Matt’s Three Stars: Week Ending November 16

Akil’zon’s Gauntlet, EZ Mode: First star honors, GMW. First star. You are officially my hero(ine). This one gauntlet section alone took 40 gold off me. So what is her awesome tip that vaulted her past everyone else into first place? You’ll just have to click the link and find out yourself. It’s one of those forehead smacking “Oh duh” kind of things.

The Pointless Debate Around Warden: Gwaendar has an excellent post displaying arguments about the futility of complaining over ‘lack of privacy’ issues in WoW. I agree with you wholeheartedly, sir! Blizzard is a gaming company. They don’t need to break into your computer to blackmail you with your porn stash. It’s unnecessary for them to look up your credit card billing statement (because most of it is involved with WoW in some way or other). If players don’t like programs that add cheat detection to their games, they can simply go play something else. I hear CS 1.6 still has rampant cheaters around. People think they’re so important in this game. They think that the world centers around them and that everyone cares what they have on their computer. They don’t want to be embarrassed or humiliated. Blizz has WAY more important things to do then to snoop through people’s computers. Unless you do something SUPER stupid (like form a plan to blow up Sears tower), there isn’t much that would justify them having to call the FBI. I’m pretty sure you’ll find a clause in the TOS that says they’ll cooperate with authorities if they have to, but it’s like that with any social networking website or service (Facebook especially). They don’t do it because they want to. They do it so they can cover their respective legal ass. You get the number two star in my book, buddy!

What Karazhan Taught Us: Here’s a rather humorous list brought to us by Rohan. These are the important lessons that’ve been taught to us by the various bosses in Karazhan. I think I’ll even expand on it:

  • Attumen taught us gear is important
  • Moroes taught us to have a plan B
  • Maiden taught us perseverance (three weeks on this boss before the nerf, I spent learning)
  • Opera taught us how to learn things on the fly
  • Curator taught us Curse of Doom (an inside joke with a certain warlock who did not realize they had curse of doom)
  • Nightbane taught us synchronized moving
  • Shade of Aran taught us awareness of our surroundings
  • Chess was recess in the school of Karazhan
  • Netherspite taught us the value of strategic withdrawal to strike another day
  • Prince taught us tactical positioning

Third star honors go to you, Rohan! =)

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  1. The gauntlet trick is an exploit, and they will fix it. Expect either the guards to be given the ability to see thru stealth, or else the lookout to be made unsappable.

    My guild took on the gauntlet last night, and after two wipes we cake-walked it the third time. The trick is keeping the birds in one place to be able to burn them down quickly. Frost nova + AOE worked well. When birds (etc) did slip thru to the back, I just picked ’em up (I was collecting the warriors).

  2. While Blizzard has every right to modify the gauntlet, I don’t see how it’s an exploit. Stop the messenger from reaching the castle and the defenses aren’t manned. Makes perfect sense to sap the lookout and keep him from raising the alarm.

    Then again, my group hasn’t had any problem with the gauntlet. We keep the birds together, take down the pulls, keep close together, and move all together in one place. Never wiped once on it. *shrugs*

    Now Akil’zon, on the other hand….

  3. Apathy,

    The term ‘exploit’, in the sense that Blizz generally uses it, is the use of abilities that trivialize an encounter. This fits the bill, big time. (It’s just as bad as the Void Reaver trick from a few weeks ago.) The loophole won’t last, so people may as well learn to deal with the gauntlet.

  4. I totally expect to get that nerfed. But whatever makes it easier to move up the mountain. Eagle boss to 40% this time :S.

  5. I have absolutely no reason to comment here, except:

    Gratz on Vashj Matticus! 😛

  6. GirlMeetsWoW says:

    Alas, the gauntlet has indeed been fixed. Fun while it lasted, though.

  7. Akil’zon’s Gauntlet, EZ Mode = Tankadin at the front on the two elites and all the birdies.

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