Matticast Episode 5

Welcome to Episode 5 of The Matticast. This week MattLodurKat, and Brian discuss:

  • Randomize raid encounters
  • Why healers always get blamed
  • Update on the Druid/Shaman healing situation in progression raiding.
  • The listener topic this week tackles difficulties you face as a raider.

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  1. Randomized content:

    Karazhan – Opera event!

  2. Actually they have randomized raid encounters to a small degree. The adds in the moroes fight back in karazhan changed every week.4 were up at a time and I believe there were 5-6 total

    Shadow priest
    Holy priest
    Arms warrior
    Ret paladin
    Holy paladin

    I don’t remember if there was another

  3. Now that I think about it, there was also the Opera Event as well. Lots of naked sacrifices to see what we were up against.

  4. Oh yeah. Fun times attempting to glitch through the curtain.

  5. Halfus reminds me of Nefarian in BWL with the random colors. Some colors were easy, others were very dependent on having enough mages and locks to pull it off.

    Also peep this thread out. Halfus may not be as random as we think.

    • Epiphanize says

      Noticed that. We will definitely mention it on this week’s show. Thanks for the heads up.


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