Matticast Episode 16 – Adopting Change, Unnecessary Heroics, and Patch 4.1

On Episode 16 of The Matticast, BorskMattKatChase and Brian discuss:

– Adopting Change

– Are Heroics Necessary?

– Parting Ways

– 4.1 For Healers

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  1. George Turner says

    I hated the characterization of paladin healing as pressing one-button. There is no way that this describes what I do! Chase, you have to defend our rep!

    Other than this blasphemy, I love the podcast.

    Level 85 Holy Paladin on Balnazzar US

  2. Is this reality or is this World of Youknowcast? I love the discussions but I find myself distracted by the excessive use of “you know” by all four of the crew. It’s not a problem during banter or conversation but when someone is asked to expound on a topic they are almost sure to use worthless filler language to great, distracting excess.


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