0. I’ve filled all three roles there and haven’t really found it much different from other 5-mans.

  14. Personally, I used to hate Occ. The more I run it, the more I like it now. I have just recently completed all the void achievements (even got the Emerald and Ruby on same run). It just depends on the group that runs it as to whether or not it turns out fun or miserable. I don’t think the nerfs are needed, or will help for that matter.

  15. Angry Gamer says:

    Honestly this nerf is not going to do anything for the instance. Since it uses “vehicles” no one wants to take the time to learn it or teach other new people how to run it. And a ton of people have not stepped foot in there since it is not “normal”.

    Short of removing it or grounding the dragon mechanic I dont think anything will save this instance.
    .-= Angry Gamer´s last blog ..Heroic ToC holy priest healing tips =-.

  16. Its not that I hate Oculus.
    Its that I hate the 4 other morons who don’t have a damn clue what to do inside.

    That’s exactly what I wanted to comment 😀 Occulus itself isn’t that bad. I like the icy area, pretty dragons and the different boss fights but if knowone of the other players has idea where to fly and what to do, it’s just like hell 🙁
    .-= Nanuki´s last blog ..A non-tank’s view of tanking classes =-.

  17. “Its not that I hate Oculus.Its that I hate the 4 other morons who don’t have a damn clue what to do inside.”

    I’m in agreement with this statement as well. I’m saddened, however, about the other encounter nerfs. I think those encounters – other than Eregos – are some of the most enjoyable in the game because they demand that the group communicates and everyone knows their job (attributes I find lacking in many heroic encounters.)

    Nerfing those encounters may make Occ more appealing, but I fear that the real culprit here is the vehicle fight. I suspect a far more successful Occulus ressurection could be had by simply making Eregos optional and end the instance as a daily with the Mage encounter.

  18. The final fight is just one of my issues. Though having said that I was part of the pioneers in my guild that went in there first and banged our heads on it like crazy.

    I have more of an issue with the whole layout of the place though. The pulls aren’t that tough, but it takes forever to get to them because you need to dodge these flying dragons, and you can never tell when you’re too close to aggro one.

  19. I don’t really think Occulus is too hard, I just don’t like it very much. For some reason, the mounted combat in Occulus just irritates me, but the Mounted combat on Flame Leviathan doesn’t. I can’t explain why, but to me, one fight seems like it is done well, and the other just isn’t. Maybe its all of the hopping platform to platform that gets to me. I can see it being alot less irritating if it was a normal instance with a mounted dragon fight at the end.

  20. All I can say is try to do it before the nerf, Proof of Demise is becoming a feat of strength. I just got it myself, by grossly outgearing the dungeon. It is really a 5 man raid, not a dungeon. Anyone who says otherwise needs to do more than play WoW 16-20 hours a day.
    .-= Arkaneena´s last blog ..Creating a New Team =-.

  21. I like this. Occulus was the only thing I was affraid as passionate pugger for 3.3. Because as was said, people make that dungeon very hard to do. Now I am actually looking forward to pugging it.

    Occulus used to be pretty hard on average pugs and what was worst, over time as the “GS” and “achi” retardness bloomed, people were loosing patience too quickly. I mean, leaving Occulus PUG after one wipe, really? Unless it’s wipe on second trash pack while I had to burn all my healer cds on first, of course 🙂

  22. I believe a bit of the hatred stemmed from the fact that no matter how much gear you had, you could still get roflpwned if you had no idea what you were doing, whereas the rest of the early content in WotLK is “1. Gather adds. 2. AoE. 3. Collect phat lewts.”

    When they bounced up the HP of the drakes according to ilvl, I ran Occulus and noticed little change, having only really run it once before to knock the double daily out of the park and for my Champion of the Frozen Wastes. I enjoyed it the second time around, but then again, there was nothing really there that intrigued me enough to get. By the time I stepped in there the first time, I vastly outgeared anything that could drop in there.

    There really is no need for a nerf. It is a 5-man. Achievements do contribute to a Red Ugly-Drake, so it might downplay that reward, as Make It Count! was quite hard at one point. Ah well… I still won’t be able to find people to run it. Haha.
    .-= Nagrarok´s last blog ..Circle of Healers – Just for fun… =-.

  23. The day I reached 80 me,Matt and 3 other fools went and did this because it was the daily. The very first Heroic Dungeon I ever did in Wrath and it was about 4 hours of hell.

    I never wanted to go back.

    Flash forward to now. Did it with guildies. I was surprised that the difficulty level was still there even though we vastly outgeared it.

  24. I have only run it once, with a group of guildies. Three of us had never run it before.

    We went through with only one wipe. I didn’t find it very terribly difficult, just very terribly annoying.

  25. I just checked my Achievement history –

    1st Heroic was DKT. 2nd Heroic was UK. 3rd Heroic was… Oculus. Definately didn’t outgear the instance at that stage. 🙂

    I’ve never understood the hate for Oculus. And I can’t tell you how many people I see screaming the hatred… only to find that they have never even BEEN INSIDE. Personally, I’ve tanked it (paladin), healed it (paladin, druid), and DPS’d it (paladin, warlock). ALL of these were in PUGs (except when I did the timed run).

    These nerfs are really unnecessary, BUT, if the general public needs the nerfs to actually complete the instance

  26. I am going to go ahead and agree w/ Matticus…

    “Its not that I hate Oculus.
    Its that I hate the 4 other morons who don’t have a damn clue what to do inside.”

    Furthermore, I feel your pain, I am two achievements away from my Glory of the Hero achievement, one of them being in Oculus, and it is a horrible pain to try to get [Make It Count] when people either don’t know what they are doing or don’t want to run it. The only other achievement that I need is [A Void Dance] and I haven’t even had that boss in VH the last 12 or so times I have run it (though I do see the dang water boss quite frequently…as in EVERY DANG TIME).

    TLDR: I hate the RNG more than Oculus
    .-= Spazmoosifer´s last blog ..Circle of Healers =-.

  27. Oculus impopularity is the same that EoE, people are mostly lazy.

    My first H Oculus was with pugs and was hardn but we kill everything in 1hour except last boss, was way back on dec 08, newly 80s, we didnt kill last boss, 2hour on him.

    Next week, with guildies, we kill him 3 shots, i do love oculus, is a new and diferent way of instance, when is not due to gear or role of your character skill, but to adapt to new roles.

    I love to paly it, the problem there is that the rewards are mostly for casters, so, the rest hates it and a lot of casters also hates it.

    Why no one hates FL with 0 towers up? Because is easy, why not everyone has oculus or EoE? People cant handle diferent things

  28. I think the problem with Occulus is that it punishes groups severely when even one member is not really paying attention, and people would rather not run it instead of knuckling down and learning how to run it. So whenever someone actually goes there, they don’t know what to do – its a vicious circle.

    That said, in groups that have gone well, I like using the Emerald Drake, that’s a fun way to heal 🙂

    If someone dies, you either have to rez them, or you have to wait for them to realize they’re not getting rezzed, run in, realize they have to go get their dragon, be confused again, and then be confused because they’re trying to get the wrong dragon. Meanwhile, the rest of you are sitting on your drakes, and start tabbing out and reading world of matticus or junk like that 😛 . And of course no one plays with their sound on, so your team may be getting beat on, or you have casually aggroed about 5 drakes just by sitting there, but you’re still afk. Now you have 1 afk guy, 1 guy who is clueless and on the ground floor, and 3 guys who are about to wipe again, because of the other 2 guys. Add to this that maybe one guy wants to go a different direction – now he’s on the other side, getting pwned by more drakes. Did I mention the green drake doesn’t have a heal button yet?

    So, after spending 2 hours and replacing 2 of your party members, you are trying to explain the unlocked drake abilities to your players, while simultaneously explaining to the teenager who wants to try to do some of the *hardest achievements in the game* because he has a Titansteel Destroyer, which obviously means all heroics are cakewalks, that you don’t want to try the achievements. Remember again, 3 of the party has no idea how to use their drakes, probably including Destroyer-boy. Finally, you get to Eregos. Of course, you wipe several times because people have no clue what to do. Eventually, you think to yourself “self why am I doing this?” and you say “why self, I am here for two badges of triumph. That is it. All we need from Badges of Triumph are offset pieces. In the amount of wiping we’ve done, I could have run Violet Hold, Nexus, and Halls of Lightning, and saved 100g in repairs! Heck, I could have run half of Ulduar 10 and gotten enough conquest badges to buy some new epic gems! ”

    And that’s when you make the decision. ” Self”- You tell yourself – “We like running heroics for badges. Really we do, even with PUGs. But this Occulus business just isn’t worth it.”

    The next day in guild chat:

    “Looking for people to run heroics, anywhere but Occulus!”

  29. Goes to show that sometimes even nerfs are welcome 🙂
    .-= We Fly Spitfires´s last blog ..Star Trek Online Official Release Date =-.

  30. They don’t get it:
    • Wiping? Pfft, if the PUG sucks it doesn’t matter what instance you are in.
    • It’s not the vehicle scaling I find annoying, it’s the vehicle itself. I didn’t create a new “vehicle class” toon. I created a class.

    Similarly I hate the jousting dailies for argent crusade. The only jousting I suffer through is r/h Toc5 when gearing a new 80.

  31. So they actually nerf the Occulus again. A fine way to say “Yeah, we did some bullshit and inserted an instance nearly noone would ever like.”. It would be a fine way. But I actually think they think the way you posted in this post.

    I was 4 times in this instance the last two weeks for all this achievments you’re forced to do if you want this rare and super-nice Proto. Never did it before but as I experienced by chance it’s not difficult anymore even at the moment. After the first run with just Ruby Drakes and 20min-achievment I came to the decision that the ban on this instance is not about the the difficulty because it is not just “easy” since 3.2, it’s just a flat, boring joke anymore.
    It’s just the design and nothing else what let’s the people think twice before entering an Occ-group. In my guild and my friendlist there is no one I think who likes vehicular combat. And Occ like Malygos and the Flame Leviathan is nothing else but this de-placed and boring type of combat.

    I would prefer bridges between the platforms and no endboss before another nerf for this instance. The most fights in there are not uninteresting but I hate these dragons – not the blue ones – and don’t want to see them again with the shami or any of my alts.

  32. I didn’t like Occulous until one day the mechanics just clicked and it’s been easy since. However I do agree you need to make sure you’re not bringing a band of idiots with you or it might turn into a long long night. hehe
    .-= Napaeae´s last blog ..The Bench: Our Saviour =-.

  33. oh wow! Oculus! damn! honestly when i was leveling my priest, rogue and Dk to 80 .>.< I have only been here once or twice. hate the place, but its a good dungeon to practice your skills on killing malygos in eye of eternity. ehehe.
    .-= Christine´s last blog ..Similar Things at Work and in Game =-.

  34. Ridiculous nerf. The issue with Occy is not the boss fights (well, up to Eregos). It’s the pain in the ass mechanics of said fight. I already get lost in *2* dimensions… leave the Z-axis out of it, I say!

    I still won’t go there unless I absolutely have to, and I simply don’t trust anyone else to heal the last boss so I will probably never get the experienced drake achieve 🙁

  35. I actually like Occulus.
    With just a little patience you can get almost any pug newb group through in a try or two. Especially since they nerfed it by scaling the drakes.

    I tend to suggest 2 red, 2 green, 1 amber. Takes a little while longer to down him, but its far more forgiving to Occulus novices than what most people would think of as a typical 5 man dungeon team (1tank, 1 heal, 3dps).

    TBH I had thought the scaling already went a little too far. I’ve done 5Amber drakes twice, once before and once after the nerf. Huge difference in difficulty. Its almost trivial now…you still need good coordination, but the extra 15-20k hp really helps.

    Personally I had way more problems with Malygos. If I ever got a group who knew what they were doing, I’d get to PH3 and Maly would often seem to enrage long before the actual enrage timer. Most of my guildies, after downing Maly once refuse to set foot in it ever again because we had so much trouble.

  36. Oculus isn’t my favorite heroic, but I do like it – it’s something different (which is probably why most people hate it). If we want to talk about heroics we all hate and want to see removed then let’s talk Old Kingdom.

    That place is the devil.

  37. Meh. Think Oculus is pretty cool. Though come to think of it I’ve probably only pugged it once or twice. A group of guildies and on vent and it’s a breeze.

  38. The only hard part about Occulus is getting a group. The zone isn’t being nerfed because its too hard. Its being nerfed so that the stigma of Occulus will hopefully be dispelled in a way it wasn’t in the last patch.

  39. I find Occulus to be a nice break from the “ordinary” heroic instances… and also a very good practice for people that have any pretensions on doing the Eye. But doing it in a PUG can be a pain. Regardles, i don’t think it should be nerfed – no need really because the thing people hate the most is the last boss fight mechanics, not the “hardness” of mobs, so by nerfing it in any other way than changing the last fight won’t do much to increase the popularity of it…

  40. I used to hate Oculus, now I don’t mind doing that with a group that has some experience with the drake fight.
    Unfortunately, when I had recently dinged 80 and was farming heroics, ended up twice on groups trying to do the drake achievements.
    Both times we spent 4-5 hours in there, loads of gold for repairs, and wiped and wiped and wiped.
    When we finally managed I was so sick and tired of the place that I promised not to go there ever again.
    A few months later, I went in to help a few guildies, and realized that with some experience on drake fights and forgetting the drake achievements the instance is ok, and also fun if you end up with a group of good players.

  41. I used to hate Oculus. Especially after my friend and I spent several hours in there just trying to teach 3 other people how to run the instance. I’ve gone back about 3 or 4 times since then to finish my Glory of the Hero achievements and I went with all guild members after raid one night. It honestly wasn’t that difficult. Every time since my dreaded all afternoon run in there I’ve always had a tank, a healer (myself), and at least one dps that knew the fights and were all on vent. Unfortunately for me though, I’m still the only one in the guild that knows where to go and when.

    It’s not that it’s hard, it’s just a pain to run. I don’t think that making the instance easier is really going to make it more appealing to run. I’ll still try to avoid it just because I don’t like the way the instance is designed.

  42. Oculus holds a special place in my heart… the first Heroic I ever solo’d. It is a ridiculously easy instance (each boss can be solo’d by the tank / green drake or could be when I did it). People just don’t get Eregos and so lose the will to do it due to a few factors:

    a) Inability to learn new abilities quickly (1-80 taught you your class, learning a new ‘miniclass’ for 1 instance is hard / not worth doing)

    b) Inability to react as a group (DPS watching debuffs, healers co-operating to heal, tank focusing on adds rather than the autotanked boss)

    c) 3D world – spatial awareness is multiplied.

    Of these b and c seem to be the major issues, people get lost in a 3d environment given most WoW fights fairly static 2D nature. Point b is horrible, watching DPS smashing burst or channel buttons and not realising they can alternate for massive damage.

    WoW has trained us generally to play alone, and to watch for proc type effects. Rarely do we need to watch for other people’s stacks and alter out gameplay around theirs. Oculus is really what we should be playing all the time, 3D fights with synergy between classes.

  43. The first time I did Oculus I actually enjoyed it. The 2nd time, not so much. The 3rd time I vowed never again.

    I can’t think of a viable nerf to it that would change my stance. Have fun, I’ll be elsewhere 🙂

  44. I like Oculus but can never get a group for it. The nerf does not make me happy.

  45. Knowstrils says:

    FUN = Occulus

    NOT FUN = Carrying nubs who didn’t do any homework and refuses to listen, in Occulus

  46. When I first hit 80, I joined the handful of guildies that had already hit 80 and started farming heroics, and Occulus was one that none of us had done. We cleared with with no wipes, and as we got geared (via farming heroics and T7 content), we steamrolled the place every time and got all the achievements towards our red proto-drakes.

    I never understood why people hated the place until I went with a group that didn’t consist of my guildies. 2 hours later, I knew why people hated it.

    I think I’ve run it maybe a half dozen times total since getting all the achievements done on my main (at least twice for sure, since I have 2 alts with Champion of the Frozen Wastes). I tend to avoid running it, though, even though I’ve never failed at any aspect of the dungeon. 😛

  47. On my first run in Oc I was lucky enough to have a patient, experienced tank and we got through with only two wipes, havent had a problem with it since then. Old Kingdom on the other hand is quite easy, but trying to explain the last fight to people has led me to punch the desk a few times in frustration…

  48. When i first got my Holy Priest to 80 (Going to be Main for Cat) first heroic i did was Occulus.

    Got the 20min/heroic/normal/red void/green void all in one go ^_^. Its an easy instance once everyone knows what they are doing and with the drakes scaling with your gear its just so much more easier.

    Only time we take a while is to explain what the different drakes do to people that have never used them before. I’m still a bit iffy about red because I usually always play green.

  49. I don’t particularly like the Oculus, but the times i do run it, by being helpful and understanding, to those who were new, i usually got through unscathed.
    Also of note, while reading the comments hear, a remarkable number have spelt it the “Occulus” or abbreviatted is as occ, which is incorrect. Its one “C”.

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