How Did Your Guild Start?

I suspect many of you joined your guild way after it was formed. There’s probably some of you that were there from the beginning. A rare number of you were the ones who actually started it.

To those of you in the first category, have you ever wondered how it all began? Was your GM just bored one day and decided to go with it? Did he get kicked to the curb and wanted to start his own group? Was she pissed off at the way things were run and said “Enough is enough”?

Oh, and is there a story behind the guild name?

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  1. Back in Everquest I was a member of a guild, it was a good group of folks but the majority of them were planning to play EQ2, and I wanted to play wow. I had another group of friends who were running a server and playing a weekly scripted game of D&D via Neverwinter Nights. A good number of those folk were looking to play wow as well. So we took some from the EQ side, and some from the D&D side and we had a guild!
    Our name Amicus Fidelis, was taken from the EQ guild name. It was Amicus Aeternus, or friends forever. Our name means Faithful Friends. 
    We were formed the day WoW started,  almost all of the founding members had stopped playing wow, or gave up gaming altogether.However  we got lucky and met some really awesome people. We rebounded and grew into a pretty large guild for a while. Now we are kind of a guild without a home, not many play WoW and most are looking for the next big game. 

  2. Queldan says:

    I had the luck and honor to found a guild during BC. Our leitmotiv was to allow slower progress that did not require much in the way of commitement (i.e. allow for a very busy profesionnal life): 2 raid nights, on friday and saturday.
    Go On was the name of a guild our GM was on in another game. When he “quit’ without bothering to hand over the reigns, we planned a switch to a new guild at the start of WotLK, “Knights of Cruxis” which was basically a tribute to Tales of Symphonia (we used the tree symbol, and pretended it to be Yggdrassil).
    Funny when you think about it – nobody thinks about what the name means anymore, and it almost grew a meaning of its own…

  3. Elunamakata says:

    After becoming restless with our previous guild, (of which my spouse was the GM), we decided to server transfer to be on the same server with friends, though my spouse joined a progressive guild on the server…when Cataclysm was announced, the guild folded.  Since we couldn’t find a guild that suited our raiding needs (progressive without raiding 4 to 5 hours a night) and also raided when we could be online (after 8pm central time) we decided to form our own guild again.  After nearly all of cataclysm, I became the guild master.  We started out as the Cake Eaters…with it being a mighty ducks reference…many people didn’t get it (I guess we’re “old”).  We had been using the gingerbread man for our guild tabbard icon for a bit already, so when guild name changes came out we took  suggestions to a new name, ultimately Angry Gingers became our name, it is technically after the gingerbread icon, which looks perpetually angry and partially because we knew it would be funny.

  4. My husband and I started a guild in vanilla WoW solely to escape guild invite spam. Two friends joined for the same reason and we filled in the rest of the charter with trial accounts. That’s all we expected, but over time friends of friends trickled in, from Southern California to Canada. The guild remained tiny, never exceeding about twelve active members, but as Blizzard tweaked their game design eventually it was enough to try a raid. I’ll never forget the magic and excitement of setting foot in Karazhan for the first time, where we never expected to be. Years later we’re still here, still tiny, still raiding as best we can, still surprised and grateful that a “leave us alone” start grew into such real, enduring friendships.As for Seekers of Ou Shai Nie – the name had its origins in a friend who squealed, “Oooh, shiny!” at every loot drop… 

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