More Surge of Light Cues

More Surge of Light Cues

After speaking with Joe about the supposed DPS spells we need to use to help sustain our mana, I couldn’t help but notice the Surge of Light UI additions. If your Smite casts happen to activate a Surge of Light, this is what appears on your screen:


In the middle of my screen, you can see the two wings appear on either side of my Priest. This indicates Surge of Light is up. Not only that, if you look on the bottom left, my Flash Heal is now glowing. Its these little UI enhancements and improvements which should help make it a little easier on everyone especially for players who are just getting started as Priests. You get a visual cue that you have the option of a free heal and where it is on your bars. Traditionally, most Priests relied on addons such as Power Auras or some other addon which gave them visual cues when Surge of Light was up. Other stubborn Priests (like me) simply kept a close eye on buff bars to see when it was up.

Personally, I think this is a nice touch for the Priests.

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  1. I just notice my feet are twinkling like mad and a little dinging sound popping up in the background, but these things look like nice alternative cues I guess.

  2. Is that the new healing bar?

  3. Bri: You mean the party frames? Yeah, that’s the default healing UI. I noticed they added estimated healing to it if you start casting heals on a player. It shows how much of the bar will fill just like some of the frames that are out there today.

  4. I haven’t really had a chance to play with my priest on the PTR, but I’ve noticed that druids, and I guess everyone else, are getting glowing buttons when abilities get enhanced by procs. It’s a very nice change to the basic ui.

  5. The ‘Power Auras’ cues are on several procs for several different classes now. It’s pretty nice IMO. I get the same thing when Bloodsurge procs on my warrior. Overall, the UI changes are pretty drastic. I haven’t decided yet whether I like it or not. Time will tell!

  6. Yeah, I just always look for sparks coming out of my feet… 🙂 Nice new default healing UI tho, can’t wait!

  7. Up to this point I’ve used the ‘Thank God’-addon to make me aware of my SoL-procs. I would certainly welcome better options in the future as the girly whisper-voice there is kinda unsettling, but I do need an audio-alert personally. not a big fan of visual only, enough stuff to watch already =)

  8. Looks nice.

    How much customization is possible with this notification change?

    • Zusterke: Displays incoming heals, aggro highlights, maintanks and main assist, ability to scale frame sizes, and for the text over the frames, it can show health remaining, health lost, or as a percentage.

  9. I will probably start cata with as few addons as possible to see what part of the default UI I like. Do we know if its possible to use mousebinds on the default party frames? Am kinda hooked on vuhdo click casting 🙂

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