Matt, Slayer of Kings

Matt, Slayer of Kings


So much weight and pressure off my shoulders. Arthas was taken down on 10s. Now that I’ve seen the entire fight from beginning to end, I’ve got a better idea on how to handle stuff on 25s and what calls to make. Took about 12 hours of learning in total, I think. The hardest part for myself personally was coordinating Defiles and Valks. I wasn’t sure whether to play the Defile position first or Valk positions first. But I figured quickly that the Defiles were the more threatening of the two.

Go figure. Our first kill was done without a Shaman. It wasn’t the most optimal group make up, but I wanted to go with players who happened to be available at the time and zero in for a kill.


Disc Priest (Me)
Resto Druid
Holy Paladin
Death Knight (tank)
Death Knight (DPS)
Shadow Priest (DPS)
Balance Druid
Ret Paladin
Prot Paladin

I’m a little disappointed that I never got a chance to see the inside of Frostmourne. From what I heard, there was zero difficulty.

There are a few things I do want to shore up though on that final phase. The first two times they swooped in, I called for DPS on them from the Shadow Priest and the Balance Druid. In hindsight, I’m not sure if that was the most effective play. After the second set of explosions, we opted to spread out and rely on defensive cooldowns with the 3 Divine Guardian specced paladins and Divine Hymns. Once Arthas approached 14%, I just called for all out nukes on him and forget the ads. Once he hit 12%, vent exploded and erupted in cheers since we knew we had it.

So what dropped?

2 x Valius, Gavel of the Lightbringer

Yeah. Two healing maces. Does anyone else find that ironic that the first weapons that drop for my guild on Lich King happen to be two healing maces?

Anyway, LFM for Lich King on 25?

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