Healing Naxxramas – Grobbulus (10 man)

Healing Naxxramas – Grobbulus (10 man)


Welcome to Grobbulus! You’’ll run into him right after Patchwerk in the Abomination wing. Once the room’s been cleared out, get ready to grab Grobby!


He puts a disease on players at random called Mutating Injection. It’s very important that it does not get dispelled! There’s a boss in Blood Furnace (the big floating Eye) that drops poison clouds all around the room. This boss also drops poison clouds. If the disease on you gets dispelled or if it wears off, then you drop a poison cloud.

Slime Spray is another ability of his which hits for a decent sized amount. Any players who are affected will spawn slimes. DPS needs to kill slimes when they spawn!

  • Poison Cloud: Deals a moderate amount of damage

So how do you handle it?


The Process

Tell your tank to pull Grobby in a clockwise direction. Don’t move him too fast. You don’t want to rush him around because it takes time for poison clouds to wear off.

Your DPS and healers will be standing in the middle and shooting outwards. Melee players will be standing behind Grobby as he is being tanked. Don’t forget to kill Slimes as they spawn!

If you get hit with a Mutating Injection, run and stay behind Grobbulus until it wears off. The main idea here is to keep the poison clouds on the exterior of the room thereby leaving the middle area relatively clean. Once diseased players are in a safe position, then all you need to do is Cleanse or Dispel them. The debuff will wear off and a poison cloud will expand where they were standing. Make sure they run back after the debuff wears off.



I suggest using a 2 healer on tank, 1 on raid setup. Grobbulus does not hit really hard and the damage should be manageable. The concern here is the amount of players absorbing AoE damage from Poison clouds. As long as they are alert and aware of where they are relative to the clouds, they should have no major issues.

Other Notes

Grobbulus’ abilities are Nature based. Consider using Aspect of the Wild or other Nature Resistance abilities (Totems?). I do not know how effective using the resist is but it could help the raid stay alive longer than normal and buy more time. I haven’t had a chance to test Nature Resist. But it isn’t a necessity.

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  1. Interesting read. I’ve never set foot in Naxx in either the old world nor the new so this is exciting stuff to read.

    Thanks, Matt.

  2. @Durnic: Glad you enjoyed it! I’ll most likely continue to update these boss pages as necessary. As I write them, I’ll eventually string them all together onto one page for easy access when people get to that stage.

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  3. Yggdrasil says:

    You indicate the poison clouds only do moderate damage, and recommend using 1 healer for the raid, so I take it a lone healer has little or no trouble keeping the rest of the raid alive? Are melee players stupidly difficult to maintain compared to casters?

    Assuming the tank crawls along in a fairly slow pace (i.e. walking backwards), was there a very large gap between them and the still persisting poison clouds?

  4. @Yggdrasil: Aye. One healer should have little trouble at all keeping the rest of the raid alive. You may have to adjust as necessary when there are Slimes. Consider having the 3rd healer bounce back and forth in between.

    In regards to the melee question and tanking question, I didn’t notice a very large gap (see the screenshots above). The melee players might put slightly more stress on since they’re going to be taking more damage than casters due to their proximity to poison clouds. It’s kind of like a stop and go fight. Tank boss. Boss farts. Move boss, stop. Boss farts. Move boss, stop. Boss farts. Move boss, stop.

    I wish I could give you the approximate yardage or distance that the tank moves but I can’t be the that detailed :(.

  5. This sounds like a one Tank Boss. Is that so?

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  6. Gluph strategy is actully the same posting u put on Grobblus when i click on it trows me to the wrong strategy plz fix thx keep up the good work.

  7. @Wildruid: I fail.

    Fixed! Thanks!

  8. I read your strat, and it sounds about right, my group had a few VERY large problems on this fight.

    First off, toward the end, the Injection comes super quick, now with this most of the healers are close to or out of mana.

    2nd big problem is the initial hit from the injection is HUGE, i also play a priest so i’m on dispell duty when their out of range and in the correct spot. i’ve also been throwing bubbles to mitigate damage.

    Now my questions are, One- Is our DPS too low? as i said most of the healers are out of mana and i myself was on raid healing and injection healing and its a huge mana drain especially around 30% its just way too quick.

    Should i stack Mp5 for this fight and just let the injection tick and toss a greater heal on the victim?

    any advice would be awesome, thanks in advance!

  9. @Galoheart : It’s wise to keep the second tank to pickup the slimes that will spawn, especially handy around 30% when you start to get a lot of spawns.

    @Yggdrasil : I tank him according to the green glow on the floor, everytime he does a mutating injection a green glow will appear under him aswel, I just move in such way that mele has room to dps and don’t stand in the glow (that is expanding) should be about 5-10 yards. by the end of the fight I’m almost always moving. slow but steady

    Tell everyone to go full out at about 30% to get him down asap, espacially when group is not geared it can be helpfull, if you have a shaman, thats the time to use heroism.

  10. We used a healer on maintank, a healer on the offtank and a raidhealer/switcher if either of the other two healers get the debuff. We have the offtank usually a pally handling the adds, I take it as you don’t mention tanking the adds I presume you allow these to roam free?

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  11. This is a VERY loose and basic summary of the fight. I HIGHLY recommend going to Wowwiki and reading their write up on Grobby. The basics are listed here.

    Healbot for a 25man is highly recommended.

    This is a relatively easy fight to comprehend – but as we all know strategy discussion and putting into practice are two VERY different things.

    9 minute timer to enrage. Upon enrage = 1000% increase in damage output.

    The healer should NOT be cleansing / dispelling the curse. It has a debuff timer and will release on its own. Even if the cast is instant, there is mana cost to consider – even if an insignificant amount of mana – why risk the cleanse before the player is in position. An expanding cloud in the wrong place spells DISASTER.

    DPS will be VERY slow in comparison to a Tank and Spank. In fact in my 10 man and 25 man experiences, Affliction Warlocks topped the DPS chart due to Instant cast DoTs (can be cast while running), and for the spells that take time to cast, Dark Pact can be used to steal mana from the Imp while repositioning so as to minimize “non-cast” time from repositioning.

    Very important to try and keep up every DoT possible on Grobby.

    Just my two cents. I would have copied and pasted the strategies from Wowwiki and just commented on the healer aspect of the fight.

  12. My 10-man nax team can now clear everything up to grobbulus with no problems. We just can’t seem to get him down though. Even before 30%, more like 40%, everything speeds up and people start dropping. I main heal the tank with my priest and the other two heal the raid. I know our problem is we aren’t winning the dps race and am wondering why. What is the best place to have offtank take adds and should all dps switch to adds or just ranged/melee?


  1. […] no trash needed to clear to him. The path is empty from the moment you kill Grobbulus. There’s a green tube (pipe) that you need to go through and when you exit it, you will be thrown […]

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