Now I can Heal in Style

Cowl of the Avatar

Does it not reek of complete and utter awesomeness? I finally got my Cowl of the Avatar! What good timing too since Carnage will no longer be running SSC as much anymore. We’re going all in on Kael.

The T5 helm now brings me up to having 3/5 T5. I also picked up another item to replace my Ribbon of Sacrifice. From Lurker, I managed to collect Earring of Soulful Meditation (it’s the class trinket at the T5 level). I lose a slight drop in healing (a whopping 7) but if I manage to remember to activate the Earring, I’ll gain 300 spirit for several seconds to further increase my longevity in combat. Combine the earring with Pendant of the Violet Eye and I will be able to sustain myself for a long time.

Before and after effects of Earring of Soulful Meditation

Yikes that’s a substantial increase!

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  1. Thats sick mp5:-D gz Matticus;D

  2. Going to agree with cowcon and say again “that’s sick!”

    and also…you look wicked enough there to join the Horde. *evil laughter*

  3. Gratz Matt!!! that is awsome!!

  4. Gratz!

  5. Everyone: Thanks =).

    one among many: Haha, who are we kidding here? I look wicked enough to crush horde! Then again, the argument can be made about what I’d do to them (heal them to death obviously). Ah well!

  6. Thats Nuts for mana regen!!! Gratz though.

  7. You’ll LOVE the Earring. I pop mine probably 5 times in a fight. It’s the best way to make use of all the time you have to spend running from VR orbs.

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