Matt’s Secret Project Needs Help

Can’t disclose anymore at the moment, but I’ve decided to turn to public appeal as a last resort. Here’s the scoop. I’m working on something special but I’m not going to disclose what it is.

I’m looking for two players to talk to. They have to be willing to discuss their UIs. But there’s a few things that you should know.

a) I’m not looking for a Grid/mouseover healer. Yes it’s popular. Yes it’s effective. I already have someone who has discussed their UI with me that involves Grid and macros.

b) If you’re a raid healer who does not use the above combination to heal, look me up anyway. Your interface might be sufficiently different enough.

c) Do you heal in PvP? Either arena or battlegrounds will work. I’d like to have a chat.

d) 5 mans and heroics. If you heal 5 mans extensively, I’m also looking for you.

Use comments below to illustrate interest. Make sure you leave your E-Mail. Alternatively, you can email me directly ( and yes, that’s 3 Ts. I do have GChat and I’m on practically all the time).

Those of you that do know what I’m secretly up to, don’t publicize it any further.

Submissions closed! Thanks for your help everyone!

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