Matt Beats Game, Epic G String Drops

Matt Beats Game, Epic G String Drops

Er, did I say G String? I meant bow string.


Here’s a few choices screenshots leading up to and including the kill.


At this point, we’re down to 3 healers. Cheever just ate a real big Armageddon. Stupyd just died (Angel wings on the right). Luwin and Sthirteen are still alive. Both of whom are severely taxed and drained.

Thankfully, Lang (our MT) is still in good shape. Our Ret Paladin is still alive. We have enough momentum from our remaining players to carry over and finish him off. We started him today at 3:30 PM PST. We spent all night on him. It stretched on until around 8:50 PM. It was to be our last attempt regardless of what would happen. It always seems that on milestone bosses, it boils down to the last attempt.

I wonder why that is. I guess it’s desperation kicking in.

WoWScrnShot_110208_205926Here we are just a bare millisecond after we tip him over. The game registers the kill, my UI says he is still alive with 0.3k health remaining. The achievement system just kicks in.

I really want to take the rest of the week off. I doubt I’ll get that chance. My Guild leader was absent today. I entered the raid instance as raid leader. Clearly that must’ve affected the loot table.

Recount shows the DPS of the current fight. I didn’t set it to show overall. Caim was on orb duty as was Rackham. Big props to the two of them for handling the the Shields so well. Benchwarmer tank Hassai stepped in today and did a phenomenal job on acquiring and holding the Sinister Reflections.

We’d gotten to the point where we would bring Kil’Jaeden down consistently to phase 5.
Then down to below 20%.
Then down below 10%.
Then below 5%.

Until we finally punted him back him back into the ground where he belonged.


Burning Crusade complete. 02/11/08.

By the way, if you notice, you’ll see that we only have one mage. We could definitely use another one heading into Wrath. 

Sadly, the realm forum thread I created has already been trolled. Why do people hate me so much? 🙁

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  1. I envy the person who got Thori’dal.


  2. Thank God that over lol

  3. Who got the bow? Hank or Mexican…

    Wowarmory says they have black bow and crossbow of relentless strikes between the 2 of them…

  4. Huge gz on your first KJ kill! 🙂

    Avonars last blog post..WoW Priest Dictionary

  5. @Stale: Neither. Troen did.

  6. Wow that’s awesome! Grats to you and your guild! May many more wonderous loots drop for you in Wrath!

    AltoholicsAreUss last blog post..Two More Weeks…

  7. Grats, Matt et al! 😀

  8. Matticus, in the first screenshot, what is the mod you use for the loot table, which makes it look so nice?

    Solidstates last blog post..Regarding the Blizzard Forums

  9. Grats, Matt and Carnage! As for your question at the end, it’s not you that they hate; they just plain hate everyone. Also, since the patch came through, I’ve noticed more hate and derision piled on people who accomplish anything. Best to just enjoy what you’ve done with your guildmates and us, and leave the O-boards to fester in their own bile.

  10. Xloot

    We’ve been 23-24 manningn him past 2 weeks since noone is left to raid and got to 3% best attempt and i don’t hink we’ll be able to get anyone together this last week.

    Grats, I am Jack’s jealous tumor.

  11. Gratz to you and Carnage! It’s a great feeling ain’t it?

  12. DocHoliday says:

    I died due to sinster reflections and warriors standing on top of me.

    GG Bliz for Nerfing Avenging Wrath and Divine Shield!

    Cant they just make so they override one another?

  13. @Solidstate: I use an addon called Xloot.

  14. Hassai would have been preferred to have been called a Tier 5 self-geared scrub than a benchwarmer :\, though I understand you were giving me props. I’d never earned a single dkp point, let alone spent any dkp to get loot with carnage, prior to downing kil’jaeden.

    Am enormously happy to have had the opportunity to see Kj and to have been given the gift of joining you guys in your guild first kill. It feels great to experience content while it is still the ‘end all, be all’ of the game.

    In the end, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and theorycrafters and the like can try to bring you guys and any other guild down by QQing but heres what seems to be the best reasoning.

    Serious sunwell progression required at the very least, either insane drum rotations with a few heroisms, or more likely hardcore heroism rotating.

    The content has been nerfed, but so haven’t the insane effects of these particular practices. You can’t chug pots anymore, you can’t have constant heroism up and you can’t stack a number of buffs etc.

    The fact that a guild can go into Sunwell and down bosses now that couldn’t do this pre-patch does not entail sunwell has been brutally nerfed. KJ has much less health for certain. Healers have much fewer instant mana return items in a single fight and DPS much fewer health pots.

    What the ‘nerfs’, rather patch, demonstrates is that skilled guild members have had the capacity to down KJ all along but not the rather arbitrary class make-ups and brutal respec/replacement necessities for each fight.

    There can be a satisfaction to doing content such as the vanilla Naxx. It was a brutal gauntlet. But it is a satisfaction certainly tinged by masochism. It seems to me a purer satisfaction to spend 5 hours, as we all did (and raider members of the guild may more hours), improving and refining one’s playstyle to cater to a particular instance rather than swapping in different classes and talent specs to arrive at the right contribution.

    One is a logistical task, the other a gameplay style skilled alteration.

    I think it is becoming more and more necessary as a progression minded guild and/or player to recognize these two game designs blizzard has pursued, and then realize that, in fact, this latter newer style that blizzard is in fact transitioning to is beneficial to EVERYONE, guild, guild raider, casual pugger, the friend you call in for a sub, and every other classification of player that exists.

    Having had the tenacity to cater to the encounter via raid make-up has its virtues, but as a game based around players playing, it seems that there is greater virtue (and more admirable and enjoyable vices) in being able to adjust to an encounter simply with a proportionaly sensible uniform and universal raid healer/dps/tank composition.

    Player skill over class eccentricities is the better game design EVERYTIME.

    The misconception that leads to the undervaluation of pre-patch progression, seems to me, misplaced and something soon to be thrown into the dustbin of history.

    DogOfWar (Hassai)’s Two Cents

  15. @ MATT


    Now you have to battle the urge to take a week off and stop raiding entirely. But I guess that depends on what your goals are. I would call it good at downing KJ. Our guild has just dropped twins…not sure we’ll make it in time.

    lol on “Grats, I am Jack’s jealous tumor” reference

    Aurdons last blog post..Ask Aurdon: Battleground XP

  16. Grats, Matt!

    Our ‘grats’ guild message got trolled too, about basically the same thing – random hunters complaining our hunter didn’t deserve the bow. People suck.

    Kals last blog post..[Offtopic] Game down

  17. Gratz man! Don’t pay attention to any of the haters.

    And seriously, an Orange on your first kill? RNG loves you.

  18. DocHoliday says:

    Nice Novel Dog

  19. @ Hassai

    Great post!

    Wtb more warrior lewtz next time.

  20. GRATZ to matt and all of Carnage!!!! Enjoy the epic loot and the sense of accomplishment that you all have erned through all your hard work and dedication.

  21. Boondockst says:

    Grats!! I wish that my server was progressed enough to get to KJ (we just got our server first last Friday – most raiders are just now entering T6).

    I’m glad to hear that under the most adverse conditions (backup tank, 1 mage, normal raidleader not present, etc…) you guys got him down!

    Btw, hows that paper going?

  22. @Boondockst: It’s chugging along. Sorta.

  23. Gratz Matt! And gratz to the hunter who got the bow :)))
    One question, I really like your interface, especially that big bar thing on the bottom with the minimap and actionbars in it, If someone know what it is, or if you find the time to answer yourself matt, please do so :).
    Gratz again!

  24. Shrinkedge says:

    Got to love those Epic G strings… I remember I was at the crazy party one time, everyone was covered in honey and syrup and low and behold these 3 girls got up and… oh wait… bow string *ahem* nevermind.

    Gratz on getting KJ down. I know Ill never get that accomplishment.

  25. Gratz Matt on bringing him down, that moment and delicious feeling of victory they’ll never take away again ^_^

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