Help! Need Your Resources and Links!

I’ve been asked by my overlords to compile a large list of resources and links for WoW players. The internet is just too damn large. There’s new blogs starting everyday and sites being abandoned or taken down almost weekly. It’s a little bit much even for me.

So I’m requesting reinforcements!

Blogs.  These are typically sorted by class. But I know there’s a few that write about more than one class. For example, although Restokin closely identifies with druids of the resto and balance variety, there’s some advice on other classes. The stipulation though is that the blog must continue to be active and predominantly about WoW. Last updated 2011 doesn’t count. I won’t care if there’s stuff about the occasional League of Legends frustrations but it’s meant to be list of WoW resources. Even non-class specific stuff for gold and transmog would be welcome as I don’t know much about those either.

Strategy sites. Sites like Learn 2 Raid, Icy Veins, and Tankspot would fit nicely here. I’m sure there’s others out there.

Podcasts. I don’t listen to any podcasts at all. I’ve never gotten used to that medium. I like being able to read, scan, and skim. Can’t really do that with podcasts and I find that I have to listen to a bunch of stuff I have no interest in (such as hunter changes) before we get to the good stuff (raid and healing). However, if you have any favourites, please send them my way.

General news. This one’s more or less locked down. MMO Champion, WoWHead news, and Curse are the big ones.

Others. Character development tools are cool (WoW Reforge, Ask Mr Robot). General recruiting sites or forums. Guild tools. Basically anything that’s WoW related that might not fit other sections. I can create a second category for them.

Anyway, I’d greatly appreciate any resources you can provide. Feel free to comment below or email me as well.

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  1. Elunamakata says:

    We try to represent all healing classes at also general guild and raid information. We try to help new players and we also direct healers to other resources for things we don’t write. (Like class guides and gear lists)

  2. I write the gold blog The Golden Crusade over at http://xsinthis.netI'd also recommend for gold podcast Auction House Junkies (

  3. – server specific auction house database, REALLY powerful – gold making “goblin” blog – tells you if its worth it right now on your realm to prospect that ore or not – Addons – PVP – Realm based gear checker – Raid ranking site – old but fun and maintained census site – Monk blog – another Monk blog – Mistweaver spreadsheet – Mage blog – Shaman blog – Hunter pets – Hunter blog – Warlock blog – Warlock blogI assume you know all the Priest blogs already – HowtoPriest, Tales of a Priest and such.

  4. Hope this helps:

  5. MMOMeltingPot says:

    You may not be aware of this – a surprising amount of people aren’t – but the MMO Melting Pot curates an extensive selection of guides too, at and Notably, our Quick-Start guides for every patch, spec and class seem to help a lot of people out.

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