*Over* Matticus on the WoW Insider Show

I should’ve wrote this sooner. I fail. This is a cool edition of the show as it’s one of the rare ones that’s going to boast an all healer crew of myself, Mike Schramm (Resto Shaman), Elizabeth Harper (Holy Paladin), and Phaelia (Resto Druid). I’ll post the link up to the show later on. It’ll be around noon-ish (or 1230) PST. Expect a bunch of healer talk, some raid talk, and me loudly proclaiming the superiority of the Priest class (or at least, try to ^^).

It’ll be live on uStream. Here’s the link to the channel.

(worldofmatticus is my name)

PS, Phae my last name has no e :(.

In case that above embed doesn’t work, use the direct link to the channel.

2:00 PM: Shows over! Thanks for listening!

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