Minimum Class Stat Requirements for Karazhan

A dear friend asked me for some help a few days ago. She wanted to know what the minimum requirements are for new players looking to enter Karazhan. I’m not looking for numbers that will take down Prince on the first try. What I want are respectable numbers that players of any class can shoot for. I’m looking for ABSOLUTE MINIMUMS HERE. These are the kinds of numbers that will down Attumen after one try, Moroes after three, Maiden after two, and Curator after fifteen because they don’t have the gear for it.

These are the numbers that she has so far. Any recommendations or adjustments? I’ve modified the numbers for opinions on Holy Priests and Shamans. When I get a chance, I’m going to begin perusing the blogs of my other colleagues to see if they have any information that I can add to this list. Even a simple confirmation of numbers would be nice to see, so don’t be shy! (Note: Don’t mind the colors. I copied it directly off a forum)



12000 Armor, 12000 hp, 490 def., 15-30% Dodge/Parry

1700 ap, 70 hit, 33% crit


415 def with 3/3 Survival of the fittest, 12000 hp, 30% Dodge, 20k armor
(As suggested by Karthis)
600 dmg, 15% crit (caster form), 75 mp/5, 75 hit

+1000 heals, 100 mp/5


1300 – 1400 ap, 90 hit, 20% crit
As suggested by mesczante


6000+ health, 7500 mana, +1000 healing, 100 mp5

6000 mana, +650 dmg, + 3-5% hit
(As suggested by MK)


8000 hp, 6000 mana, 1450 ap, 17.5% crit, 75 hit

8000 hp, 6000 mana, 1750 ap, 17.5% crit 75 hit


950 – 1000 heals, 110 mp/5, 10% crit

+500 dmg, 20% crit

1000 – 1200 ap, 20% crit, 8% hit


+600 dmg, 90 hit, 25% crit, 6000 hp and 7000 mana
(As suggested by Calandris)


102.5% Total avoidance (dodge/parry/block)
490 def, 10500 hp, +100-150 dmg

1000-1200 heals, 80-100 mp/5, 8000-9000 mana, 15-20% holy crit


Affliction: 7000 hp, 6000 mana, +600 dmg, 90 hit

Destro/Demon: 7000 hp, 6000 mana, +600 dmg, 90 hit, 20% crit

Again, your comments and opinions will be greatly appreciated.

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