The Legion Leveling Dilemma

There’s going to be some general spoilers about Legion below with zone names. No lore or story spoilers though. So be warned.

I managed to get to level 110 on the beta. Elapsed time was 11.5 hours, but that involved actually reading quest text. There are no cinematics implemented in the game yet. In addition, I didn’t burn as many consumables as I could have. I did keep up my old Draenor Intellect flasks and the Empowered Augment Rune. No sprint potions, no Intellect potions, or anything of that sort. I went through Azsuna first, then Stormheim, Val’Sharah, and then Highmountain.

Each zone has a major storyline quest. All of those quests eventually lead to a dungeon quest which awards massive XP upon completion (like 100k+). As I doubt I’ll have a consistent group to do these dungeons with, queueing into them means I’ll be placing myself at the mercy of the other players in that group.

Do I risk the dungeon queue as I level up or do I scout out and knock out the extra side quests in each zone while forgoing dungeons completely?

I’m going to do a dry run Sunday and see what kind of time I can shave off at full speed.

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  1. Do I get that right? After finishing a linear questline in an area, you will have to go into a dungeon? That does not sound too attractive to me. I was hoping for less guidance in questing. Thanks for pointing that out.

  2. @Oliver Yeah, in a few of the zones, the final quest involves you going into a dungeon. But each zone has a primary storyline driven type quest. You’ll get a better idea next week. I assume the next phase of the Invasion starts and more of what we’re doing on the Broken Isles will appear. 

    Granted, there are other quest hubs and NPCs in the region that aren’t related which don’t need any guidance or whichever.

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