I’ve Chosen the Third Blogger

Sydera is the third blogger! She’ll be co-blogging alongside Wyn and myself from here on out. Unlike Wyn and I, she is not a Priest and will be blogging from the perspective of a… tree.

So let’s all extend a welcome branch to Syd (I can hear the groans over the pun already)! I’m sure she’ll come along later and say something.

Joveta, you did really well. It was an extremely tight race between the two of you. I was on the fence at times where I’d go one way then change my mind and go the other. Pleeeeeease don’t be discouraged. If you decide to pursue blogging, I will do what I can to help you set up.

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  1. Whee! Congrats Syd!!

  2. Congrats, Sydera!

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  3. Congratulations Sydera!

    It was fun doing the process, and great to read all the other new voices along the way.

  4. @Joveta – I was really rooting for you. I think you write really well and are very interesting to read. I seriously hope you start your own blog. I’d subscribe in a heartbeat.

  5. @Sydera: Congratulations!

    @Joveta: I have to agree with Matticus. Please keep blogging. I really enjoyed reading the things you had to say. I also felt like I learned a lot from your posts, which influenced other decisions. Don’t keep us in the dark!

  6. Thanks all for the well-wishes! And I think that everyone else from the contest should keep on blogging! It’s been a very informative few weeks!

  7. Grats, Syd – I really like your work so far and think you’ll fit nicely with Matt and Wyn. Joveta, you did really well, keep at it!

  8. Congratulations, Syd!

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  9. Congratulations to BOTH of you!

    I look forward to reading Syd’s posts, and Joveta, I’m going to pitch in my hopes with the rest – PLEASE make a blog and keep blogging. I looked forward to your posts every single week, and I’m sure the WoM team had one heck of a time choosing a single winner.

    Congratulations to WoM on a great new blogger addition!

  10. Sydera: Congrats!

    Joveta: Don’t stop blogging! You did well on WoM, you’ll do well on your own. ;D

    Ruscos last blog post..I had to…

  11. @Ego: “I’m sure the WoM team had one heck of a time choosing a single winner.”

    Truer words have never been spoken.

  12. @ everyone — *blush* Wow, thanks for the support. <3 I actually am in the process of getting something up and running with my class lead. Matt’s already promised (threatened?) to promote us here and on WI. Hoping to get it up and running by next weekend 🙂

  13. That’s awesome, Joveta! You’ll get prime real estate on my personal blog roll for sure!

  14. Congrats Syd!

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  15. Congrats Sydera, and Joveta, looking forward to seeing something from you in the future too…

    Daes last blog post..Love Your Tank

  16. Grats Sydera! Looking forward to your posts here.

    @Joveta and Matt
    Please DO let us know here when Joveta is up and running! =)

  17. Congrats Syd!

    Joveta, I loved your blogging, please keep it up and, of course, see ya at Plus Heal 🙂

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