Is Team Melee the New Hotness?

Lodur did a great job last week when he recruited 4 additional players. The catch? They were all melee players. We snagged a Rogue, a Paladin, Warrior and an Enhancement Shaman. Our melee roster now looks something like this:

4 Warriors
4 Rogues
2 Paladins
2 Enhancement Shamans

Gunship 2.0 turned into a challenge with just 6 ranged DPS players.

The guild historically has been melee heavy but not to this extent. As much as I would prefer having more ranged players as options, the raiding reality is to take the players we can get and find a way to make it work. Between the end of this expansion and a new MMO that’s holding player interest, it’s a little tougher to pick up players of the right class.

I’ve found some perks with a melee heavy raid, however.

Stuff dies really fast

That change to the melee buff (where it’s now 20%) makes a bigger difference. With trash and adds dying faster, it means overall less healing needed.

Closer proximity

Melee players typically stand in one location – Right behind the butt of the boss. I don’t have to worry about being out of range. Spells like Holy Word: Sanctuary are that much better since the melee players are in one tight location.

It’s nice to have a comfortable number of raiding players again. Holiday season is always tough. The next areas we need to shore up are ranged DPS and healers.

Now that we’ve gotten Deathwing down, we’re starting work on Heroic Morchuk (Norris). For those of you that have knocked it out already on 25 man, what would you suggest?

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  1. fewer melee ;), dont have everyone take stomp, I know guilds are still killing it by having everyone chase crystals and what not, that is what all the guides when we were progressing said to do, but trust me it is so much easier on the whole raid this way! only need about 7 stomp soaking each side, the less the better(just make sure there is enough that they don’t get 1 shot), always have the tank healer in melee(during the crystal knock back tanks might die otherwise). try to minimize movement only approx 3 people should have to take both stomp and crystal damage. Morchok has more crystals than his twin per rotation so put the 7th healer on that side if 7 healing.

    good luck, have fun

    • Indeed. Unfortunately, we work with what we have. But 4 Rogues makes it fairly easy for soaking up the double stomps with their Feint.

      Interesting tidbit about Morchuk having more crystals than the twin.

  2. We’ve 7 healed it. The morchok side seems to get more stomps and crystal. The korchom side seems to get more back to back stuff.

    Biggest thing for healing is the tanks properly using and communicating for cool downs so they don’t get one shotted. Healing cd in general need tight coordination.

    Otherwise it is just making sure each side group stacks when needed for crystals and stomps. Also the soaker on stomp can’t die. If they die there is a good chance of a wipe.

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