How do You Ask Mages for Water?

Water. Without it, all raids would become excruciatingly longer as healers would have to halt and gas up after every attempt. I don’t know about you, buy the raids I’m in tend to have a lot of biscuit-hungry players. They just devour the entire table. Sometimes we have to ask for single conjures.

And let’s not begin to even talk about that guy.

Oh yes. You know who I’m talking about.

He’s that guy who always accepts that summon late.
He’s that guy who never realizes there’s a table (or a fish feast) on the ground and asks for one after it’s completely disappeared.

Or he just plain forgot to loot the table. In the past, I’ve always found the raid I was in to be under the Bystander effect.

…social psychological phenomenon in which individuals are less likely to offer help in an emergency situation when other people are present. The probability of help is inversely proportional to the number of bystanders. In other words, the greater the number of bystanders, the less likely it is that any one of them will help.

Ever get in a raid with like 5 Priests and wonder why the raid hasn’t gotten Fortitude yet? Because each Priest expects one of the other Priests to do it, thereby saving them precious candles. I noticed its the same thing with mages and any other player with biscuits. Some of them conveniently AFK or spin around in their chair not sharing.

So instead of asking Mages for Water, I simply walk up to the closest Mage and pop open trade while saying "Need gas!”. Most of them usually figure out what I’m after. I trained the guild mages well after all!

Here’s another thing. How many biscuits do you really need? Do you really need four stacks of biscuits? You’re telling me you go through that many in a single raid? I go through 1 stack usually. On serious wipe nights, it’ll hit the tail end of 2 stacks.

If every raider took 2 sacks of biscuits instead of 4 stacks, then we’d have enough stacks of food to go around. Don’t be so greedy! Eat what you take! Stop burning through Mage reagents to conjure that stuff!

And don’t get me started on the players out there that have almost no bag room and choose to throw away perfectly conjured biscuits just so they can loot some random trash loot to vendor later. At least pass it on to someone else.

Oh yes. I know you exist.

Anyway, enough with that rant.

How do you ask Mages for water?

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  1. Neverdown says

    Being a mage I really hate it when, for example in VoA pugs or battlegrounds, guys ask me for food like they die if they won’t get it. A bit politeness goes a long way. By the way I always give food to healers in Battlegrounds because they aren’t being selfish. In serious guild raids I mostly put up a table. I won’t be a slacker and the raid can get going faster because nobody is waiting for a table. If only one guy is asking for food I give them one stack of food.

  2. People not buffing is a big pet peeve of mine

    I watch pally power like a hawk and as soon as I see someone without the buff I am assigned to I cast it.

    Trash buffs ya you dont need buffs for trash unless your a tank

    I even buff in Battlegrounds. God how hard is it to single cast fort,MOTW or INT in BGs? I single cast Kings all the time. You would think you would want every advantage in winning the BG you can get

    Come to think of it Priests are the worst Battleground buffers while I find Paladins to be the best

  3. As a Warlock I tend to skew the complete opposite direction. I’ll wait for someone to ask niceley for one of the services I can offer (Summons, Health Stones, Soulstones). If they demand it my response is “And what are you going to give me in exchange for the time and effort that I expended to farm the reagents?”. I will put down what services I have if some other class applys whatever active (requiring them to actually do something) buff that they can do.

  4. In a guild raid, this should never, ever happen. The class leads should be assigning buffs, and I do my best to be sure all three priest buffs (how hard is it to throw up ShadowProt every 30 min, anyway??) are assigned.

    What irks me is having people buff before everyone is present. Look at the minimap, people!! See those little dots on the edge? They aren’t in range of your buff. Really, they aren’t!

    Last night, though, we had a guild Naxx 25 going. We had 4 pallies…but you wouldn’t know it by the paucity of buffs they were giving! We finally had a Shammy tell the pallies who was to give which Blessing! And I STILL stood around after a wipe (the only hunter–the raid was mostly alts), begging for Wisdom.

  5. How do you ask Mages for water?


    My raid main is a mage. Back in the Molten Core days, I’d stand outside the portal a half hour early as we officers finalized the list, conjuring madly, occasionally announcing in /raid or on vent that I had food and water, just open a trade.

    However, once we started pulling, if the stragglers needed food and water, I much preferred to be asked before a trade window just randomly appeared, diverting my attention from whatever else was on my screen. I’d say 95% of the time, they’d whisper me first, and we’d make the trade between pulls.

    An open trade window with no whisper or message in /say or /raid? I’d simply close it. That’s rude. I’ve had complete strangers do it to me in Orgrimmar; I expect the people I’m raiding with to show some common courtesy. Most of the time a swiftly closed trade window was enough of a hint, and they’d follow up by asking if I had any food or water they could have.

    Now that we have tables, it’s gotten a lot easier. I can’t say I’ve seen the bystander effect you’re talking about. The mages I raid with just… drop a table at the start of a raid. If that table disappears before everyone’s ready, another mage drops a new table. And when the stragglers miss the second or third tables, they ask in vent or /raid who has a stack to spare. Someone always answers — usually someone who isn’t a mage, offering to share.

    Same goes for buffs and rebuffs — if someone calls out that they missed a fortitude or an int, they usually don’t have to ask twice. That might be a result of this group having worked together for upwards of four years now, but I think mostly it’s one of the many things that speaks to the quality of our raiders. They’re aware of what’s going on around them, and act as part of a team. Hoarding reagents wouldn’t even cross their minds.

    I’ve heard the vending machine jokes for years. Hell, someone made me a water-cooler avatar for our forums once upon a time and I got a grin out of it. But that sure doesn’t mean I want to be treated like one.

    I might very well be missing the joke here — it’s almost five o’clock and I have no coffee and I wanna go home — but yeah. Unless I know the person well (which I’m assuming is the rapport you’ve built up with your mages for the “Need fuel” thing), then the only way I ever want to be asked for water is politely. Just opening a window feels like a demand. Send a whisper or say something in /raid — “Davien, can I have some water?” — and I’ll be happy to conjure for you.

    Bonus points if you say please and thank you.

  6. Typically, I just send a particular mage a /tell and ask politely “Is there any way I can get a stack or two of water, please?” Generally, the answer is “sure” and a table pops up or a few stacks of something delicious is placed in a trade window.

    It’s rare that I ever get refused or ignored, and I can’t think of a single time when I was told off for being so presumptuous as to actually ask for it.

    I like to think that it’s because I actually form it as a question and use please instead of “MAGES! Food, table something! Now!”

    P’s and Q’s are just as important in a social game as they are in real life.
    .-= Beej´s last blog ..Parallels in LOST and Stephen King’s "The Dark Tower" – Part 4 – Cycles and Salvation =-.

  7. I usually take 4 stacks of food because when people come in late to the raid they ask on vent if anyone has extra, and I open trade asap.

    On my alt mage, however, I usually only make a table at the beginning of raids or if I need food myself.
    .-= shopshopshop´s last blog ..The Vague and the Theorycrafted =-.

  8. In guild runs, i ask for biscuits and gravy (i’m southern, it always gets a laugh)

    in pugs, i usually ask if there will be a mage table once, but as someone who’s played a healer for the past year, I tend to keep a nice large supply of my own water on me at all times.

  9. I played a mage exclusively for several years before switching to a priest. And now I carry vendor water on me at all times. It’s not expensive and I prefer to be responsible for myself and let the mages be. I don’t bother to ask for biscuits or even click on a table if it gets dropped. And besides, mage water tastes nasty, while star’s sorrow tastes like horde tears.

  10. I have a mage alt and like being useful so I like making it, but so many never even bother to ask, and I get that too, because do you really want to bug some random mage you may not even know to make your life easier?

    I typically, if standing around in a city and see a mage nearby, ask politely and buff them while I wait, doesn’t hurt to ask at least.

    After a raid but before I log out, I tend to try to give away any leftover stacks of food I may have while standing in the city. Sometimes I’m just too lazy to do that though heh. Normally people around the Wintergrasp portal are very appreciative though.

  11. I’m guilty of taking 80 biscuits off the table and using … maybe 7 during the raid.

    However, I usually do it because I know the table will disappear before the late comers show up and I’ll trade them a stack.

  12. DK here… Oh how I love not needing mana!!!

    But hate having to blow that damn winter horn every 2 minutes.. Didn’t even glyph it for 3 minutes as there’s always plenty of DKs around to buff the group.

  13. I always provide a table, even if I am joining a new group and still have enough for myself in my bags.

    The same with Arcane Brilliance, I would rather blow the reagent and give everyone a new hour even if it’s just one with the buff.

    However I fond it frustrating when I am sitting waiting for the raid to begin and their are stragglers, so it’s pointless making the table or buffing. Then when they arrive it’s go go go… With no one clicking on the summon… Me chasing down the hallways trying to drop a table.

    Then 10 minutes later asking for cookies.

    If you are late and want food, ask the rogue. I was there to make it and collect my needs, they could have been too.

    Still I find most buffing classes suffer the same. Repeated asking for buffs or auras gets a bit tiresome.

  14. I don’t. I just drink my own if I missed one or ran out.

  15. By the way, the most famous case of the bystander effect is attributed to the Kitty Genovese case, but there are some people who’ve done some research into it, and have debunked it as not really applying to the classic definition. Just a bit of trivia for you.

  16. You’re absolutely right about the Bystander Effect. Have noticed in countless Raids and BG’s. Wintergrasp raids are often the worst offenders – probably because of the last-minute, ‘thrown-together’ nature of those raids, plus the fact they are 40 man raids. Mage tables are usually conjured fairly simply (people realise that by going clicky-clicky they can get some free food) but a Warlock trying to complete a Ritual of Summoning? Not going to happen, unless some of my guildies are around to help out.

    On topic – if a Mage has conjured a table, then grab some bikkies, If you’re too late and just missed out, then a polite whisper is the way to go.
    .-= Rusquel´s last blog ..Time is money, friend! =-.

  17. Magejuego says

    Pet peeve: that a single mage table costs 50s before rep. Buffing an entire raid typically requires casting AI twice and making a table; 60s seems kinda hard.

    Then again, I’m not a paladin. Recasting all those Greater Blessings? Wipe after wipe? Ruh-roh.

  18. I guess I’ve been spoiled with my guild! Buff assignments are given out before raid begins and mages have tables out during buffs. I typically have 2-3 stacks of food and water on me at all times so if I miss the table I’m good enough to not have to bother anyone. If a mage however offers during the raid to conjure I pipe up that I would like some water as well.

    I don’t recall the last time I asked for food / water. /spoiled. XD
    .-= Kirei´s last blog ..Living in Both Worlds ~ Horde and Alliance =-.

  19. I always hate it when you see someone ‘/s Mage food’ or ‘/s Mage make table’. Aside from the fact they sound like Tarzan, it’s just plain rude. If I have to ask, I ask politely. As far as how much to take, I’ll usually take two stacks, unless I see that a couple of people are still loafing in Dalaran. Then I’ll take an extra stack so that I can give them to those people.

    Someone mentioned buffing when people are out of range — I wait, and it drives me nuts when you get someone saying ‘Hey can I get Wisdom please?’ or ‘I need Wisdom’, especially because they never seem to hear me say ‘I’ll buff when everyone’s here’.
    .-= jeffo´s last blog ..Epics for Nothing =-.

  20. I actually try to make sure mages will keep me fed before they even join the guild.
    All mage applicants/recruits get a reply saying:
    I like strudels, can you plz make me some?
    .-= Wangari´s last blog ..Where have you been? Part 03 =-.

  21. “Table please” – repeat as needed.

    As a Protection paladin I can burn 2-3 cookies per time (1 res costs > 50% of my mana, fully buffing uses a mana bar, putting up righteous fury 25% of another), I take 80 cookies and end up with 20-40 at the end of the night (and I never take less because mages seldom are willing to put up two tables… ).

    Simple fact is, no cookies, no buffs. That is the role of a mage in the raid, to make cookies, portals and maybe some dps, if they are failing to make tables because of the costs then replace them (I kicked a 6k mage once for failing to make a table, he was not impressed, but the next mage made one instantly :P). Its a courtesy to make it, and if people are skimping hoping someone else will cast it they need to grow up and get on with it, Paladins sort buffs at the start, other classes can do the same easily.

    😛 Yes, mages are table machines, warlocks make summoning portals as needed, and I will buff your strange combination of buffs even if I need to check every 10 minutes :).
    .-= 2ndNin´s last blog ..On Saying I told you so =-.

  22. Hi !
    Like someone said above, I usually ask politely is there is a table availliable. I always carry enough food for myself so it’s just convenience. My boyfriend is a mage, and usually doesn’t need a remaining.

    But really, I don’t like people not buffing in raid. I play a hunter as my main and a resto druid, both 80 and raiding. I perfectly know that reagens take place in your bags but don’t tell me you didn’t bring enough, that’s lame. It’s wasting people’s time. I always carry 40 reagens with my druid. And I take some extra just in case for raid nights. And I use to buff my raid at the cemetary when rezzing in Wintergrasp. I’m usually the only one…

    For people complaining about the prices of reagents, I send them my ammo bill I have on my hunter every raiding night. They usually shut up afterward… That thing, ammo, takes room in my bags, is awfully expensive without a miner, the more I raid, the more I spend, whatever the number of wipes. And if I run short, I will be useless and get kicked from the raid for being stupid. Running out of ammo is the worst nightmare of all raiding hunter… I’ve never seen any paladin, mage, druid, priest or whatever being kicked for stupidity… Sometimes I wish.

    And about warlocks, those bloody shards need some farming before the raid, take a lot of room in their bags and are waisted every time you ask for a summon instead of leaving the AH earlier in order to be in front of the instance on time. Shards are for health and soul stones, and demons. Don’t be an ass wasting them.

    That’s something I find good in my guild : the raiding policy is “Be ready to pull at 9pm. No last minute summon at the stone or by a warlock. Be ready, don’t be a wasted load on the raid, or you can go farm.” Getting short in reagents during a raid is very bad and strongly blamed, like sleeping in voidzones…
    .-= Nefernet´s last blog ..Let’s frag some pyrite ! =-.

  23. Tubalcain says

    I didn’t realize the table would disappear based on how many stacks were taken. :O That being said, I still take 80. And for the late comers that ask for water I tell them to open trade. I’m usually always late because they end up saying “Got some thx.” Then after same mage ports us to Dal at the end I can’t even give the stuff away. I use /1 and /s with “free mage food open trade” and no one ever wants it. Oh well.

    As for buffs dear Lord yes it’s a pet peeve. There must be a pally quest to learn how to take 10 minutes for every pally to bless then another 10 to get them to bless correctly.

  24. I say, “May I please have some good eats?”

    All mages I have had the pleasure to run with have readily provided whenever asked. Maybe it’s because they realize its a part of what their character does….same as with a priest and their fort buffs, I always carry 5 stacks of reagents and my own food and water at the start of every raid. Better to be prepared and have it be a non-issue. Even though we always have a mage in our raids, I NEVER go to a raid assuming I can get my cookies and water from a mage. I gotta spend coin to have those annoying little reagents. But others, mages included, have to spend coin on reagents for the things they bring to a raid as well. Never had the issue come up of different classes ‘withholding’ or QQ-ing about sharing their buffs or food. I won’t waste my game play time on people like that.

    I guess, like a previous poster stated, I’m spoiled with my guild.

  25. @Magejuego: Druid gotw regent costs 60s. Either way it’s not a big deal.

    Our mages are pretty bad about this, Arcane Briliance is always the last buff to go up and it annoys me.

    Personally, I use an addon called ZOMGbuffs, it lets me bind a key and as soon as everyone is in range I just spam that key to buff everyone, and it does my self buffs too, and autoswitches to single buffs in BG’s. If you’re bad about buffing, get this addon. 🙂

  26. Rivellana says

    I call them…hot pockets, cause that’s what the image looks like. 😛

    Seriously though, usually a table is dropped in raids I go to without having to ask for it, if I somehow miss the table I ask in vent if I missed it and usually that’s all it takes for a mage to start conjuring a new one or for someone to open a trade and stick some hot pockets in it for me.

    Agreed on the taking 80 biscuits from a table though…I always do because the stragglers usually ask for them and it’s not a big deal for me to give them some of mine since I won’t use them all.

    Of course, I also expect that people who can buff or give something to the raid WILL do it and it’s irritating to have to ask. Having a priest and a druid, I carry around tons of reagents and use them frequently, I stick on a 30 minute buff if someone dies mid-fight and only hold out on rebuffing them the expensive buff if I know it’ll only be trash before the boss, then rebuff the entire group before the boss. That’s part of my job, just like battle rezzing (thank goodness for the minor glyph – no reagents!).

  27. Yeah, it’s gotten to the point where I get, “Uh… whatever, here you go”. So I don’t ask anymore and just bring my own stuff. I don’t consume a whole stack anyways.
    .-= Bacon´s last blog ..And done =-.

  28. dejablue says

    My pet peeve is when classes with pets wait until after all the buffs have been done then summon up the pet and ask for buffs for it.

  29. On buffing:

    When there are multiples available of someone’s class, it can become a game of chicken to see who will actually buff and waste the reagents. I find that I need huuuuge stacks of spineleaf for our raids, because I consistently lose this game. It’s particularly bad if I need to switch specs often, because it scrubs the buff. I average 40 spineleaf used, sometimes more if people are lazy and run back slow or die on trash.

    I also find whining over missing buffs on trash incredibly annoying. Also, often someone starts the whine for buffs before a boss pull before all players are in range. These sorts of things run a high reagent bill.

    On mage biscuits: I think it’s silly to put the tables out before everyone’s there and ready. I’m usually making flasks and potions in the moments before the pull, so it’s rare that I actually get biscuits unless I ask–which I now know annoys Matt! I usually have enough pieces of my own food to get me through.

  30. Thought of changing my mages’ name to Brita quite a few times……

    Our guild calls mana struedels Mana Crack… we pretty much call out in raid chat, “Hey, can any mages spare some mana crack?”. It gets a laugh from the newbies and a table appears.

  31. smeegoan says

    ok, my main is a raiding holy / disc priest, and my alt is… A MAGE!!!

    now before boss pulls, especially things like vezax I have the tank bubbled hotted and pom’ed. if I’m waiting on people to click ready… its repeat those and drink after. so yes, I really can go through 80

    maybe its obsessive but i’m a top guild and meh.

    I take 100 candles and often burn through much of that, someone dies bam three buffs up, fort spirit and shadow. = 3x candles. yes there are other priests and we split it up, but sometimes someone will die get a brez,a nd meh we all buff it.

    make with the bisquits vending machine, its cheap compared to priest buffs, and it saves us some cash. nothing pisses me off more than having to use tea because we have three mages in raid and none feel like dropping a table without being asked.

    and no I don’t drop them on my mage in bg’s maybe in my first AV of the day or something like that, meh did my part.

  32. I poke my husband in the side like he is a pez dispenser and expect strudel to be handed back…Hey I married a mage for food and ports 😉

    I take the full 80 and give them out to anyone who shows up late or afks out while we send out invites.

    That said be nice to your mages and of course make sure they are nice in return. (I was forced to say that by the Gnome Mages United group…)
    .-= Lenelie´s last blog ..How would you handle a meters chaser? =-.

  33. I always carry 100 Arcane Powders on me, and have it on auto buy whenever I go to a reagent vendor. Dropping tables or Buffing isn’t an issue for me.

    I normally waste Arcane Powders anyways overwriting the other Mage’s Arcane Brilliance with my Dalaran Brilliance anyways.

    For us, our Mages won’t drop a table until we start clearing, and we start clearing when we think there is enough in the instance. Dropping 2 or 3 tables before getting to the first boss isn’t uncommon for me.

    The raid members usually all grab a maximum amount of biscuits even though they won’t use it, and will trade them to players coming in late.

    As a Mage, I instantly trade 2 stacks of biscuits to anyone who ever opens trade with me.
    .-= Tuna´s last blog ..PTR Patch 3.2 – Frost Mages Get Mortal Strike and More Haste =-.

  34. I usually end up with most of my biccys left after a raid. During progression attempts we get a fish, so that is one less biccy you need to eat, and the Ulduar trash pulls very rarely require us to stop and mana up.
    .-= Zahrah´s last blog ..Throwing every toon in. =-.

  35. In my time as raidleading the best way to get things done was call people by name.

    Instead of: “can a warlock make a summoningstone” I said something like “Darkdemoncommander can you make a summoningstone?”

    This yielded results much faster. Ofcourse I tried to not ask someon twice in a row and everytime ask another.

    We haven’t had much problems with table but moreso with intellect buff.
    Sooooooo when the mages couldn’t decide amongst themselves who buffed intellect when, I appointed 1 for the entire evening. And another 1 the next day.
    A week later they sorted things 😛

  36. @DocHoliday

    As a priest I must say I’m shocked by your comment that priests are the worst buffers in bgs. In my experiences I’d say a good 75% of the time I’m usually the only priest in a bg (maybe not so much so since I’ve turned 80…maybe decrease that percentage to 50%) or there’s like 5 of us. I know I buff at the beginning (and when I can throughout) and with multiple priests, I just find it hard to believe that we’re “stingy” buffers. The only time I get irate about buffing is when a 19 twink comes up to me and hounds me for my buff. Go buy some of the Rumsey Rum I put up on the AH and leave me alone.

    Personally I’d say mages are the worst.

    Back to the topic at hand, I sometimes think I’m just too polite to play WoW, haha. I always carry no less than 2 stacks of my own water, because I know mages are so horrible at buffing I always have a stack of Int scrolls, and I’d never stop and ask a mage to conjure water for me. Maybe it’s not a polite thing, maybe it’s just that I’ve learned to not count on mages, haha. Anyway, a table or feast of any kind never goes unthanked and is always really appreciated, but I NEVER expect it or ask for it.

  37. Dharmabhum says

    As a priest, I think I’m one of the best at buffing in BGs. You’ll never catch yourself in at the start of a BG in which I’m present without all three priest buffs. What gets me sometimes is that we’re all waiting for the gates to open to zerg and lose when someone says “priest bufs plz” when the raid’s half full and there’s a minute to go before the battle starts. Yea, devout candles aren’t too expensive but they add up pretty damn quick, so I remedy that by waiting to about 20 seconds to go before BG start to buff everyone: by that time the raid should be pretty full and you’ll regen that health quickly before you ever see combat.

    Aside, my favorite part of being a priest is Fortitude. I absolutely love that Prayer of Fort is raid-wide and I use it often in BGs like AV. I have a few friends at a GY rezzing with me? At least Fort goes up. I’m running up to a large combat zone where there’s 20 people fighting? Yea, you’ll catch Prayer of Fort going up, even when it does put me in combat and I can’t drink again 🙂

    <3 buffs… quit being stingy!

  38. I do not ask them. It is their job and their pleasure to serve me whatever I need to pursue my divine purpose to bring justice to infidels, heal the wounded and just to allow them to bask in my divine presence. This is not only true for my Paladin, but also for my Warlock, who represents everything what Mages could have become. They chose to become waiters and taxi services, it was their fault.

    I am humble and generous, so I will overlook their fault and wait somewhat, to give them a chance to recognize the err of their ways and to atone for their sins.

    For reasons I cannot understand some wretched Mages refused to serve me, which saddened me, as they are beyond redemption. 🙁

  39. Lilivati says

    I take 80 biscuits…this is because I give away stacks to “that guy” when we’re about to pull and he’s like “uhh…table?” so the mages don’t stab him to death with their ornamental daggers. 😉

  40. “now before boss pulls, especially things like vezax I have the tank bubbled hotted and pom’ed. if I’m waiting on people to click ready… its repeat those and drink after. so yes, I really can go through 80

    maybe its obsessive but i’m a top guild and meh.”

    THIS! As a paladin, I get a buff from casting my Holy Light, so I make sure it’s up when the tank pulls. and I don’t want to be down mana, since I’m always asking for innervate anyways (I’m not at top-teared gear, and I haven’t been raiding since the beginning of time, so I haven’t perfected my class/rotation/etc)

    However, my first 60 in vanilla was a mage, my first 70 in bc was a mage, and my first 80 (in 7 days!) was a mage, and without doubt my first 90 will be a mage.

    No one who reads Matticus will ever reply that they DEMAND mage water. Why? Because people who are observant, absorbent, and rational enough to read a blog about guild leading have already learned – don’t piss off the mage.

    An old raid lead of mine was a paladin who would always ask very kindly for water, either over vent (where he used an adorable accent and called me ‘senorita’ often) or through whisper (where we had a little roleplay scene for a short time while I conjured a few more waters).

    However, our raid was very casual and back then we didn’t have tables, so I got tired of the “why don’t I have water?” and “everyone’s buffed all we need is water” even though I had already spammed raid with “open trade if you need water” a thousand times.

    When two other mages were recruited, I never did ANY conjuring. I was good friend with both and we were always summoned and ready before anyone else, so I had them conjure all the water and trade some to me – then I would help distribute it (IE “you take group 1 I get group 2” style)… It was more gratifying this way – AND the other mages soon felt the same way I did.

    I had amassed a small army of mages who would spam in /raid, “If you want water, I have to see a post on the mage forums asking for a soulwell for water.”

    I guess it worked.

    Haven’t ever handed out single waters to nonguildies since, even when someone has asked for it. Never. Ever. Will.

  41. I’m usually one of the first in the raid instance and will summon a table as soon as at least half the raid is there. That way, by the time the stragglers show up or the really late people get summoned, it’s off cooldown and I can summon a new one (this also allows every person to take as much as they can). This is mostly because I hate single-conjuring and because I’ve spent enough time as the only mage in even a 25man. The cost is laughable usually, so I don’t mind summoning a table at any time, as long as it’s off cooldown. Same goes for buffing. If I or anyone else needs AI, then the whole raid gets AB, even if it’s only 1 person asking. Just makes it easier, because we all know if you single buff 1 person, 3 more will pipe-up right after you do (it also helps that 1 AB covers the whole raid now). BG’s are a little different. If everyone leaves me alone or someone asks nicely, then I will summon the table. For the most part though, I usually get several rude demands for a table as soon as I enter a BG. This usually results in me single-conjuring myself and friends biscuits, then lots of emotes about how great it is to be fully stocked on them. 😛

  42. We tend to have buffs casts multiple times, because we all like to make sure that everyone is set. The regents aren’t prohibitively expensive, and I find it much easier to just buff everyone, even if most people already have fortitude or spirit.
    .-= Robbie´s last blog ..Coming Soon… =-.

  43. Since the cost issue was raised, how about asking why there’s no glyph to get rid of the material component for buffs? They can do it for ‘levitate’ and ‘slow fall’ – why not for the ones that matter?

  44. I just don’t ask. I realize it is their materials, and if they make a table, it’s from their earned reagents (granted i think it’s just common courtesy and etiquette to provide everything possible in order to provide a better raiding environment) and that i can just as well buy and consume my own drink if needed. However, providing food and providing a buff I consider to be completely different cases. If you have the reagent to buff, then buff, I mean, the reagent is there so you CAN use the buff, and while people don’t always use the food, a person will Always benefit from a buff. I don’t tend to get on mages about buffs cause hey, I’ll live without 60 intellect, but pallies that refuse to buff just infuriate me, because thier buffs are so valuable to the raiding environment. It’s annoying to have to tell a group of 4 pallies, that at least ONE of them should give the healers wisdom, it’s almost as if they want us to oom and the raid wipe.

    But, it’s just my opinion, (and I’m a priest who always gives his buffs out, no questions asked ;3 )


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