Healing Naxxramas – Gothik the Harvester (10 man)

Healing Naxxramas – Gothik the Harvester (10 man)


When you enter the room, half the raid goes to one side, and the other half stays. One room is deemed “live” (the one you enter) and the other room is deemed “undead” (the room on the right after the gate). Mobs that die on the live side respawn on the undead side. Ergo, you have to kill the mobs twice (their alive versions and their ghostly versions).

As the AoE healing Priest, I set up shop on the undead side with 4 other players. This resulted in 2 healers, a tank, and other DPS on the live side.

I suggest setting up Melee DPS on the Undead side and caster DPS on the live side.

You spend ~3 minutes killing the various waves coming in. After that time has passed, Gothik then teleports down to the live side (first room) and you can engage him. Then he switches to the other side and the undead group engages him. He keeps doing this back and forth. There are no waves for you to worry about at this point.

At 30%, the gates open and both groups can engage him without worry. He should go down without further difficulty.

Make sure the live side groups and the undead side groups are coordinating and communicating. Live side does not want to overwhelm the undead side!

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  1. Query: Presumably you want your most solid healer running solo on one side or the other. Are there curses, poisons, diseases or magic effects commonly laid down by the trash mobs to pre-dispose a given class for a particular side?

  2. @Llanion: Nope. No curses, or other ailments, diseases or whathave you.

  3. I ran this last week. I’m disc spec, but I can imagine a Holy priest having an easier time. we 2 healed it (me and a resto shammy). I healed living, while the shaman took the dead side. Not a difficult fight to heal by any means. put your better Dps (preferably aoe) on the undead side, that way your slower dps can kill as fast as they can, without worrying about over indulging the undead side. we had a warrior tank live, pally undead. I didnt have a problem at all, but once the gate opened i had to scramble to help out the other healer.

    very cool concept and a fun fight overall.

  4. I just want to drop a quick message saying how much I love your strategies for Naxxramas. I’m about to lead my guild’s first core group into Naxx this week and I was frantically looking for strategies / videos / tips / advice, ANYTHING! I found it all here, with exception to Sapphiron and Kel’Thuzzad, I’m sure that we will be able to full clear naxx this week.


    p.s. keep posting!

  5. Just wanted to throw in that I think doing this was much easier when we put the caster dps on the undead side. My guild ran last night and having two mages (or other AoE casters) on the undead side helped out a lot. As for healing goes, (i’m a resto shammy), we had a warrior, rogue, death knight and myself on the live side, and two mages, a resto druid, holy priest, warrior tank, and an enchance shaman on the undead side. Probably one of the easiest boss fights I’ve ever done.

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