The Mythic Chronomatic Anomaly Wall

What a crazy encounter on Mythic. So much burst healing is needed just to get through it. Most guilds seem to be clearing it within 5 minutes. My guild has managed to breach the enraged timer. It does seem like we have the healing chops to keep the group together that long but we’re still losing out on some DPS. We’re short maybe 15% somewhere. Thankfully, it looks like the problem’s been identified.

When we initially started it, we split the raid equally to neutralize the 4 ads on both sides of the boss. What we did not do well was bring the boss in to one side and cleave it. It wasn’t until the end of the night after the raid when someone watched a few kill videos and noticed they had a much larger DPS group on one cleaving into the boss and a skeleton crew on the other to kill the remaining ads at their own pace. We opened with 5 healing but I’m almost certain we can get to a point where we can do it with 4.

This was a thought that occurred to me early on and I wanted to bring it up, but unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a clear line of communication to address this in. Anyway, all indications point that Anomaly’s well within reach for Thursday. The groups will be readjusted with a small interrupt team for one side and the rest of the heavy hitters on the other to maximise as much damage as possible.

At least, I hope.

Talent setup

Normally, I run Piety instead of Surge of Light, but the Time Release debuff needs to be healed off players or else it’ll detonate and those Surge procs happen often enough. I needed something fast and responsive particularly if I’m running from boss to ad.


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  1. How long do you let the boss pulse the first Power Overwhelming before interrupting it? My guild does an even split between the two sides (people with good mobility on the non-boss side) then rotates healer CDs for as long as possible. Barrier works wonders on the later pulses 😉

    We originally had trouble with the group falling apart around 3rds adds but once we started delaying the first interrupt as long as possible, things clicked into place for us. Good luck!

    • That seems pretty conservative – your raid’s ilvl is higher than mine was! Our first kill we 4-healed and went for 9 ticks.

      p.s. it entertains me to no end how many resto shamans are named ‘Tide’ with varying amounts of special characters. My guild has one too.

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