Now There’s a Real LFM Message

Now There’s a Real LFM Message

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I had just finished class and was on my way home. I’m waiting at one of the university bus loops and I see an ad taped to the glass pane on the bus shelter. I told a friend of mine to take a picture of it and send it to me later. You can’t say he hasn’t attracted interest though. It looks like he’s got at least 3 takers. I wonder if this method actually works.

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  1. LOL… too funny 😀

  2. My friends toyed with the idea of making Tshirts that said Wanted: LF BF (or GF) and list requirements beneath – and Enquires here..

  3. Zahrah: Heh, I might consider picking one up.

    …Purely for friends of course.

  4. xDD That is awesome, I have to admit.

    Brave man. Who knows what lot he’ll attract?

  5. If a person never tries you will never know for sure if it will work or not. Who knows but at least it has a chance of being seen and decided upon by a female of some sort.

    The add you never can respond to is the add you never see.

  6. Nuetralise says:

    GOGO Zah,

    Get your friend to get them made and put me down for one 😛

  7. Matt you should’ve taken a number. Sad how it was taken down the day after. Maybe he found his match =)or she… now this gets me thinking about sociology.

  8. SausasnadiaGaultaw says:

    fjsahdsngmjyokmwwell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch 😉

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