Malygos Down and the Gearing Phase is Over

Malygos Down and the Gearing Phase is Over


We took out Malygos. A job well done to everyone that showed up tonight.

With this kill, we now set our sights on Sartharion with 1 (maybe even 2) Drakes up.

Upping the bar

It’s been decided that we’ll be looking hard at shoulder enchants and head enchants of all players who wish to raid. It should go without saying that players should already be working on the necessary rep on their own time. I’m extremely impressed with the quality of players and raiders. There is still room for improvement for a number of them.

Thankfully, my exams are over now which means I can turn back full time to the blog for the next few weeks.

Being the generous boss I am, I could give them the entire winter vacation off. I’ve got some ideas stewing around on assorted Post It notes. If there’s anything you’d want to read about or any questions you may have, make a comment here.

Yes, my thoughts on the CoH nerf are on the way.

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  1. Grats on the kill Matt!

    Klinderass last blog post..Identity Crisis! Melee Hunters?

  2. The Hodir / Head enchants in Wotlk are really minor upgrades, and disappointing at the moment. The level difference is so small (1 defense, and 0.4% avoidance maybe) for the tank ones at least I wouldn’t count them as impressive, more of a “19 days spend doing silly dailies”. Honoured even are the same as the Aldor ones for me :(. 10 levels (and what 50 ilvels?) and I get the same gear.

    WotLK is a real disappointment on that front to me, but gratz on clearing, still stuck at the pre-raid stage since i don’t fancy signing up for 5-7 days a week raiding.

  3. Congrats, I hope to be downing that smelly ‘ol dragon pretty soon myself.

    Orbitzs last blog post..Bringing in the New Year!

  4. dscomboulat says:

    grats on the kil, and…. as for the head and shoulder chants, it all adds up.

    ok 25 people. properly chanted and flasking and utilizing quality food buffs = sort of turns it into a 27-28 person raid.

    if you want to progress and achieve, thats whats needed, and its not like you are doing the dailys in hodir for free.

    makes me sort of sick when people aren’t even showing up with basic things, such as flasks, chants and simple rep items.

  5. Grtz on the kill Matt.

    Also worth mentioning that the ulduar marks you collect all around Stormpeaks, can be used to turn in for rep in the next patch. Atleast afaik.

    Poshspices last blog post..Bucket got to full last night.

  6. The thing I noticed about the relics is that not only will the be a SoH turn in, but they are becoming tradeable (i.e. they are no longer soulbound). Which is awesome. Now you can rep up pretty easy and they have added items that are farmable and ahable by anyone. (Once icecrown is out there will be the vyrkul bones, but thats a looong way off)

  7. Grats on the kill!
    “If there’s anything you’d want to read about or any questions you may have, make a comment here.”
    Matt, I would like to see a post on how this expansion has presented more TLC for altoholics. People seem to be complaining that things are too easy too fast and are kind of left with a feeling of “what now…”. It looks to me like blizzard has noticed that alts are a way of keeping their player base interested in their product and have decided to make thing a little less daunting to keep us paying the bucks. How much easier is it leveling on your alts now that you have done everything on your main, ect…

  8. I agree with the need for food/weapon/flask buffs especially for learning encounters. It can mean the difference between a 1-5% wipe and a 1st time kill.

    These are REQUIRED for all our Vet Raiders in progression content.

  9. I’m sorry. I forgot to say:


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