Matticast Episode 4

Welcome to Episode 4 of The Matticast. This week Matt, Borsk, Kat, and Brian discuss:

  • How to keep your raid team intact when progression stalls.
  • How to motivate raiders to be better than average
  • The listener topic this week tackles difficult boss encounters

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  1. In one of the questions, someone mentioned having issues with the 10k healing mechanic and their UI lying to them. One issue is that some addons show you the health INCLUDING incoming heals. This means that they’re below 10k but a hot tick coming in 2 seconds will bring them up, some addons will report them as having more than 10k at that point.

  2. I have a requirement that people strive to improve. If I have someone in my guild that isn’t willing to put the work in for that, then I don’t take them. Generally speaking, to be honest, if someone gets dropped because they can’t hold their own, it causes others to step up out of some fear of being replaced.

    Thankfully, though, that doesn’t happen often at all. We do our best to make certain that we have people in the guild who are willing to learn, who want to learn, and who want to get through this stuff as a part of our group.

  3. Oh snap! You read my question! I feel very honored, thank you.

    The packs of four dwarves before Atramedes has been very easy for us due to a order posted on wowhead.

    Hopefully the trash strats were useful to others.

  4. Just a heads up, the band “Ratatat” = Rat-a-tat. not

    Like everyone used to pronounce the pokemon of a similar name when they were young. Don’t lie. you know you did it >.>

    • Epiphanize says:

      Yeah I know. I wrote it correctly a million times than got carried away with my “tats” on the show. lol

  5. For most people, Pokemon didn’t exist when they were young *chuckles*

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