Matticast Episode 6

Welcome to Episode 6 of The Matticast. This week Matt, BorskKat, and Brian discuss:

  • How to deal with raiders not pulling their weight, from both a leader and non-leader perspective.
  • Listener Topic: The State of Druids & Shaman or The Reason Why What Paragon Does Shouldn’t Matter.

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  1. I resent that Resto Shaman comment! Well…. ok ok so it’s partially true, but still.
    Two things that I wanted to comment on.
    1. 10 man raids are actually much harder to be lenient with. In 25 mans, there is usually some time to help a player through, or to let them play while you recruit and to still be able to down bosses. 10 man’s do not have this soft cushion of time. A drop of 4k dps from 1 player, will 90% of the time wipe until the dps improves. There is less room for covering another person’s arse.
    2. The healing situation right now is very difficult and very good healers who have high survivability, move quick, think quick can produce to little hps. I wont mention any classes in particular *coughshamancough* but, it happens. It would be nice to have GM’s and RL’ers consider this and try the best to work around it but at the same time, the player should recognize when they just can’t cut it, and cut themselves out of the picture.

    Anyway, you guys are a blast!

    • A drop of 4k dps from 1 player, will 90% of the time wipe until the dps improves. There is less room for covering another person’s arse.

      I did not thank of that actually. Thanks for bringing up that point!

  2. Great cast guys! Thank you for sharing. I almost didn’t listen because the title doesn’t indicate what the content was. Perhaps include the general topic discussed in the title?

    I also recently discussed why/when I have had to kick people: Thank you for the candid thoughts on the matter. Best advice given was that when kicking, you can’t let it eat you up.

    • Hey Lument, I love the stuff I’ve been seeing on Officer Chat. I’ll keep the topic title in mind for future episodes and see if we can get the main podcast subject in there or something.

    • Have to agree with that comment about not letting it eat you up. As the GM, I typically take care of helping people get better, finding the tools they need, giving them everything to output more.
      But as the GM, I know I will fail in the kicking department when my tutoring has failed… so I delegate to an officer I know can take it.
      Loving the Officer Chat as well:)

  3. Re: The Paragon Effect, a great article by the BBC was published yesterday:

    “Top level raiding has as much in common with the average experience of WoW as a bike ride in the park has with the Tour de France.”

  4. pre-nerf chimaeron with ONLY shamans + druids?

    Pics or it didn’t happen



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