New Poll: What’s Your Main?

The old poll is closed. Ventrilo, by far, is the most dominant 3rd party voice client in use today.

With that being said, there is now a new poll up! I’m a little curious as to what class you consider your ‘main’ character.

Which class do you consider your main?

  • Priest (28%, 92 Votes)
  • Druid (15%, 48 Votes)
  • Hunter (10%, 33 Votes)
  • Paladin (9%, 30 Votes)
  • Shaman (8%, 25 Votes)
  • Warrior (8%, 25 Votes)
  • Warlock (7%, 24 Votes)
  • Mage (7%, 23 Votes)
  • Rogue (7%, 23 Votes)

Total Voters: 323

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Several days ago, Exanimo (or the Full time WoW Addict) posed a question: What makes your main “your main”? No doubt there are now several of you with more than one level 70. I myself have 3! Even though nowadays I devote more time to playing my Shaman and my Paladin, I still consider my Priest my main character.


Here’s what I think.

I consider your main character as the toon that you use to help your Guild progress through whatever it is that they do. Your Guild could be a PvP Guild or a PvE one. But the character you choose to play with when they’re going through content is what I think is the main. Of course, you could always base your main on time played (/played). But then you just might ditch a character that you have invested a lot of time into for an alt which is better suited for the Guild that you’re in.

For example, one of the Priests in my Guild converted to a Resto Shaman because we had 4 Priests at the time. We had no Resto Shamans. It only made sense that he switch to Resto to take advantage of gear drops and further help progress the Guild gearwise instead of having our Priests dogfight over gear.

What if you’re not in a Guild? The answer’s still the same. It’s the toon that you want to progress the most with.

In any case, the reason I ask is for a little demographic reasons. I’m interested in knowing what kind of classes read my blog. Maybe I can tailor some of my content accordingly. *shrug*

Minimum Zul’Aman requirements will be coming up later on tonight or tomorrow morning. Definitely will be a work in progress and it’s based off of my observations.


Phaelia mentioned that some players might have a PvE main and a PvP main. She suggests going with the one that’s your primary focus. I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

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  1. I like that definition of a “main.” It certainly corresponds with the character that’s likely to be most “progressed” in terms of items, reputation, keys, etc. Unless, of course you have a PvP “main” while your PvE main is still doing dungeon content that’s a lower tier. Still, if your primary focus of the game is PvE, you’re likely to consider your PvE character as your main.

    I’m interested to see what the class breakdown of readership is here. Go, go Team Druid!

  2. I am a Lock, but I want to be polled as “Raid Boss”.

  3. Phae: Good point. I think I’ll add a note about that. A player could have a PvE main and a PvP main (IE, my PvE Priest and my PvP Shaman).

    Megan: You are now a Level 72 world boss that can only be found in Arenas. At least, to me anyway =D.

  4. I list Warlock as my main even though my Paladin is considerably more progressed.

    I guess that’s because my Warlock was my first serious character. When I raided regularly he was the one I used. When TBC was released, he was the first character I leveled to 70.

    Even when I sign a post (such as this), it’s with that character’s name. So ya… he’s definately my main.

  5. LOL…good answer to Megan, Matt. 😀

    I really don’t know how to answer this. I have four 70s.

    One is definitely NOT my main: Falken, my Rogue miner/JC.

    One is Kestrel (Rogue, skinner/’chanter), who also happens to be my GM character (and of course, my namesake). But he is rarely played anymore. If I ever do BGs, he’ll be the PvPer, I’m sure. And because of our wealth of Hunters, he may finally start doing instances again when I need to supply DPS.

    Talonis is my Hunter. Beastmaster-in-training (despite being one of only 2 or 3 left in the guild who has completed Kara attunement through the 3 key frags). He’s my favorite to play, by far.

    Osprey is my Holy Priest. This is the character I’m most proud of, because for a person who has always been DPS (for almost 20 years in games!), I think I do a pretty good job as a healer (thanks in large measure to you, Ego, Kirk, et al). He’s the most advanced healer in the guild, although we have some up-and-comers.

    I would have a very difficult time choosing between Tal and Osprey, but you’ve given me food for thought.

  6. I have one main–my Level 70 NE Shadow Priest (*hugs*)–and one half-main–my level 62 BE Destruction Warlock (*pats*). Once Wrath comes out I’ll be leveling both of these toons throughout the zones. Fun times.

  7. Definitely priest, but the PvP main thing was stolen from my mouth. My Warlock is definitely my PvP main. I never PvP on my priest, and almost never PvE on my warlock.

    But I chose my priest simply when people ask me what I play on WoW, it doesn’t take half a second for me to answer “Priest”.

  8. I have always been a priest or a paladin (i.e. cleric) since the days of EQ. So, I have always been a healer.

    Right now my name is Kulrayk, after my namesake. Now though, I wonder if it is not time for a change, now that I am leveling a prot warrior. 🙂

  9. My main is Paladin (Tankadin) and its odvious why. My main was my first really created character and it still is. Its also main to me because its the one character I put all my dedication into whether its time played, effort, resources, level, skills, progression, reputation. Its my one character I have the most aspiration and hope for though this is a game and for that its my definition of a main.

    On why I read your blog to answer that. Well I choose to read your blog not because I’m a priest. I’m not really one that I can really say though I have a lvl 18 SP Banker stuck there forever it seems. I read here because as a player my self its always good to know and understand the many views if good WoW players and the ones you can be humble enough to learn stuff from no matter how much or how little you may think you know about everything or nothing at all. A wise person keeps both their eyes open and ears alert as you may learn something new, new tricks , tactics or general perspective. I smart enough that I can read your blog from day to day and learn something or have a new though on an idea or point of view you may express and I can tell your a very smart player based on the things you write about, your arguments for or againist and how you express them. Those things are of value no matter the subject you choose to write. So I respect your opinion in that regard even though at times its possible that I may not entirely agree with something said. One can still respect a players opinion. So you always write good stuff I’d things that makes a player think and those are the many reasons I choose to read here even when it has no direct reference to my class. I always leave knowing more than before i read whatever I may have read.

  10. Galo: Thanks man! There’s not an abundance of tankadin blogs out there. Since you’re a tank, it’s nice to have a view of what you guys are doing, how you’re doing it, and what you’re expecting. It’s a reciprocal process. By understanding what tanks like yourself have to go through, it allows me as a healer to learn better and learn more.

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