Hey Everyone! Look at the new guy!!

Don’t recognize the new name being tossed around the site, do ya?  I hope it doesn’t scare you.  All will be well.  I’m going take a minute to get you acquainted with that sexy bald dwarf you’ll be hearing from more often.

Hopefully, you’ve started to become familiar with some of my guest posts here, here, here, and here. 

Well, Matticus finally decided that he was tired of me sending him post after post after post and actually gave me this little promotion.  Boy, what a mistake that was!  Mwa-ha-ha!  (Just kidding, Matt.)

Why I’m Here

I’m here because I have a profound passion for this game, and I really like to blog about it.  Namely, the community, the escape, and everything the game has to offer.  I try to remain versatile and familiar with all aspects of the game.  I raid, arena, BG, whore myself out for acheivements, and anything else I can do with good people.

I play two 80s right now.  A feral tank and 2nd shaman are in the leveling mix.

My Dwarf Priest, Thespius, is specced Discipline.  I can proudly tout myself as one of the members of Lodur’s elite healing team in Unpossible on the Zul’jin server.  He and I have found an awesome synergy and work really well together when it comes to big green numbers.

My other 80 is a Draenei Shaman I play on the Nazjatar realm.  It’s my casual toon that I play with some RL friends.  My brother plays over there as well.

My Gaming History

I used to always be a console gamer.  NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Sega CD (yes, I owned it), N64, Playstation, PS2, Xbox, and now Xbox 360.  Some of my favorite games of all time are still Legend of Zelda (all the titles on NES and SNES, but I could never get into the N64 series), NBA Jam (Sega Genesis), and Final Fantasy VII.  I can still play those games for hours on end.

In 2003, some friends roped me into buying Star Wars: Galaxies when it launched that summer.  My first MMO.  For those that remember the game, I did the whole holo-grind, the 32-ish profession grind that lead to unlocking my Jedi.  The most fun I had in game wasn’t necessarily the game itself but the people I was gaming with.  MMO seemed like a fun genre.

My brother tried to get me into WoW just after it launched, but I was so into my Jedi grind in SWG that I couldn’t make the switch.  It wasn’t until the fall of 2006 that I started my warlock, Thespius.  I’ve been hooked ever since.

My History

Without boring you guys TOO much, I’ll just go over the basics. 

I live in Chicago, IL.  I was born and raised in the area.  It’s home and I love it.  My undergraduate degree is in Acting Performance, and I pursued a full-time acting career for the past 6 years.  After a fairly successful run (mix in some odd jobs to make ends meet), I’ve decided the whole “starving artist” archetype wasn’t what I wanted for the rest of my life.  I still perform around the city in my spare time, and I also pursue a small voiceover career on the side.

The goal from here?  I’m in graduate school for Secondary Education in English.  I’m open to the idea of eventually working up to a professorship at a university, but we’ll see.  Other than that, I’m just enjoying life.  I’m excited to see where my love of WoW takes me.


Twitter: @Thespius       Email: elder.thespius@gmail.com

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  1. Welcome Thespius! I’ve enjoyed your guest posts and I’m glad to see you’re part of the team.
    .-= Frijona´s last blog ..Clever Clicks: New Title, Still Tasty =-.

  2. Welcome! You’re off to a great start!
    .-= jeffo´s last blog ..Know-It-All Man =-.

  3. Not one but TWO Dwarves!
    .-= Matticus´s last blog ..Hey Everyone! Look at the new guy!! =-.

  4. Don’t mind if I’m like a bull in a china shop for a little bit. I’m still knockin’ around and figuring out what all these fancy buttons do! I almost posted my next post while it was still just a draft! LoL

  5. Always love seeing ‘new’ folks.

    Isn’t two dwarves just a little OP?
    .-= Adgamorix´s last blog ..What’s in a UI? =-.

  6. Hey Thespius! I’m a pretty new reader (because I’m a pretty new healer) but I’ve enjoyed your posts so far. Congratulations on your blogger promotion!

    And where’s the holy pally love… hmm?! I see shamans and druids and priests, oh my!
    .-= Rhii´s last blog ..A Fail told by an Idiot, full of Fail and more Fail, signifying FAIL. =-.

  7. two dwarves (soon to be three once race changes go live!)

    Welcome thespius not only to my healing team in game, but the site as well. Looking forward to seeing everything you have in store for us!

  8. @Rhii holy pally’s are an elusive bunch. They are easily frightened and hard to capture… lol

  9. That’s fantastic, Thespius. Matt runs a good show here (and was even nice enough to let me guest post a few times), so to be considered good enough to be a main part of the team is high praise indeed.

    I look forward to your stuff. Your “Be a Healer by Nature” post is actually what inspired my most recent WoM guest post: “Why Play a Healer?”

    Again, congrats!
    .-= Professor Beej´s last blog ..Dollhouse’s Main Weakness =-.

  10. Welcome on board! Looking forward to reading more of your articles 🙂
    .-= We Fly Spitfires´s last blog ..MMORPGs – The Hollywood Blockbusters Of Gaming =-.

  11. From one WoW-playing, priest-tooned English teacher (Head of English, actually) to another budding Wow-playing, priest-tooned English teacher…

    …I look forward to reading more of your well-crafted, grammatically correct posts 🙂

  12. How many WoW playing English teachers are a part of this community? Dboy, Thespius, and me…And two of us being college-level?

    .-= Professor Beej´s last blog ..Dollhouse’s Main Weakness =-.

  13. @Lodur
    “holy pally’s are an elusive bunch. They are easily frightened and hard to capture… lol”;)

    Hah! We’re too busy saving tanks to write!
    .-= jeffo´s last blog ..Know-It-All Man =-.

  14. @jeffo

    Now that I can buy! 😀
    .-= Rhii´s last blog ..Myrhani the Hallowed =-.

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