Please forgive me for squealing like a little girl, but….




4 months of Illidan kills, and it finally drops. The sweetest part? Every healer in the raid whispered me Grats, before it was loot counciled out. They’d gotten together… and decided to pass it unanimously to me.

No lie. I nearly cried.

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  1. /whisper Grats!

    gnomeaggedons last blog post..Ducking and Weaving – Fire #3

  2. /w Wynthea Congrats!

    Loronars last blog post..Tweaking for Raiding: 7/45/9

  3. Wow – congratulations!1

    Totally unjust considering just how SWANK Priest armor already looks! /mope

    Phaelias last blog post..Bug Report: Lifebloom’s Bloom Effect and Auto-Attack

  4. nuetralise says

    LOLOLOL soz, grats Wyn ….

    WTB Spire for Matt now1!

  5. Grats!!

    Now you gotta do something about those Troll toes!

    Tunas last blog post..WotLK: New Beta Talent Build

  6. Gz 🙂

    For those not sure what item this post is about:

    Solidstates last blog post..Alchemical Blood

  7. Grats!

  8. Loot council? I thought ya’ll ran DKP.

  9. Thanks, guys. I’m still cheesin’ really hard about it. 🙂

    As for mah Troll Toez – *bam* Kick in the face! Wut now???

    And for my guild:
    We were DKP when I first joined, but slowly migrated over to full Loot Council. We still track DKP, but use it for more of a tie-breaker than anything else.


  10. Congo Ratz

  11. Apoptygmaa says

    Congratulations, and well-earned.

    For the Horde!

  12. /w Wynthea: Congratulations! Don’t succumb to the suggestions to put Savagery on that! 🙂

    Kestrels last blog post..Blog Azeroth Shared Topics: Catching Up!

  13. Gratz!

  14. omg Grats!!! it looks so sweet with the priesty T6 gear

    Meghandras last blog post..From the baby druid….

  15. Giant gratz! 🙂

    Tankettes last blog post..Back to ZA

  16. Big Grats!!

  17. Grats!

    That’s an awesome drop but what I find cooler is that all the other healers agreed to let you have it. Makes me go “Awwwww.” =)

    Trinas last blog post..WoW pick up lines

  18. You don’t really want to know what we trolls do with our toes.

    Euripedess last blog post..Oh, the Arcanity!

  19. Grats!


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