My experience with the Queue Q preforms

I had a bit of time over the AV weekend and I wanted to spend some of it acquiring some honor. What’s the best way to do it? Queue for AV of course. What’s the better way? Queue for it in a preform.

But how do you queue for AV in such large numbers when its technically not allowed?

Enter QueueQ.

These guys are a no nonsense PvP organization that comes from a variety of servers within the Bloodlust Battlegroup. There’s a large vent that everyone connects to. Whether you are from Proudmoore, Kil’Jaden, Aman’thul or Ner’Zhul, everyone’s allowed to get in on the action. Each group is under the command of a preform leader who controls the play.

There isn’t a special technique to get in. When the leader calls for it, everyone queues at the same time. As soon as a number pops, everyone calls out which AV they get and they hold off until they see if enough in that preform get in. If yes, they take it and roll with it.

The level of precision and control in these raid groups is inspiring. Every group has assigned towers or objectives they need to go for. An auxiliary force is on standby in case Horde forces push past the bridge and start capturing bunkers.

Typically, there are two main ways to win:

The blitz

Full PvE gear is equipped, and its a straight charge to the end zone. Multiple tanks are needed to keep the battlemasters in check as Drek gets taken down fast. This yields something like 2000-3000 honor in under 6 minutes. This play is called when we’re lacking a number of preform players in the BG and we want to get it over with quick to start the next one and get more players involved.

I personally don’t like this method because of the lack of honor gain.

The finesse

This will vary from preform leader to preform leader, but it involves a combination of taking down Galv, capturing towers, and back capturing bunkers to maximize honor gains.

Not only is it more engaging, but I’m almost certain there is more honor gain to be had here. I’ve earned as much as 7000-8000 with every victory, but the wins range from 9-10 minutes after the gates open. With queue times factored in, I think this is the better of the two.

All in all, not a bad way to prepare for the upcoming rated BGs. I’m tempted to establish a Conquest weekend PvP division when Cataclysm opens.

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  1. Because you mentioned Bloodlust and didn’t mention them… how does it feel to all of you Bloodlusters when you get rolled by a Silver Hand premade?

    *smile* Not trying to troll… just have to represent my Silver Hand when they are neglected in a Bloodlust mention

  2. lawl silver hand shouldn’t you be RPing up in here

  3. This is pretty awesome! I wish my battlegroup had something like that.
    especially with rated BGs upcoming where you’ll need a premade, many guilds will struggle to form teams on their own for every BG. a meet-up place for equally passionate pvpers would be great!

  4. on the horde side of bloodlust there’s Proudfather Airlines providing the same sort of thing.
    @syl, there very well may be a similar group for your battlegroup… from memory, PA also exists on rampage (alliance side)., and the concept seems to be spreading quite quickly. I wouldnt be surprised if blizz extend the battlegrounds to encompass cross realm premade groups at some point in the future.

  5. @Dangblade wrong faction. QueueQ are big here as well on Proudmoore. But Matticus like me is Bloodlust Alliance, we will never face a silver hand alliance premade.

  6. @oozychef: Although they gave us a few good games months ago, PFA has largely disbanded and 2 of their admins have faction transferred and requested to become eladers for our organization.

  7. I’d really like to see groups like this on more battlegroups. I’d be much more tempted to PvP if I could do something like this. (Is anyone aware of any? Or plans for some?) This is exactly the kind of thing that will be important with the rated battlegrounds we’re going to see soon.

  8. @QueueQ
    oozychef???? I LOVE IT! definitely going to be the name of my next cooking toon… who will of course have to be undead ( the model with no jawbone methinks).

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