Healing Naxxramas – Gluth (10 man)

Healing Naxxramas – Gluth (10 man)


Who let the dogs out? No, really. Gluth is this really large dog that has been pieced together with flesh from various beasts (or people). He is the third boss you have to tackle in the Construct Quarter.


  • Mortal Wound: Reduces healing taken by 10%. Stackable debuff!
  • Decimate Flesh: Consumes everything in the room for approximately 90% of their health
  • Infected Wound: Increases the Physical damage taken by an enemy by 100 for 1 minute
  • Enrages: Hits slightly harder than normal unless he gets a Tranq Shot

There’s no trash needed to clear to him. The path is empty from the moment you kill Grobbulus. There’s a green tube (pipe) that you need to go through and when you exit it, you will be thrown into combat right away and engage Gluth. Stay on the right side as you walk through the pipe.

So here’s the gimmick with the fight. You’ll need to have two tanks on Gluth the whole time. That Mortal Wound ability I told you about gets periodically applied to him. Ideally, our tanks will taunt off each other once the debuff reaches 3 or 4.

Not only that, there will be zombies (Zombie Chow) that stream in from time to time and they have around 500000 health. Those need to be kited. There’s no way the raid group can kill all of them right away.


Kiting Methods

  • Using a mage to run around while casting Frost Nova and Ice Lance to grab aggro
  • Having a Hunter with Freezing Traps and Explosive shots grab aggro
  • There are other ways, but those are what I have witnessed so far

One more thing

Gluth does a Decimate Flesh ability that you see in the opening shot of this post. Everyone’s health including the Zombies drop down to 10%. That’s your cue to get the entire raid to focus fire the Zombies and kill them. Otherwise if you don’t kill them quick enough, they will run towards Gluth and he will consume them and gain a lot of health back. And you do not want Gluth to get healed.

Pro tip: A few seconds before Decimate hits, have your kiter run to the opposite side of the room where Gluth is to buy your raid a few extra seconds of DPS time.


I’m strongly advocating a 2 single target healer on the tanks and 1 AoE healer on the kiter approach. Tanks will be taking a bit of a beating. Normal hits on Pate for about 4500. Enrage hits on Plate for about 5500+.

Tank healers have to focus and listen for the calls. Make sure the tanks are communicating so that tank healers know when they’re switching.

gluth-3The AoE healer will be keeping an eye on the kiter. It is inevitable that the kiter takes a few glancing blows here and there. Every time a player gets hit by Zombie Chow, they suffer a disease called Infected Wound which cannot be cleansed. It wears off after a minute. The disease causes players to take increased physical damage by 100 every time it is applied. I once had 20 applications of the debuff and believe me, it wasn’t fun at all.

After he hits Decimate Flesh, the raid’s health drops straight down to 10%. AoE heals are big at this point. Have the tank healers get the tank health back to 80% or higher and spam the rest of the raid. Don’t forget, during this portion of the fight, that zombies don’t aggro onto anything. They’re going straight for Gluth.


Circle of Healing a few times to get everyone out of the red. Finish off with direct heals or Prayer of Healing to get more heal strength down. In fact, consider using Holy Nova while you’re near players and are also in range of the Zombies. Every bit of DPS helps.

And lastly, here’s an action shot of a Gnome Mage being chased by some hungry Zombies. I wonder if he gets away…


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  1. Is anyone else a little bit saddened that these fights are so very similar to the lvl-60 version of Naxx?

    I was kinda hoping for ‘new and interesting’ fight mechanics instead of more-or-less recycling the existing boss-abilities.

  2. @ Mithral – On the contrary, I’m excited that it’s the same mechanics! I started WoW after TBC was released, and have heard my guildies go on and on about how epic and wonderful Naxx was. I’m looking forward to experiencing it myself.

    Isisxotics last blog post..Self Hosting, You Say?

  3. Since started WoW right at tBC launch and never seen Naxx all this is new to me like the previous poster above said vs been recycled content for the few that did experience Naxx before.

    Galohearts last blog post..Guild Crap!

  4. I would think here a pally-druid-priest combo would be ideal (or pally,shaman,priest).

    One thing I don’t see you suggesting is precasting a PoH.

    Tossing around a few CoH’s is good and all, but if you can time a PoH to land immediately after decimate, seems like you’d be in a good place to pick up from where you left off.

    -Chainey (Kel-Thazud)

  5. @Chainey: Yeah, it’s a good call. I’ve only done Gluth a few times. The priority is to get everyone out of the danger zone. I didn’t have mods or timers for Decimate. Definitely figure that into the rotation once you get the timing down.

  6. We first tried this with a mage though he was having a hard time surviving (also it was our first time there). Next i attempted to kite (i’m a holy paladin used to tank them (as prot) when we did lvl 70 runs for fun)….that didn’t go well at all…the debuff is too powerful to tank. The next day when we went, we had better dps but also had a hunter with us who didn’t have any problem at all. Traps slowed them down, we had a totem to lend a hand and anything he wasn’t able to pick up, i drug over. So in essence we had 2 healers for the tanks, i was on the kiter, and between my shields and instant casts it was easy to keep my hunter alive.

    At one point going into the second decimate he did have 20+ stacks on him so we decided to enlarge the kiting circle just before it to give him some time for it to wear off. I took the new mobs and by the time decimate was over and he was starting on the next batch, the debuff had worn off.

    As a side note, If you’re healing the kiter as a paladin, use holy wrath immediately after decimate. It will give your raid more time to burn down the adds, and along with a tidalwave they should never get close to gluth.

    Kales last blog post..Naxx 10 Cleared

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