Healing Naxxramas – Patchwerk (10 man)

Healing Naxxramas – Patchwerk (10 man)


Post is about the beta raid and is subject to change at any time. Changelog at the bottom.

Patchwerk is one tough Abomination. You won’t have to worry about raid damage. Your main focus is going to be on the main tank and the off tank. Do a quick check of everyone’s health totals. Make sure your MT and OT have the largest and 2nd largest health pools respectively.

Upon first pull, Patchwerk will latch on to the first person who gains threat on him and stay on him for the duration of the encounter. He does a Heroic Strike attack which will hit your OT for about ~7000 damage. Important: The OT is determined to be the player with the most health after the person with Aggro.

Therefore, if necessary, tell players to click off Power Word: Fortitude (like Death Knights).

There’s also a river of slime nearby. If you jump into it, you can knock off about 50% of your health instantly. Use at your own risk.

Patchwerk has a rough enrage timer of around 5 minutes. Have your tank blow Shield Wall around 15 – 20%. If you’re specced for Guardian Spirit, use it the moment Shield Wall expires.


Tough, tough, and really tough. You’ll be working your stopcasting here often. Holy Priest on the MT, Resto Shaman on the OT, Paladin with Beacon of Light on one tank and healing the other to cover the bases. Flash Heal for maintenance healing. When your tank drops to 60% or less, queue up a Greater Heal and keep your finger triggered on the stopcast button. If someone else catches him, hit it. If not, let it go.

I want to emphasize that the raid should not be taking much (if any) damage at all.

Bust out the Hymn of Hope early on while eyeing your group. Make sure all the mana users can get the most out of it. When you get low again, bust out the Shadowfiend. Your last line of defense is the Runic Mana Potion.

I did this fight with about 477 MP5 while not casting. I felt a lot of pressure towards the end. However, I did this with blue PvP gear. We should theoretically have an easier time with the various PvE gear we’ll get access to.

spirit-deathWhen you kill him…

See the green slimes above in the screenshot I posted? Those mobs aren’t targettable via mouse. However, if you get in close range of them, you will explode pretty horribly.

Don’t understand? Think of it as a mini-Frogger.

So when you do get him down, don’t forget to sidestep those oozes or else you’ll end up like Matticus with a faceplant on solid concrete.


9/24/08 – Original post

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  1. Suggestion: Adjust your strat so it’s helpful for groups regardless of the class of their MT. 😉

    Oh, and Paladin’s can Shield Wall as well now.

    honorshammers last blog post..Beer Me

  2. I love this! It’s old school Naxx with the “have your tank blow their shield wall”. Nice! This should be on wowwiki, along with the ‘you should have a well geared tank who has specced some in protection in it”.


    Kals last blog post..[Druid]The awesome: Beta part 2

  3. Hey you two, don’t forget I’ve only run it a few times. I can’t exactly pick the tanks I get to run with. This isn’t exactly the kind of strat you’re going to find on Bosskillers or WoWWiki. I expect those to be more in depth. This is just a quick headsup on Naxx bosses from my perspective as a healer. I’m not fluent in the abilities of all tanks. So when I say pop a Shield Wall, use whatever class skill equals the intention of what Shield Wall is trying to do (In other words, use your oh crap ability to buy more time).

    And Kal, I don’t know if that’s sarcasm in there or not, but even now I’ve played with tanks who forget to use their Shield Wall, or Last Stand or whatever it is that tanks use to stay alive. It’s a simple polite reminder. I don’t contribute to WoWWiki or Bosskillers and I have no intention of doing so. What’s painfully obvious to some players may not be so painfully obvious to others.

    I’ve seen Shamans blow their Heroism at 5% only making use of 10 seconds of the 40 seconds of said Heroism. I’ve seen trinkets and cooldowns used too early or used too late. So yes, using Shield Wall is really obvious, what might not be so obvious is the optimum time to use it in conjunction with the abilities of others.

    Don’t expect this page to be a final revision.

  4. Thanks! I’ve been watching your posted on raiding as I am about to flip my shadow priest to heals and wanted to get an idea of what I will be in for in the expansion. 🙂

  5. No, Matticus, I was speaking more to the notion that your tanks should blow shield wall.

    Because, you know, all tanks have shield wall, since all tanks are warriors.

    It reads a lot like the old bosskillers/wowwiki strat guide, which went with the obvious assumption that your tank is a warrior. Because what else would you possibly bring?

    It just read very poorly to this non-warrior tank, who has seen too much prejudice against anyone who isn’t a warrior tank in their time playing. If you meant ‘blow your ohshit cooldowns’, say that then. That you used specific spells and classes for healing and tanking implied to me that you were being very specific about who you should bring and why. If that’s not the case, I apologize – but that was exactly what I took from it, and it sounds like HH did as well.

  6. Matt is posting his exp. at raiding as it happens. At least thats what I think his first post on the subject said. I could go look but I’m lazy 🙂 And I think that is where the confusion lies. I could be wrong, it happens enough to be a risk 😉

  7. @Kal: I listed and used specific spells and classes because those were the classes and spells I happened to have in that raid. Don’t expect this to be the last update. I’ll be updating these as I go along. They’re more of boss notes and cheat sheets than actual boss strategies. I haven’t done Naxx with a Pally tank. I haven’t done Naxx with a Resto Druid. I can’t BEGIN to list the spells and abilities they SHOULD use because I don’t KNOW what they should be using. If I haven’t played with them, I’m not going to know, pure and simple.

    I did a search for Naxx strategies. The only ones I could find were on WoWWiki and Bosskillers which were all 40 mans. I wasn’t able to find a single thing on 10s or 25s so I figured I’d publish my experience and my results for other beta players to benefit from. I apologize if it seems like I’m being “classist”. I know not all tanks have Shield Wall but I DO assume that all tanks have Shield Wall-like abilities.

    Heck, I don’t even list what DPS and casters should be doing. This is a simple boss outline of abilities I’m aware of and what healers can do to counteract them. That’s it. If you’re expecting more than that, then you might be better off waiting for the WoWWiki or Bosskillers rendition.

  8. Kal. Seriously, if someone needs to have healing strategies spelled out for every class, determined upon by what tank you have, then they shouldn’t be playing this already easy game.

    Mallet is right, there isn’t much data on 10 man / 25 man naxx thats available, because most people can’t get too far with their premades. So don’t bash him because he is giving his experiences, and can only do so in a limited view.

    Stop being so butthurt because you are a bear and they had a warrior / warrior.

    Ayliis last blog post..Stopcasting Keybind

  9. Kal. Seriously, if someone needs to have healing strategies spelled out for every class, determined upon by what tank you have, then they shouldn’t be playing this already easy game.

    I guess Matt shouldn’t be posting the strategies then? Seeing as it’s so easy.

    Stop being so butthurt because you are a bear and they had a warrior / warrior.

    That’s probably fair. I’ve seen this specific prejudice with Matt before though, but you’re right. His experiences should not color my judgment of who can and can’t tank this guy.

    I’d personally prefer articles around what you actually used, and not in the format of ‘use a priest for MT heals, resto shaman for OT heals”. It comes across as specifying. As HH said, making it either generic or making it more clear that you’re describing what you did that worked would make it work better, IMO.

    Kals last blog post..[Druid]The awesome: Beta part 2

  10. Oh man I totally forgot about playing Frogger to get to the next area. So many funny memories… Blink ftw for that part!

  11. -I guess Matt shouldn’t be posting the strategies then? Seeing as it’s so easy.-
    Touché, he would be out of business if he didn’t have people needing the blog.

    -use a priest for MT heals, resto shaman for OT heals-
    I agree, he could of worded it better, and described it better, but the problem with our little mallet is he is a dwarf, and they are always drunk. 🙂

  12. I feel like I need to be here to take some heat off Matt…

    Go Warriors!

    …but seriously, it’s a healing site. He’s focusing on an overview of how to heal it with a small recommendation to how a tank can potentially aid in the encounter. I think we can forgive him for not listing every “oh shit” button of all 4 tanking classes. He never once said, “Warrior Required” or “Don’t take Druids”… so let’s cut him some slack. It’s a great piece for healers, the audience it was intended for.

    Veneretios last blog post..Will the Crushing Blow Myths Finally End?

  13. As someone who has a 10-man group (Kara and ZA cleaned out, no other raiding) I found this an interesting and helpful starting point for my WotLK planning. I didn’t read it as “you must have a warrior” but rather “you will need two tanks with really big health pools, and three healers, and this fight is tough on the healers”.

  14. I can understand what Matt is saying just fine and I’m a Tank being Neither Warrior or Druid. This is a Healing site not a Tank site for strats. However whatever is learned is beneficial to anyone that can read stuff in between the lines just being sensible enough.

    Galohearts last blog post..Guild Crap!

  15. Obviously Kal is one of those guys that needs stuff spelled out EXACTLY for him like the other eleventeen billion noobs in the game. When X happens, press Y. When Z happens, press A. He’s unable to understand that all the classes have X, Y, Z, and A buttons, they’re just different names.

    What a dummy.

  16. All single encounter tanks should be warriors IMO warriors are the best threat generators 1v1, I view pallies as aoe tanks and personally druids should be healing because they are the best HoT healers IMO

  17. This healing site is a gold mine. Well, not literally, I’m not using a pick axe on it to get monies… but it’s very useful.

    Keep up the good work.

  18. “All single encounter tanks should be warriors IMO warriors are the best threat generators 1v1”

    Not really true, druids can push out as much threat as a warrior, but even with the 30% hp increse talent warriors still have so many more oh-shit buttons than a druid, which is main reason, shield wall has saved me countless times if 1 or 2 healers has gone oom in the end of a battle or taking care of a weak enrage boss.

    Also with the new shield block we can 25% of the time get 2k block value and 100% block chanse, and with 30% of blocks blocking double it’s a really nice dmg reduce.

  19. Great guide, thanks for the info. Don’t worry about the bs people spout, I understood what you were saying didn’t think you were being a “classist” at all. Again thanks and this has been added to my favorites, for future reviewing.

  20. sQQueek - Arygos says

    Great guide, kudos for writing it.

    As a mage, I picked up a lot of little bits I didn’t know (like the health aggro) and can’t wait for our next run at him this Friday!

    And to anyone who can’t read between the lines of what is being recommended by the poster to apply it to yourself, please stop raiding and leading pugs. Stick with farming and the AH because I hate repair bills.

    QQ Kachoo

  21. When people read advice/strats for a given encounter, it is rarely specifically for their class. We all need to translate certain things into our own class/spec’s language. Shield wall at ___% tends to imply the tank will be faced with an awkward situation at that point. Surely there is no reason to be politically correct. Lets try a politically correct translation for the softies.
    Have your tank blow Shield Wall around 15 – 20%
    —— becomes ——>
    Kindly request the equal-but-primary tank who is tanking for you to use their damage reduction abilities or trinkets, if any, when the boss’ health is within the interval [15%, 20%].

  22. Well, I am a resto druid. I love this site. I have my own way of healing so I just need an idea on what kind of heals to pop when so that I don’t go to a boss completely blind. I look at what kind of heal he suggests (even if it is a priest heal – I know what my equivalent is or what I have to do to get the same effect). I will prob go into the raid and do my own thing anyway but I am better prepared. Anyway great site guys.

  23. Mardou Fox says

    All Kai had to do was to say “agreed with HH” to convey his point. But he didn’t, to his detriment. Perhaps Kai would do better to read critically, and consider the context of Matt’s post before posting a reply.


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