I am so Ashamed

I am so Ashamed


Ghostcrawler did promise us a pony.

Man, I hate myself so much right now. I have no willpower at all. Thankfully this thing is account wide so it means I don’t have to spend any in game gold on mounts ever again. Just have to buy the training for it.

But still.

I feel so dirty.

Sometimes I wonder why I’m not addicted to drugs or alcohol yet. Probably because I’d rather spend the money on shiny, transparent things like mounts. Tried speccing Shadow to see if it’d look any cooler. I was hoping it’d be a little darker or more transparent-y, but alas.

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  1. Yeah. I’m going pony-crazy and can’t purchase until my husband gives me my authenticator number.
    .-= Ceralyn´s last blog ..Fangirl Moment =-.

  2. yeah, I’m going to sit this out. I am pretty sure that I would feel like a total ass if I forked over money to blizz, for a new mount skin. These games are kinda addictive and this seems a little like the gambler throwing his car keys on the table. Its not the end of the world but I am not sure I could still feel confident that I have my MMO/RL balance under control if I bought it.

  3. I’m right behind you. And I’m just as ashamed.

    Maybe we should start a support group.

    “Hi, my name is Saniel, and I’m a consumer whore.”
    .-= Saniel´s last blog ..For the love of the Trees =-.

  4. Will buy mine as soon as I get online later at night!

  5. You’ll save a mighty 161 gold per character on mounts! 😉

  6. I plan to also be Very Ashamed, just as soon as the Blizzard Store will stop timing out every time I get to the front of the queue. *shakes the internet*

  7. Rather disappointed in the look of it for shadow priests…I was hoping for a little more color being added.

    Oh, well, guess I will just sit in the queue waiting for my mount now.
    .-= Spazmoosifer´s last blog ..Feeling Frosty? =-.

  8. Also planning on being ashamed, as soon as I can buy the darn thing…..

    “Position: 31811 – Estimated time: 5 hours”

    Just dropped down from 7 hours which is encouraging… But quick math…. queue was at 37,000 when I first got in. So that’s roughly $925,000 US.

  9. Embrace it! Congrats on the pony. It looks quite nice under your fanny.
    .-= hydra´s last blog ..Your Exit Strategy =-.

  10. “Just dropped down from 7 hours which is encouraging… But quick math…. queue was at 37,000 when I first got in. So that’s roughly $925,000 US.”

    I think that blizz just found out how to print money. probably $50-$100,000 worth of labor to design a mount that can generate more than a $1m in revenue in the first hour of sales. I expect to see a lot more of this.

    but seriously, kudos to the artist who made this thing he/she deserves a BIG bonus, its one of the best mount models in the game.

  11. Its actually just a reskin of Invincible… the lich king 25 man hardmode mount… so the development cost is almost non existent….

    and I want one…
    .-= What’s my main Again?´s last blog ..Its been quite the journey =-.

  12. Acrimony says:

    At first I thought this might cross the line into selling useful in-game items, aka “cash for advancement over and above the same subscription fee that I and everyone else pays,” which is when any subscription-based MMO I play will permanently lose me as a subscriber.

    However, reading more has convinced me that the celestial mount is only a skin for a skill any character that uses it already had to begin with, and something like this will solve one of my problems; I am simply incapable of settling on one character to play, so if I bought this it would give me a mount I know I can live with across all characters. If I have to ride another bloody screen-filling Elekk again I’m going to have to figure out a way to burn down the Exodar.

  13. I should be so so ashamed.

    I bought me a Celestial Mount and I’m not even playing WoW. Been on a WoW vacation and will be on one a while and yeah got me the mount anyway.

    Could start a time share to rent out my mount while it just sits in my account.

  14. Christine says:

    I was hoping Shadow Pony would look 20x cooler than regular pony since shadow priests look 20x more badass than regular priests, but thanks to you I won’t have to fork out $25 to be proven OH SO VERY WRONG. That looks more like some bizarre ghost homunculus than a super cool spriest on a slightly-less-cool see-through mount.

  15. Hehe! They do look pretty cool, I gotta say 😀 To be honest, I’m tempted to get one just because it will save me buying mounts again…
    .-= We Fly Spitfires´s last blog ..How A Paper Clip Saved My Sanity =-.

  16. I bought one … they’re pretty awesome… I mean, it’s a shiny stary pony =D. The 72000+ person queue for checkout however was less than awesome.

    Blizzard = rich(er)

  17. Beverley says:

    I started this morning at 100,103rd in queue to purchase this mount!

    Down to 25000th at the moment /cheer

  18. Got it an hour ago. Die, die, elekk, DIE!

  19. it was so funny earlier when all those had this mount in dalaran and someone asked “where did you guys get the mount?” someone replied from ALGALON 40man i was LOL’d lolx but really the mount is nice.
    .-= Christine´s last blog ..Celestial Steed Mount! =-.

  20. The mount looks very very feminin ( yes it can be interpreted as very very gay ). Cudos to Bliz for bringing you guys ( “girls” ) out of the closet.

  21. Acrimony says:


    You mean people might actually believe I’m female in real life now?

  22. Lychordia says:

    Such a mount whor… nvm. YAY! More flying toys. And I look so beautiful on it. Well i would if I actually owned one… /Sigh I will have it…

  23. Yeah I feel dirty too. I could not help myself,but now I have 98 mounts and in two days I’ll have a nice shiny blue draognhawk I will never use. /faceplam

  24. @Matticus

    You’re right. What could I have _possibly_ been thinking?

    /1 Hi, I’m an impressionable twelve-year-old girl. Would anyone be interested in meeting in a motel across state lines?

  25. If I have to ride another bloody screen-filling Elekk again I’m going to have to figure out a way to burn down the Exodar.

    hehehe that or those chickens we belf have to ride caused many a nerd rage.

    ya, ashamed and mounted on a shiny pony here too :p

  26. Ummmmmm……you guys been HAD!
    I’m very happy about this because I feel even twice as good flying around my green proto-drake now. Looks twice as nice and cost a hell of a lot less!
    What will you people buy next? I can’t wait to find out.


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