Looking for PvP Elemental Shaman Videos

With the summer here, I wanted to spend some extra time and get better at the Arenas. Last night I signed with a 3v3 team makeup consisting of a Hunter, Priest, and Elemental Shaman (me).

To further increase my chance of success, I respecced to snap up Instant Ghost Wolf an Nature’s Swiftness. This means I don’t get the extra damage nuke of Lightning Overload but my survivability and utility should increase (in theory).

The first 4 games were great. We started working together well and called the traps, the targets, and such. But after that, we dropped the next 5 decisions to bad luck and bad decisions. I know one thing I need to work on myself is to manage my totems better.

But I do want to get better and I learn best by observing and doing. So if anyone knows of any great PvP elemental shaman videos or names of players that I can watch, that would be terrific!

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    I know its not quite the same thing of what your asking but I think its a good start. I think what he says in that article is some pretty good fundamentals

    What I find odd is people always target you first which for us in our 5s is a good thing. It basically frees up Me(Holy pally) and s13(resto druid) to heal and CC.

    I found in our matches we won if they went after you first and tried to focus you down we won.

    It was teams that were very good at multitasking ie..disrupting me,ccing or dpsing the druid and dpsing down 1 of our dps we seemed to lose those matches easily

  3. Not sure if this would help but its a great watch.


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