Know what the Worse Thing in Wrath Is?

Know what the Worse Thing in Wrath Is?


Nevermind that Retribution Paladins are overpowered.
… of that class balance is non-existent.
… or that herb prices are off the charts.
… or the mount and pet disappearing bug.
… or messed up UI’s.

There is one major problem that trumps them all. Did you know this issue has been prevalent since the era of Molten Core? It wasn’t an issue then, sure. But it always represented a thorn on the side of raiding Guilds everywhere.

In Burning Crusade, Blizzard has proven yet again they glaze over severe problems. They addressed many mistakes since Vanilla WoW and showed some savvy in raid design in Burning Crusade.

When I went into Wrath with the intent of beta raiding, I prayed long and hard that this monstrous issue would be fixed. To my utter dismay, I have discovered they have not. Do you realize what this means? This could potentially kill Guilds everywhere before they even get off the ground!

The colossal problem that I’m referring to?


It is the looting of chests.

In Molten Core, it wasn’t a problem as raid leaders could master loot items.

In Karazhan, there were only 10 players to worry about with everyone wanted badges.

But in Naxxramas, the 4 Horsemen drop a chest. With Badges (or Emblems). They’re lootable by everyone. That’s 25 players who want badges. 25 players that will be spam clicking the chest.

This is a serious problem.

25 players each taking 10 seconds to loot a chest.

That’s almost 4 minutes of pure chest looting.

Which means it’s 4 less minutes to save the world.

Something must be done!

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  1. Ugh, I was hoping that wouldn’t happen! 🙁

    Booooo, Blizz!

    Isisxotics last blog post..For Pike

  2. Worst*? Dude don’t worry all you gotta do is distract them! Say in vent, “OMG guys why is there another chest on THIS side?” I like to do that in Kara chess, just be like, “WAIT! STOP! Game’s not over omg get back to your pieces! We’re gonna lose!” xD

    druidchicks last blog post..The Lady, the Mouse and the Spartan

  3. Once we flatten out all the bugs… we’ll be running on flat bugs.

    Captain The Firsts last blog post..Hallowed Cheat?

  4. It was already a problem in KZ… >.< I really thought that Blizzard wouldn’t make the same mistake

    wowgirls last blog post..World of Warcraft & Steampunk

  5. I’d rather have my Cenarion War Hippogryph land!

    Kestrels last blog post..Patch Day: Almost Painless, But It Brought On Many Changes

  6. The Chess event in KZ had the same issues and that was only with 10 people.

  7. I agree that’s lame especially for 25 people…

    Since altering how chests works is likely a major puzzlement for their team, I’d suggest they don’t fix them and instead simply auto-loot an emblem to everyone in the raid as soon as the boss dies. After all, it doesn’t take bag space so we don’t have to worry about running out of space.

    An alternative would be for the game to drop 25 emblems then distribute them like gold equally dividing them among all players once the pile was looted. (resulting in 1 emblem/player)

    Anyway, I think this is something they’ll definitely address because Blizzard really doesn’t want you standing around for 5 minutes looting. It should be interesting to see what their solution is.

    Interesting Post, Matt. Keep it up!

    Veneretios last blog post..We mourn the passing of…

  8. *facepalm*

  9. Unrelated comment:
    Matt, I need your help. Azeroth needs your help. I need to enlist the help of the priests in combatting the spreading plague of undeath. You can see my pleas to the paladin community on Maintankadin and the official forums.

    As priests revere the holy light, much like paladins, this plague of undeath is an affront to everything we stand for. Help me rally the troops under the Argent Dawn’s banner! Show your solidarity with those of us who represent the Silver Hand! DESTROY ALL ZOMBIES!

    Joshs last blog post..New Hotness

  10. WTB Pally Retri NERF (and im a pally but i cant stand em in PVP)
    The chest stuff from 4 horseman need to be fixed indeed
    My token for shoulders dropped last nite 🙂
    My token for legs didn’t dropped last nite 🙁
    Take a look of my blog 😛

    Holyfabs last blog post..Shadow resist gear about to be dust?

  11. Stupid Mage says:

    You’re wrong…Blizz DOES want you to stand around for 5 minutes looting.

  12. I’m waiting for Blizz to make BoJ / BoEm / BoH to automatically be delivered to your currency total on killing the boss. It would make a lot more sense and get back to the “Don’t touch the boss” mentality that kept Gold delivered once everyone was rezzed etc.

  13. If only it was just 10 seconds.

    For some unknown reason people need to open the chest, grab their badges, then poke about looking for secret compartments..

    I mean, check out the other loot. Even when someone links it, people still insist in sticking their heads in Ostrich style, and staying there until they check out the look, compare it to their currently equiped gear, look up 1/2 dozen misc gear sites, spreadsheets, damage calculators etc

    This is assuming they didn’t decide that this was a good opportunity to go AFK… and assuming the rest of the raid doesn’t take this 20 minute break to go AFK (individually, after they have looted)

  14. I would love to see a change…I’m always the last to make it into the chess 🙁

  15. Seriously!?!?! That’s not a problem that’s people being impatient. Deal with it.

  16. @Robert: It is being dealt with. It’s a mechanic that should be changed. Emblems ought to be lootable off mobs. Not everyone wants to stand around and wait for people to loot their badge. Not all Guilds devote 5 hours a night to raiding. Are they going to change it? Probably not. A lot of players dislike the idea of loot chests containing badges. I don’t care about loot chests containing loot that can be ML’d. This is my way of highlighting this fact and is one method that I “deal with it”.

  17. Boondockst says:

    What my guild does is anytime there is a chest to loot, such as the Chess event chest in KZ, we call a 5 min Bio break. Fortunately, my guild is smart enough to get in a line (literally, they line up as if they were in kindergarten) and go one after the other. If you are at the end of the line, you go refill your drink or smoke then. If you are at the front, you get your badge then roll out.
    I do wish that it was only gear that was in the chest, and not badges/emblems.

  18. DocHoliday says:

    I am the Ret

  19. ROFL. Oh god, I feel your pain. Even in Kara and things like H Mech, I’ve always hated waiting in line to loot. Given that I roll on wireless cable, I’m usually just that little bit slower on the click getting transmitted and I end up being one of the last to loot.

    As far as class balance goes, undergeared pally alts are out-dpsing and out-healing pretty much everyone in BT, and that’s a problem. Several of our guild members have announced that they intend on retiring their Priests/Mages in favor of Paladins. Now I don’t have anything against those pink guys in particular, but having one class dominate so many roles is wrong.

    Ainastes last blog post..Loot, Achievement, Effort, Guild, Guildmates, and Self

  20. No spam clicking of chests allowed in our guild.. you get in a nice, straight polite line and wait your turn.

    Gothyelks last blog post..A Note to the Scourge

  21. Good… point…


  22. We have a rule about chests. Raid Leader/Loot Master first to hand out loot and wait. Then Ladies first after loot is handed out. Then everyone else. It seems to work out well too.

  23. Shadowgrrl says:

    I doubt that blizz.. suddenly.. after 4 years of this.. Yes it started back in BRD.. that they are going to somehow Pull their collected noggins out of their puckered arses and say.. ” WOW.. lets fix that pesky ole chest issue” I loot it and be done with it. There is absolutely nothing that irritates me more than time spent Master looting and talking about loot, rolling on loot, bargaining with your fellow class mates about loot, begging and pleading for that token loot, kicking and crying if the other methods do not work to get loot. JUST GIVE ME THE DAMN LOOT! OR don’t but dont make me go and loot a boss when a single person can do it and we roll and are on our way in.. ohhh lets say… Under 20 seconds.. thats about all the time needed to eat/drink refill your mana/health pools and continue on..

    Ladies first… AH!! thats great.. but sexist.. even though I fall into the category.

    total. Chest Agro! ~.~

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