Matt’s Guest Post Appearances: Part 1

Last week, I made a limited time offer  to write a guest for any blogger who was interested. I’ve been hard at work since then and it’s been such a surreal experience. My main intent was to give myself a jumpstart and to help give back to the community.

When I was working on guest posts, there’s a few things that needed to be done. The first step is to analyze the blog and the comments in order to get a feel for what kind of readers that will be on there. I tried to tailor the post towards the audience of the site. The people that read Larisa’s Pink Pig Tail Inn are going to be vastly different than the people who read Zemalf’s Trek in the Blogosphere.

The thing when writing for other people, no matter who they are or what their blog size, is that you really want to put your best work forward. It’s like going to a friend’s house for dinner. You want to look presentable. Comb your hair (add a bit of gel, if you’re me). Dress nice. Be courteous because they’re the host and you don’t want to offend them. Find different ways to spice up your post. Write it as if it was going to be the last post you’d ever do and you wanted to go out with a bang.

Of course, if you really want to go the distance, you look up their code and find out what the width of their site is and send them pre-sized images without having to ask in advance thereby saving them the trouble of doing any cropping work. Look up what their commonly used headers are within posts and use those accordingly.

Anyway, here’s what I have so far.

Don’t worry, there’s still more to come. I do intend on honoring my commitments and I will make sure I get those posts out to you (those that made a request) by the end of the month.<

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