Liveblogging the Raid

I wanted to try something new today. It’s going to be a fairly eventful 5.5 hours tonight. It occurred to me that anyone who has never raided in 25 mans might not know what it’s like. The atmosphere, the players, the fun, it’s different then normal WoW playing.

15:55 – All the players are holding position outside the instance summoning stone. The plan tonight is to hit up SSC, TK, and Azgalor with whatever time we have remaining. This is going to be an interesting night since we’re trying out this Resto Druid and Resto Shaman. The mood sounds good. Everyone’s cheery and upbeat. Even though we’re tired of SSC and TK, we still have to do it for attunements and trials of these new players.

16:01 – We’re all in. Resuming where we left off at Leo.

16:04 – WIPE: The trash pack right before Leo? We killed off two of the mobs and one of our warriors blew a fear. It’s right next to his last stand. I’m guessing he panicked. One of the mobs feared directly into Leo’s goons. Cue Benny Hill.

16:15 – Leo engaged. We’re trying something new and using a Paladin tank instead of a Druid tank. The general thought here is that the Avenger’s Shield toss will help center Leo better.

16:22 – Leo down. Yup, worked like a charm.

Tsunami Talisman
Champion and Defender glove tokens

16:30 – Let the long Vashj explanation begin. Benching the Prot Pally and bringing in another Holy Priest. 3 new healers. This will be rough.

16:45 – Still explaining Vashj. We’re packing 8 healers today instead of 7. Might be a little longer then usual. At least these new guys are double checking. A couple of them have never done it but they know the theory. I’m going to say we do two wipes before we move on.

16:50 – Vashj engaged. It’s about time.

16:57 – WIPE: Some confusion on where some of the new DPS stands as well as positioning. We’ve had a player die in phase 1. Absolutely unacceptable with 8 healers. No one should be dying that early. Rebuffing and stuff now.

17:24 – WIPE: Badly timed net in the middle. Getting overwhelmed. I’m going to start up my fraps.

17:45 – Vashj down.

Krakken-Heart Breastplate
Lightfathom Scepter – Guild first. Went to our Resto Shaman
Defender and Hero token

17:50 – Forming up outside of Tempest Keep.

18:00 – Inside TK now clearing to Al’ar.

18:16 – Glancing at recount, our top 3 healers are within 0.4% of each other. They’re our resto druids and shamans in particular.

18:32 – Al’ar engaged.

18:41 – WIPE: Some idiot blew up the phoenixes during phase 1. Good game.

19:00 – Pseudo Wipe: Al’ar despawned. That’s the first time it’s ever happened.

19:17 – Al’ar down.

Fire Crest Breastplate
Talon of the Phoenix
Phoenix-Wing Cloak

19:48 – Trash to Al’ar cleared. Boy do I feel uneasy about this. New healers. Not only that, they’re new to the encounter. No amount of homework will ever prepare anyone for a boss fight. There’s about an hour and 10 minutes left in the raid.

20:14 – I got benched. We have one too many healers and we need to get these guys keyed. I spent the past 20 minutes explaining to each individual healer what to do, who they’re healing, and etc. I don’t normally handle assignments but the main guy’s sick so I opted to help him. What’s even stranger is that I’m doing this remotely. When’s the last time you heard of a healer assigning heals when he’s not in the raid?

20:21 – WIPE: Amazed they lasted this long. 35 minutes. Hmm…

20:44 – They’re on phase 5. Everyone’s still alive. I think they almost got it.

20:49 – Kael down. Wow, I can breathe again. Our MT died at 1% but there was enough alive to finish him off.

Royal Cloak of the Sunstriders
Twinblade of the Phoenix
Champion and Hero token

20:54 – We took down Vashj and Kael down in one day with 5 new players who have never done those fights before. That’s absolutely amazing. As a result, now we’ll hopefully never have to back and kill Vashj and Kael ever again. We’ve also signed a new resto shaman, resto druid and a mage to an entry level raiding contract. Score! Thanks for reading! (All 3 of you guys!)

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