M’uru Down, 2 Weeks Remain

M’uru Down, 2 Weeks Remain


Obligatory M’uru screenshot. Big giant tank and spank. Voidzone evasion skills are a plus.


Now we have this Kil’Jaden fellah. Only once we were able to get to 25% but we lacked the DPS and he exploded all over our faces. I need to push for stronger players the next time we go in there. We have players doing less than 1000 DPS on the last boss in the game. That has to change. Twice now we were barely able to tip him past the different percentages. We lost to Darkness 3 times because we had no Dragons available.

This is Kil’Jaden.

He’s the hardest boss in the game.

If you’re not doing at least 1000 DPS or higher and you’re not handling Dragons, what the hell are you doing here?

I have two options available. I can either reduce healers from 9 to 8 (which is going to stress the remaining healers even more than they are) or we move players that aren’t DPSing hard enough in favor of those who can.

It’s unacceptable.

Two weeks. Just two more weeks. I need more time.

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  1. Good luck, boss!

  2. I pulled 1400 dps in a Mags raid on an alt arms warrior in mostly season 2 PvP gear and some blues… if folks can’t crack 1k DPS on the last boss in BC, then they shouldn’t be allowed to come.

    My guess is you can pug some folks from trade channel that can pull way more than 1k dps.

  3. Umm, what class/spec are those players who don’t pull 1k dps? Even shadowpriests should be doing >1.5k there.

  4. =O I respecced to shadow the other day just for fun and was able to pull 1k dps and I’m in mostly Kara/ZA/badge gear… Shame on them…

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  5. Your UI is hawt.

    May I ask what you’re usin for your unitframes/bars?

  6. Well we actually take 7-8 healers due to the dragon´s breath.
    Try to minimize the ammount of resto shamans (CoH priests and holy paladins rock in here) although 1k DPS wouldnt be acceptable on any SWP fight.
    If you have a prot paladin try him to pick the reflections (to reduce the ammount of tanks needed) also ask him to spec into Divine Guardian and pop Divine Shield around 25% when Meteors start to blast your raid.
    GL on the fight, this one needs a lot of movement so track your raid, its a lot like Archimonde (weak spots = wipe)

  7. @ Smyle:
    That is Spartan UI for bars/unitframes.
    Raid frames i guess Xperl
    Elk Buff bars, ORA2, Recount (ouch @ 23 deaths)

  8. Hmm, I thought we got him to 25% twice – the last try, and one like 5 before that where we had like 2 people alive and so all died to the reflections.

  9. Did those people with too low dps get spoken with? I know in our guild it turned out people weren’t even aware they were doing so badly and when spoken with they tuned up a notch and things went lots better. Sometimes people are willing, but they do need to be poked a little 🙂

  10. Gz and good luck!

    Fel Myst is on notice for us this week – not bad for our first week in SWP. 🙂

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  11. @Matt: 1K DPS is definitely unacceptable. I’d tell you what threshold I think is unacceptable for most people, but then I think my estimates are a bit inflated for your guild. Also, our first kill was with 8 healers. I’d say that number can be higher given the nerfs, but it really depends on your guild’s overall performance. Pre-nerf, however, 7 or 8 was the number.

    @Arkhen: Either the resto shamans you have aren’t performing their jobs, or someone is assigning them to be fringe healers when they’re not ideal for that. Having a few resto shamans is actually ideal for the fight. Having a good mixture is ideal, for that matter.

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  12. Think we had our first kill this weekend with only 7 healers. I am a fellow priest and it wasnt really that hard to heal tbh. Though we did have a good Ret pally whose passive healing here is pretty good.

    With more dps you should try to offtank the adds from 55%-0% if the class allows it and just nuke em down hard. This will only result in 1-2 Darknesses so it will be a lot easier. But i guess this strat relies on ppl doing more then 1000dps..

    Goodluck Matt, even nerfed it was pretty exciting to kill him and i salute Blizz for the nerf since it allowed us to get past Muru and actually see content. Even if they removed drops from these bosses it would still be worthwile imo.

  13. Matt, u guys will get KJ down
    i know u guys own
    and down bosses so fast that i cant explain
    actually Muru is the hardest one in game
    did this fight before 3.0 and it was a real pain, so much hp, at the end we got him down with 1 person alive and a bunch of dots can u imagine that
    Grats on Carnage to complete the BC Raid Content
    KJ will go down for sure.

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  14. @Lume:
    Dont get me wrong but on this fight resto shamans are not quite as effective as on M´uru or Twins, here people need to spread out and move a lot so Chain Healing lacks the power of CoH or the Holy Paladin´s spams, having them is great of course but we reduce the numbers.

  15. Try to minimize the collapses you have to do. That will keep everyone able to do their role more effectively than if they are running around. Once we streamlined the collapse process the fight becomes much easier to manage.

    GOOD LUCK! You’ll get him. 🙂

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  16. ..lol… good luck! The fact that you’re even -at- Kil’jaeden pretty much means you guys have the skill and gear to down him. More or less.

    My guild just downed Illidan last week, so we’re stepping into Sunwell for the first time tonight. About 75% of our DPS does over 1k, haha. I wish the Recount in that screenie had shown the damage done as well as total deaths xP me and this other Hunter have been ruling the damage charts both single-target and aoe since the patch :’D

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  17. @Arkhen: The idea is to keep people alive through fireblooms and darts. During the immobile parts of this, shamans are second-to-none. And they have NS and now an instant riptide (if they spec for it) for those tricky collapses where darts and bloom occur simultaneously during the spread. You keep them near the collapse point and they spend very little time moving.

    CoH and WG have a strict 10-yard limitation around the person you try to cast it on. This is great for melee and during the collapse, which is why you need priests and druids (druids for the fringe, as well, since they can shift out of snares). But for shamans, the first and second jumps consider people within radius for each. This gives it an artificially larger radius, even though it hits fewer people. Furthermore, the first jump heals for more, which can better save the direct targets of firebloom within the melee while additionally providing AoE heals.


    As you can see, it’s still a decent spread after the nerf. Some situations during the fight, CoH / WG are stronger. Some situations, CH is.

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