It Came From the PUG: A Resto Shaman Story

It Came From the PUG: A Resto Shaman Story


For those of you who are new to here as readers or are just tunning in, I have an addiction to PUGs. I think they are a fun and amazing animal to play with. It came from the PUG is my column where when something interesting happens when pugging, I can share it with you.

With the Tier 9 content requiring  badges for all gear, I find myself trying to do the heroic daily every day. My normal Modus operandi is to log back into the game around 2 am EST and hit trade chat / LFG and find a group that needs a healer. I’ve been doing this for weeks no problem. Log in, pop in LFG usually no more then 4 minutes go by before I’m scooped up and on my way to the instance of the day.

Thursday though something odd happened. Something that hasn’t happened to me in a long long time. I’m talking beginning of BC long time. I log in, 1:45 am EST. I pop into LFG add a comment about being Tier 9 geared. The daily is Heroic Culling. Easy mode for me, I never have to stop to drink I can roll Riptide and Lesser Healing Wave pretty much the entire time and then go home with some badges. After about 15 minutes I notice no one’s sent any invites out and that I haven’t recieved tells. I just think that maybe there’s a ton more healers on tonight pugging then normal. So I hop into trade chat.

“T9 Resto Shaman LFG Heroic CoS pst”

I don’t spam trade but I make sure it’s seen. After another 10 minutes of no response I see someone asking in trade chat for a healer for CoS. I wait to see if a second request goes out and after a few minutes don’t see any so I figure someone got scooped up quickly. So I toss into trade again

“T9 Resto Shaman LFG Heroic CoS pst”

No more than 2 minutes go by before I see the same person send out a request in trade for healers for CoS. I think to myself well this is silly I’ll just send them a tell and we’ll be off in no time. Still plenty of time before the reset at this point.

“Hey, I’ll come heal for you guys.”

I get no response. After a few minutes I send them

“If you found another healer it’s cool. “

Then I see in trade chat again the same person asking for healers for CoS. WTF!? Does this person have me on ignore? Maybe the tells are just getting lost in the sea of trade chat spam? I don’t know so I send him another tell.

“Hey, I see you keep posting in trade you’re looking for a healer for the daily. I’m willing and ready to go. Are you not receiving my tells?”

This time I get a response;

“no, I’m getting them. Just don’t want you healing.”

I scratch my head at this one a bit. What the hell did I do to this guy?

“I’m sorry that’s a rather ominous satement. Did I do something to offend you or something?”

At this point I’m not mad, I’m just ridiculously curious why.

“you’re a Shaman, you can’t heal a heroic.”

The reply was very matter of fact and that’s all I got.

“You can’t be serious. Really it’s because I’m a Shaman?”

“yeap, sorry.”

So, complete B.S. reason right? Maybe. Maybe this person had a really bad run in with an enhancement shaman who said “OH HI I’LL HEAL YOU” but didn’t actually spec into Resto or use any spell gear. Either way I had a good chuckle about it and I responded with the only thing I think I could at the time.

“Dude, I’m so blogging about this! Make sure you stop by and see it!, Good luck and have a good night =D”.

At this point the daily was changing over, so I decided to call it a night without getting my two badges. Just goes to show you, sometimes you don’t even have to get it IN the group before something interesting happens.

So, how about you guys? Anything fun to report from any PUGs?

Until next time, Happy Healing.


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  1. I think my best PUG story was from back in the days of TBC. A Ret paladin tried to sneak the group by a trash pack in The Steamvault by hitting us with Blessing of Salvation. He swore that it reduced your agro radius.

    Naturally we let him go first and watched from a distance. I wish I still had the screenshots.
    .-= Karatheya´s last blog ..Battle.Net Nerdrage Part 1 =-.

  2. I dont care wat you say….
    im not having a shaman heal my heroic…
    i dont even care if u have t9…watever that is

  3. Chris Ledet says:

    The players who say resto shamans can’t heal a heroic are the same players who haven’t seen a boss passed XT in Ulduar. They are the most single minded players, thinking heroics are what makes up the end-game content.

    When Meks from Ensidia posted a blog article about resto shamans’ place in raiding, the casuals thought “omgz ensidia thinkz shamans suck, i hate em now!!”. It’s really sad since I think shamans are the most fun class to play. Sorry to hear about your experience and honestly, that’s why I lead my own PUGs. You have full control over the raid/group make up and it’s quite fun raid leading.

    Meks’s post about resto shamans:

  4. @Chris Ledet I’m very familiar with Mek’s post. and there’s nothing to be sorry about. I found it funny honestly. It is sad that people think shaman suck

  5. WOW! I remember this attitude from BC, I thought it was loooooong dead.

  6. Funny guy LOL. Aww maybe he just had bad bad experience with a shaman before. But why, they should like it. We give them poop buff! 😀

    Maybe that poop buff is offensive… D;

  7. Eh, we had a guildmate booted from a group because he said druids can’t tank. (for the record, it’s because “they wear leather and cloth.”)

    The world’s full of idiots. Probably for the best you dodged that bullet of a group. 🙂
    .-= Stop´s last blog ..In which Stop briefly channels his inner orc =-.

  8. I’ve seen this and many other ones like it on my healing toons. Some people are really nieve.

  9. Yes! I’ve had this exact same thing happen to me! I actually think of it as a blessing, because that’s one PUG you just don’t want to be in.
    .-= Zigi´s last blog ..Healing Vezax makes me nostalgic =-.

  10. Wow, that’s awesome. Then again, at the very beginning of wrath PUGs tried to tell me that only resto shaman could heal Halls of Lightning, so go figure!

  11. Darthregis says:

    Wow, that’s ridiculous. Maybe resto Shaman need a buff or whatever to stay competitive with everyone else… but they’ve healed me (Feral Tank Druid) through many heroics. Talk about some seriously closed minded ignorance, oy vey!

    As for my PuG stories, they usually involve my mage and VoA. Tried to run VoA 25 last Monday. Didn’t take too long to get a group fully formed, but a few people needed summons, etc. Unfortunately, half the group was already inside and decided to start trudging along. Of course, 12 well-geared people can cut through the original/Archavon trash mobs. But 12 people (one tank) for the Koralon trash… not so much. Impatient group inside pull, wipe, and then all bail thinking it’s a fail group.

    It just baffles me how people can quit so easily and quickly, particularly when it’s just a bad pull and has no reflection of how the group may actually perform. I mean, one wipe and people give up? Are people that ridiculous all over or just on my server? 😛

  12. Two days ago on my warlock alt, a guildie invited me to PuG with him for Headless horseman. Me, guildie (boomkin), shammy, DK, and a warrior tank. They ask the Shammy if he can heal. ‘Well, I suck, but I can try.’ Uh oh, but I’m thinkiing ‘it’s HH, how bad can it be?’ A minute later the warrior announces that he’s got to fix something … and goes offline. A few minutes after that, the DK brings in a pirest healer. ‘Who’s tanking?’ DK: ‘I guess me.’ I’m still not thinking anything’s overly wrong, until we get in the Graveyard. The DK goes to summon the Horseman: Can’t do it — he’s level 74, with something like 12K health! My boomkin guildie asks for lead. The DK is smart enough to know what’s coming if he turns it over and refuses. The healer calls forth the HH and here he comes….I wait for the DK to drop a couple of hits on him, Lifetap, Haunt, Corruption…..AGGRO! Soulshatter — no dice, in seconds I’m splattered.

    Before I even hit the floor I did something I don’t think I’ve ever done before: dropped group, spirit rezzed, hearthed and logged over to another toon. I asked the boomkin if they even managed to take the horseman down, he says ‘Hell no, I was hauling ass out of there!’

    Lesson learned: Make sure you at least check the level of the party members before going in — I just took it for granted he was an 80. Selfishly, at least I’m not the one who burned my summons, but I feel bad for the priest who did.
    .-= jeffo´s last blog ..The New PTR is Here! The New PTR is Here! =-.

  13. @Darthregis —

    No, it’s not just your server (assuming we’re not on the same one, anyway!). I never had any real problems with PuGs and Vault until Emalon came out. Once Emmy was released, groups started showing zero patience for any hint of failure, and the rudeness quotient seemed to go through the roof.
    .-= jeffo´s last blog ..The New PTR is Here! The New PTR is Here! =-.

  14. I lost count of the number of times I got this type of attitude while playing my Discipline Priest once it became a healing tree. “Disc Priest can’t heal, noob” or “Respec Holy and L2P” were the most common responses.

    That attitude (and a long history of bad PUGs going back to Everquest) have pretty much made me allergic to them now. Thankfully I’m in a nice guild now with a steady regular group of people to run heroics. Sure, we still have bad runs, but it definitely is less stress overall.
    .-= Bryce Moore´s last blog ..The Same Old Fears (Photo) =-.

  15. Maybe they had been in a group with the resto shammy one of my friends pugged with. He would refuse to drop totems and would only spam Healing Wave. Hearing that story made the shammies in our guild /facepalm.

    Resto shamans are some of the best healers in the game in my opinion. Many a times I have been healing on my holy paladin and wished I had cleansing totem or tremor totem or some other shammy trick. That’s why if I ever level another healer, it will be a shaman.
    .-= Faeldray´s last blog ..It’s like a powder keg =-.

  16. Actually was denied entry to a Heroic VH group on the basis that “ferals can’t dps.” After about a minute or so of trying to educate the group leader, I gave up and wished him a pleasant run. Not 5 minutes later he whispered me saying that he had reconsidered–my leader of the pack would make it worth his while to carry me along. (I was in T8; he was in greens.) I went to a VoA instead and linked him meters, with me on top, after every boss kill.

    I won’t even get into the ridiculous “Gearscore of 5000+ for heroics” stories I’ve collected on my alts, or the Disc Priest I bumped into who insisted he was dps.

  17. Oh my various Gods you can’t be serious. Please tell me people aren’t that dumb. Please.


    No? Well, crap.

    One of my favourite healers is a resto shammy. He was healing my poor little DK backside in Utgarde Keep when he was 80 and I was but a lowly 70-71ish Unholy Tank. Unfortunately he doesn’t seem to have much interest in healing anymore. I want a pet shammy. 🙁

    I have had plenty of stupids from pugged party members as well as people I know from my guilds and it would probably be a huge, huge teal deer if I went over it here. >.>
    .-= Matojo´s last blog ..Elekks: The Other Strangely-Coloured Meat =-.

  18. All great stories, guys! Lodur, I particularly love that aspect of PUGs. I, however, have a tough time keeping cool. I’ll usually start venting in Guild Chat to my guildies about how stupid those people are. Then they tell me to calm down and I take stuff too personally. This was especially evident at the start of WotLK when I was leveling (and healing) as Discipline. The common response of “Psh…you’re not a healer. Disc is for PvP only”. How wrong they were.

    My favorite PUG story involves a DK tank who asked me to heal Heroic Old Kingdom. I asked what his defense rating was and he said 540. I signed up. Halfway through, he asks if his tanking is alright, and I whispered him: “Hey, your marking skills are great, and aggro is good, but you’re taking a lot of big hits. Not sure why that is.” He whispered back, “Cause my defense is only 520.” !?!?!?! Really? I asked him, and he lied to me. Almost as good as the Druid tank who wanted me to heal him in all resilience gear cause he “can tank Ulduar in this gear”. Haha… you want me on my ‘game’? You gotta be on yours.

  19. Hehe, I remember you mentioning that Faeldray… it wasn’t just the shaman that cringed, I did too. But then, our guild runs usually ran with a shaman as primary healer for a looong time. Of course we also had a DK tank at that time too.. so we weren’t doing things the way “normal” guilds did.

    I’ve seen shaman pull off saves that I don’t think other healers could. Multi-target chain heals ftw. I’ll take any healing class in a primary heal role. Heck, I’d have grabbed a T9 Resto immediately… especially since our guild seems to be very tank heavy right now and healer lite. Can’t account for idiots though.
    .-= Tzia´s last blog ..Casavel & The Culling =-.

  20. Pugging is hit or miss on our server, either you get a really stellar group or a hopelessly lost one.

    The best that happened to me was LF1M for HToC and picking up a rogue. We didn’t think we needed to inspect or ask if they knew the instance since the instance had been out for a good few weeks at that point. After a few deaths on the rogues part, mainly from him not mounting and standing in bad stuff we inspected him. Lvl 71 greens. Nuff said, we told him we didn;t think he was able to complete the instance and asked him to kindly leave. He promptly start freaking out calling us elitists and insulting my healing skills because I couldn’t keep him up. Yes, I can’t heal through one shots…….
    .-= Napaeae´s last blog ..When /played means /quit =-.

  21. I generally laugh at folks who think shaman can’t heal – especially because we did Algalon 10, and ToGC 10 45+ attempts remaining (mad skill? Skilled insanity? I forget) with a DIsc priest and a shaman. Eh – just goes to show – some folks can’t think for themselves.

    We had an interesting run (that might have put a bad taste about shaman in someone) this morning for H ToC. I was in my PvP Ret/Prot setup (no holy build till ToGC attempts – I have to Divine Storm for greatness to stay sane), we had a warrior tank, fury war, critchicken, and a shaman. Shaman was DPS, but his off spec was resto so he changed over.

    First boss we wiped – not really his fault, there was much standing in poison by the boomkin and the healer – but we reset and had no problem.

    Second boss (the dude – what’s his hammer of justice your butt name) – no problems.

    Black Knight comes out – shaman leaves the group and goes offline. No word, nothing. This was the H daily mind you.

    Being resourcefull we dug up another DPS, I whip out Jeeves, and grab my healing gear. I pulled us through (it wasn’t pretty, but I did it) and we got it done quickly. Maybe the shaman was getting bad tells, or maybe he had to go to work/school – I just thought it was funny.

    And yeah – give me the poop shield!
    .-= Adgamorix´s last blog ..Boss design and buffing =-.

  22. Wow, yeah, I thought that attitude was dead with TBC, too O_o astonishing… I will say that, having tried ’em, priests (both specs) and druids are easier to heal with by far but a good shaman is certainly better than some random priest / druid.

    “I’ve seen shaman pull off saves that I don’t think other healers could.”

    So true – I die a lot more as my other healers (except the pally) and that aspect can be *really* useful for some heroics (timers based etc.)

    Thespius: Given some of the BiS / nearly BiS gear for tank druids *is* pvp gear that’s not such a long shot… If you’re asking a tanking druid to have defence gear then he ain’t the one failing 😉

    .-= Aurik´s last blog ..You’re Not Helping, Damnit! =-.

  23. I’m sorry you had such an unfortunate PUG experience, although it made a good story!

    About a week ago I got into a group for a PUG of Old Kingdom on my Warlock. There was confusion about who was going to be the tank until one of the Death Knights said he wasn’t good at tanking, but had the off spec and gear, so he’d do it. On the second or third trash pull, suddenly the healer announced that he’d died and used my soul stone. The healer and tank then said it wasn’t going to work, not because the tank couldn’t hold aggro, but because I was undergeared. I explained that I’d run heroics before, but they accused me of “being pulled though by my Uludar geared friends.” I decided not to argue, and the other two DPS were whispering me that it was their fault we wiped, not mine.

    Later I joined another PUG, and halfway through Herald Volazj the other two DPS die. Yet the three of us remaining managed to finish him and another group of our doubles off without dying. I wish the other tank and healer had been there to see that!
    .-= Frijona´s last blog ..Post-Weekend Update: It was a Dark and Stormy Night =-.

  24. This story is ridiculous. A T9 Resto Shaman can’t heal a heroic? I ran with a non-T9 barely a T7 Resto Shaman while I was farming heroics and we never wiped. My current RAID team features a RESTO Shaman on heals, and we’re doing great, almost done clearing TOC 10.

    My only PUG nightmare has been showing up for PUGS after putting myself out there as RET DPS on LFG, and then getting to the instance only to have the group leader ask me to tank. That bait and switch blows. If I wanted to tank, I’d put it on the LFG.

  25. It happens often enough, I myself as a paladin tank have been invited to pugs, then been demanded to heal. When I said I was a tank, I got lol Paladins can’t tank noob

  26. Ah the ignorance of PuGs 🙂 How I love them! What I found so utterly bizzare though is that no one seems to want to give anything a shot. I’ve found that sometimes my best groups – and most fun – have been the ones that I’ve taken a risk with.
    .-= We Fly Spitfires´s last blog ..MMORPG Skills For Real Life Situations =-.

  27. “But I can cast heroism — the mobs will die so fast you won’t NEED healing!!!”

    Might as well fight stupid with stupid.

    *The exclamation points are important. You want to embrace the ignorant, and show that you really belong.
    .-= Windsoar´s last blog ..Chain Who? =-.

  28. I don’t understand how people can think Resto Shamans aren’t awesome healers. :/ A few weeks ago, I was reading something similar on wow_ladies where one poster thinks that resto shammies are crap. My guild’s resto shammy soloheals TOC10 every week — that’s gotta say something at least about the capabilities of the class/spec, right? Anyway… as for my PUG stories, not really as bad as this… I mostly just get weird “TMI”-type chats and stuff in the pugs I’ve joined. lol

  29. That is so totally ridiculous! I can *almost* understand it, but then I lose it and just boggle at the inanity.

    I will admit, healing on my Shaman is the hardest healing I’ve ever done. After playing ezmode with my Priest for a couple of years and acclimating myself to the game as a HoT throwing Druid, having to monitor as much as a Shaman does is downright difficult sometimes.

    It might be because I’m undergeared for certain things or rusty from taking a couple of hiatuses from WLK, but I can’t understand how he thinks Shamans can’t heal heroics. Heroics in general. Wow.

    One of the PuG nightmares I have (and I’m like you: I love to PuG) is when they ask for an achievement, I link it, and they tell me that I got it too recently. Does it really matter that I got the achievement for 25 man Koralon last week? I got it and I know the fight; I’m even wearing loot from it. But because I might actually still *need* something from the instance aside from badges must mean that I’m undergeared for it.

    Oh the joys of a gear-based progression MMO.
    .-= Professor Beej´s last blog ..Saw VI – Sixth Time’s a Charm? =-.

  30. This is similar to problems that tanks have – not everyone keeps up with the latest development philosophies, or understands them when they do read them. It took forever for the general playerbase to accept Druid and Paladin tanks, and you still run into a few misinformed souls who believe Dks can only tank as Frost.

    Despite the insistence of some high-end raiders, wow really is a complex game, and it can be difficult to keep up with all the developments and changes, or to even understand classes you don’t play/interact with much. I still get assigned to tank heal over resto shammies as a holy priest in pug raids – I just shrug, do my best, and hopefully collect epics.

    I think this is especially true if you don’t play many classes or roles – I didn’t really understand tanking or healing until I’d played one or two versions of that role. I didn’t even really understand DPS until I’d played several different versions of it at the level cap. All the classes really do play very differently.

    I think it is important to know what the design philosophies are – that way, you know that the developers are supporting a certain way to play. You know that all four healers can heal all roles, all four tanks can tank. When I am a raid leader, I assign more with the player in mind than the class, and all I’m worried about is if the class has the basic tools for the job. And for the most part, they all do – althoug healing through Gormok on heroic as a Holy Priest tank healer is definitely a heart-wrenching experience! I try to keep in mind that certain classes/specs are more *comfortable* in certain roles, but I refuse to limit my thinking by applying arbitrary can/can’t labels to things.

    The wow playerbase does entirely too much *can’t* labeling, in my opinion.

  31. obviously crazy statement that shamans can’t heal HCs, however what struck me most in your post is the way you pug heroics. So i decided to write a quick guide for any healer hwo to pug heroics 🙂

    Look in LFG for tank, if there is one, you got yourself a group. If there’s no tanks in LFG (which is notoruois on my srv) look for one in trade. I usually say : ‘LF tank to XXX daily hc’, once someone comes -you got yourself a group. You should be in LFG yourself ofc.

    Few tips: always look for tank first, do not menton that you need dps, usually tanks are as lazy as you are and are waiting for full group LF tank last spot. (although tank and a healer is a full group 😉 but some tanks dont’ get that )
    why this works? cause there’s far less players willing to assemble and lead the group, so sometimes there might be 5 tanks, 5 healers, and 100 dps just waiting to be invited and no groups going.

    since i started doing this i never had any problems with a pug 🙂

    btw, this works for dps as well, but it takes really nice person to pull it off everyday 🙂 as you need to sell yourself to the tank/heal 😉

  32. I have been kicked from a heroic pug due to the fact I was wearing DPS gear (hit-rating). It was not possible to explain that my moonkin T8.5 pieces was an upgrade to my T7 resto pieces …

    +1 to the VoA comment, that is the worst place to pug evar!

  33. Thanks I learned so much from this. I am leveling a Shaman as my second healer. I love healing, and I started on a paladin. I wanted a more dynamic playstyle and the shaman sounds like it. I want a gnome priest, so I am waiting til Cat for that. But I am also leveling a druid as a tank /healer like my paladin.

    I get the same crap sometimes on a paladin healer, “single target healers can’t heal this, sorry.” Whatever, I don’t want to play with the stupid either. I have been known to ask the “tank” to heal if I see he has less Effective health than I do. Since I am primarily a healer, I watch the healers mana. I don’t GG chain pull crap. Even if some stupid dps rogue wants a fast run. I am a slow tank, but we don’t wipe. So I understand switching roles is important if you can, but saying a healer can’t do this or do that. I call BS on that. They may need better gear, or skill, but they can do it.
    .-= Arkaneena´s last blog ..Our Toons Ourselves =-.

  34. So wait. . . .wait. . . SO Shamans can heal 25 man hard mode Yoggy BUT not the simplistic heroics of Wrath? I am lost last I checked I ran more heroics during wrath as a Resto shaman then ele. . . wait. . . wait. . . OH YEA and with minimal wipes if any! OC does not count. . . . I can agree with the earlier statement that there are tons of ignorant people in the world I have seen that alot my self. 5 months on a boat will teach you alot about the human race.

  35. I absolutely love PuGs. I go out of my way to see what we can accomplish with them. With the blessing of my guild, I have been running a late night PuG most Saturdays since the early summer. We used to pug Nax25, now Ony25 and Uld25. Our guild is smaller so we are usually running 10-mans, so pugging the 25s allows us to see what other players are doing on our server.

    What’s better is that I’ve now got enough people who know me and my guild who would love to run the pug with us, so most weeks I can just send out a calendar invite to “the usuals” and fill the few spots remaining with people from trade chat. This would have never been possible 5 months ago. We started out pugging 22 out of 25 spots to complete unknowns.

    I’ve had a LOT of fun doing them. Many good nights and some bad, but they’ve allowed me to see the best (and worst) that our server has to offer!

    Scuzzy, Kirin Tor
    UD Priest

  36. I keep having the same problem as a Disc. Not ONE PUG raid goes by without someone linking the Recount healmeter with some snarky remark, and me having to link Guessed_Absorbs, and start arguing that you must add the 2 (in which case I usually come out on top ^^).

    I really wish Blizzard would include absorbs, or Guessed_Absorbs be integrated into basic Recount , and with an extra page with heals+absorbs already added together. Then we could move on …

    I do agree that shamys suck at healing, and they sting of rotten fish, too :-p

  37. On another note, I once got heat for not healing on the nexus first boss. Well, I was sheeped for the longest time. I asked repeatedly for our Shadow priest to dispell me, but he wouldn’t do it, “because SPs can’t dispell”. I tried to explain that dispell magic is Disc, not Holy, at that there even is an exception for the other dispell, which though Holy can be done w/o dropping out of Shadowfor… no luck.

  38. Lodur!

    I <3 shammies…and yes I'm creeping 😛 Tell whoever says to you that you can't heal a heroic to "bugger off and stick it up their butt" Heh 😉

    F x
    .-= Fiorra´s last blog ..An Ode to Female Raid Leading =-.

  39. Lychordia says:

    I had the BEST PUG day ever! On Sunday I did a complete run on Sunwell Plateau, Black Temple, Mt. Hyjal, Serpentshrine Cavern, and Tempest Keep. It was an AMAZING day.

  40. Wiccanwolf says:

    LOL. Is that guy for real? Oh my God, that’s such a classic. xD Talk about people who swallow stupid for breakfast, eh?

    The best PUG I’ve ever had was from Heroic Nexus, we had an Arms warrior who came in and after we dropped the first boss he demanded to tank because he “felt like it”. After proceeding to question him as to why he would even bother considering we needed a DPS and not a tank, he proceeded to tell us all that we didn’t know what we were talking about, nor did he need instruction on how to play.

    Our current tank then tells him, “Unless you’re prot, you aren’t tanking, sorry,” and then gives us this gem:

    “What does being prot have to do with tanking?”
    “So when did you buy your account? xD”
    “Does it matter?”

    Such a classic. I still have the screenshot, actually, of that bit of wisdom. Gotta love people sometimes.

  41. A healer can only be as good as his group will allow.

    I can’t solo-heal a 10-man when everyone decides to stand in crap and huddle up to each other when spreading out somewhat would have done the trick *sigh*

    And then they say WE are the ones who suck.

  42. As a shaman who’s healed heroics… my own personal game, you know, to keep things interesting as someone who spends half their raid time healing TOC and Ony pugs….
    Personally, I like keeping track of my healing. I don’t mean like, the meters, nor the laregest numbers I can throw out. Assuming we get a decently geared tank, which isn’t really hard on Daily Heroics even in pugs, I like to see how often the tank makes me actually cast a spell.
    Normally, I drop Earth Shield the tank, drop my totems, and in most boss fights I’ll cast a spot heal or two and recast ES once. The whole game goes to hell with a newer tank or DPS who aren’t careful, or got forbid one of the bosses designed to do Group Damage. But in most cases, healing heroics as a shaman is ridiculously easy – I find it kind of relaxing.

  43. To reply to Thespius. I hope you know that most druids use PVP gear nowadays because it offers the most stam, which is the ONLY way to gear for end game.

  44. I just wanna know why I can’t get an invite to H Nexus to DPS as a holy priest? LOL! I think it would be fun!

  45. Okay, here’s my story:
    I had dinged level 80 recently, and had done regular ToC a bit.
    After organizing a group, we were missing one thing.
    A tank.
    So, soon, after no bites on general or Lfg, somebody pops up on lfg. A paladin advertising for tanking Naturally, I asked him to tank, which he accepted. Only after we summon, etc. we wipe. Why? He’s specced for dps.

  46. Arcticwolf says:

    Not a PUG story, but a resto shammy story from back in TBC days.

    Had a lock as my main back then and my guild was doing Kara. had a new guy tanking for us and he got a few big hits on him at Attumen and the run was getting slaughtered. Somehow in the middle of it all I managed to pick up the Horse and was whispered by the shammy to keep attacking him, I would be right. So I did, keeping the aggro firmly on me while the shammy kept me alive the whole way to the end.

    That’s right, I warlock tanked Attumen’s Horse with the assistance of a resto shammy. Now I’ve decided to make my own shammy healer, hoping I can be as good as that.

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