Matt’s Thursday Morning Copout

I have a class at 930. Sadly my buffer reaching it’s limit. Too many projects, not enough time. Raid Rx, the raid healing column on WoW Insider, may be returning shortly.

I’ll let you guess who’s penning it.

This also means I’ll be soliciting your ideas and questions for the revived weekly column on raid healing, organization, and all that fun stuff.

Not only that, I’ve ramped up the activity level of the WoW Insider Twitter account. I’ll be injecting a large dose of personality and interaction and it won’t be just “Read this post here” all the time anymore. Just bear in mind I won’t be the only one using it. But for the most part, I’ll be trying.

I’m also working on starting up another blog. Not quite as educational or informative here. It’s an interesting concept. More details to come. I know Aylii’s going to kill me after telling me I’m trying to do too much. Sorry :(. I am nothing if not ambitious.

So, stuff of interest for you to read today:

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  1. Sweet! Thanks for the link to my write up on Naxx Achievements, Matt. I hear you about taking on too much, it certainly an be rough doing guild officer admin stuff, work, RL stuff, and blogging as often as I can. Good luck to you sir!

    Derevkas last blog post..Naxxramas Achievement Tips

  2. Euripides says:

    Don’t post new blog posts on twitter unless you’re using a separate account. Make it so that people tuning in to chat who already have the RSS feed don’t need to hear about each new post twice, but people who want to hear about the new posts via twitter can follow a different account.

  3. Everyone needs a break sometimes.

    Thanks for the interesting read links until we hear more from you. 😛

  4. I actually really like the “weekly” links to nice blog posts. I don’t read too many blogs so pointing out the good ones are nice!

  5. Matt, thanks for the link to my leadership styles post, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    Mikis last blog post..Leadership’s Future: A Two-Edged Sword

  6. Step #5 from Zen Habits as it applies to WoW for me:

    WoW has been many things to me over my time with it, but now my goals are clear: I want to see content and be challenged. I really don’t want much out of WoW other than new, interesting, and difficult encounters. As for achieving it, I am waiting for Ulduar and doing achievements. Quite happy honestly. Just glad I got my 5min Malygos before the patch.

    Other things in WoW don’t interest me much. Guess I am single minded.

    As for life… well that is much harder question. Zen Habits’ line at the top about knowing your dreams is right on. To bad it wasn’t addressed. 🙁

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