Hello to wow.com!

I am no longer a contributing editor to WoW Insider. We’ve changed to WoW dot com! You can now find us over at wow.com (which is 7 characters shorter to type, I might add). I’ll still be anchoring Spiritual Guidance and Raid Rx (when the ideas come).

I received a lot of private questions about this and I wanted to get a post out about it quickly to help alleviate the strain of my inbox and Twitter DMs.

What exactly is wow.com?

It’s your same news and opinion blog coupled with some extra features. One of the biggest things is that it comes with souped up user accounts. Think of it as WoW Insider meets social networking. You can attach characters to your accounts. You can have your own wow.com blogs. There’s also an addon that you can download which tracks your activities in game so that you can share with everyone else who might be curious. There’s a nifty feature where screenshots you take in game can be uploaded for display on to wow.com as well.

Remember, it’s still in beta. There’s still more features coming.

Why can’t the Europeans get in on this? Do you hate us?

No. It was stated earlier in the introduction post and later on again that European support is on the way. Put it this way. Let the US server guys bust their ass and break things so that you get a better experience when it’s ready.

How did you guys get wow.com? Isn’t it Blizzards?

From what I understand of the story, the address wow.com was purchased by AOL many millennial ago during the War of the Ancients well before the events of World of Warcraft. They’ve had it for a long time even before World of Warcraft even came out. It wasn’t until recently that it was decided what it should be used for.

Why do I have to use an AOL login? I don’t want to

WoW Insider is owned by AOL Inc. It made sense to utilize AOL accounts. Facebook support is also there. Are there intentions to branch out and expand with other login types like Open ID? I have no idea. If you’re vehemently opposed to AOL or AIM or Facebook and don’t want to use it for whatever reason, you don’t have to. You can still access the news and posts that you would normally get but will not be able to set up profiles and such.

If you’ve noticed, the real estate of the posts themselves have actually increased widthwise. I find that much more easier reading.

What’s your WoW Profile?

I reserved the user name of matticus. You can also find Lodur there as well.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up Matt – managed to reserve my own name as well…now if I can just become as (in)famous.

    Adgamorixs last blog post..Gimmick free Vezack

  2. /stalk ?

    Valkures last blog post..Wow-armory fail!


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