Healing Crusader’s Coliseum: Lord Jaraxxus


Lord Jaraxxus is the second boss that will be available this week for Coliseum raiders. Take a look at the video below. Be advised that it’s in German. Couldn’t find any other ones around (if you manage to find one, please post it in the comments below). The video shows the Lord Jaraxxus fight from a an off tank perspective. It looks to be a very healing intensive fight.

Breaking down abilities, execution, and healing below.


Fel Fireball
Inflicts 18038 to 18962 Fire damage and an additional 7800 to 8200 Fire damage every 1 sec for 5 sec.
Fel Inferno
Periodically inflicts Fire damage to allies within 15 yards for 6 sec.
Fel Lightning
Strikes an enemy with Legion Lightning that arcs to another nearby enemy. The spell affects up to 5 targets.
Fel Streak
Inflicts 8288 to 8712 Fire damage.
Incinerate Flesh
Burns the flesh off your bones! Absorbs the next 70000 healing received and decreases damage dealt by 50% for 15 sec. If Incinerate Flesh is not removed before it expires it will cause a Burning Inferno.
Burning Inferno
Burning Inferno inflicts 3120 to 3280 Fire damage every 1 sec for 5 sec to all friendly targets. The Burning Inferno is caused by Incinerate Flesh not being removed before the duration expires. Incinerate Flesh is removed after absorbing 30000 healing.
Infernal Eruption
Lord Jaraxxus summons an Infernal Volcano which causes Infernals to spawn.
Legion Flame
The Legion Flame inflicts 3900 to 4100 Fire damage every 1 sec, also you are creating a Legion Fire every 1 sec for 6 sec.
Legion Flame
Inflicts 6825 to 7175 Fire damage.
Nether Portal
Lord Jaraxxus summons a Nether Portal.
Nether Power
The Power of the Nether increases magic damage dealt by 20% for 30 sec.
Touch of Jaraxxus
The Touch of Jaraxxus inflicts 3900 to 4100 Shadow damage for 12 sec and causes nearby players to be effected by Curse of the Nether.
Curse of the Nether
Inflicts 4388 to 4612 Shadow damage every 1 sec for 15 sec.

Mistress of Pain

Mistress’ Kiss
Next spell with a cast time interrupts that school for 8 sec and causes 8288 to 8712 Shadow damage.
Shivan Slash
A whirling attack that deals 75% weapon damage and pierces through armor.
Spinning Pain Spike
Leaps towards an enemy, grabbing them and inflicting significant Physical damage.


You’ll need 2 to 3 tanks for this. Have your main tank set up shop directly in the middle of the arena. The ranged and the healers will need to fan out to help mitigate Touch of Jaraxxus.

Melee DPS will be interrupting Fel Fireball. If it connects, it needs to be dispelled.

It looks to be a fairly simple tank and spank encounter.

But wait! There’s more!

You thought Black Temple was the last time you’d see these lovely ladies. Your off tank needs to keep his eyes open for a portal. A Mistress will emerge from one and it will need to be picked up. The video shows the Mistress being tanked on top of Lord Jaraxxus. Presumably so that melee DPS will be able to add extra damage from AoE hits and the like. The pain strike move appears to be random. Casters (healers especially) need to keep their eye out for Mistress’ Kiss. I’m assuming it will wear off after some time. Don’t cast if you’re hit by one.

There’s also Infernals that need to be tanked. I’m not sure if it’s possible for Infernals to appear at the same time a Mistress of Pain is up. It’s always a possibility. The 10 man video shows 3 Infernals that spawn. Not sure how the 25 will be like. The Infernals could have more health or there could just simply be more of them.

I suggest melee players divide themselves up in two groups not exceeding 3 players. Put 1 group on each leg of Jaraxxus to help mitigate the Fel Lightning attack (Chain Lightning).

One more mechanic is the Legion Flame. If a player gets it, they will be generating flame patches on their position. Whoever gets it needs to get clear of everyone else and just start doing circles to get the patches away from the rest of the raid. Luckily it only lasts 6 seconds.


I’d suggest stacking 6-7 healers the first time through.

2 healers on the main tank, 1 on the off tank and have the rest on the raid. Advise even placement of healers across the room: 2 on the left, 2 in the middle, 2 on the right.

I think the melee players are going to need a dedicated healer but I’m confused by the wording of Fel Inferno (damage to Jaraxxus allies or to us?).

There is a lot of raid damage coming in. It looks to be a brute force healing type of encounter.

The biggest threat to the raid is largely going to be from the Incinerate Flesh + Burning Inferno combination. Whoever gets affected by Incinerate Flesh needs to be healed up. 30000 damage. Shields won’t count I don’t think.

Healers, you are going to need to do some think-healing on the go. It’s very difficult to set up healing assignments for a fight like this as there’s so many sources of damage coming in. Play it by ear. Take initiative and don’t be afraid of healing the wrong person. It doesn’t matter what the name of the spell is since they’re taking damage anyway.

Good luck in there! Again, post any observations you see in the comments below (corrections are good too)!

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  1. In the video, it looks like they got the “360 pain spike” achievement even though I could only see one Mistress up. Is this like the Kologarn rock achievement where they don’t all have to be alive at the same time, you just have to have seen 2 spawn before LJ dies? We’d like to aim for the server first achievement tonight, so knowing for sure whether we have to keep 2 up at the end (probably will anyway) would be helpful. Also, anyone know how many are going to spawn during an average-length attempt? Can we kill the first one, resting assured that 2 more will spawn, or would we have to offtank every single one that appears until the end?

  2. “Mistress’ Kiss
    Next spell with a cast time interrupts that school for 8 sec and causes 8288 to 8712 Shadow damage.”

    Seems like a possible way to handle that for priests is to just cast a mind blast. If the duration of the debuff is really short then who cares, but if its ~6 seconds or more? Let it lock out our shadow school =)

  3. Nether Power – increases magic damage dealt by 20%.

    This is a buff on Jaraxxus that seems to only appear when a Nether Portal is active, and it is put up multiple times per portal. It begins with a 10 stack, and that 200% increased magic damage will have him one-shotting many people with his Fel Lightning (we recorded up to 80K in a single hit in our attempts last night).

    Nether Power can be dispelled, purged, and spellstolen, but you need to remove each stack one at a time. I recommend a couple of mages team up to spellsteal the entire stack ASAP, and get a little damage boost in the process.

  4. I healed this last night in both 10 and 25 man and honestly didn’t find it to be INSANELY hard as long as people moved properly when they got the Legion Flames on them. We 3 shotted it on both difficulties. We used 6 healers on 25 man and 3 healers on 10 man. Something to keep in mind if your guild is attempting this is that if you have a couple enhance shamans I’d have one of them working purge in because when he gets Nether Power he can really hurt with the Fel Lightning. Potentially wiping out all of your melee or one shotting the tank if the fireball isn’t interupted. Overall a very easy fight, I look forward to seeing what Heroic mode brings.

  5. Things that we noticed last night for our first 25-man kill:
    – Interrupt Fel Fireball every time
    – Spellsteal/purge/dispel all 10 Nether Power stacks when Jaraxxus gains them (the faster the better)
    – Spread out for Fel Lightning to minimize jumps, altho melee pretty much all eat it since it’s 15 yards, the damage is manageable as long as he doesn’t have Nether Power stacked
    – Start running away if you get Legion Flame, and be mindful that you leave a trail of fire that lasts for a long time
    – Run away if you get Incinerate Flesh, as we were having a hell of a time applying enough healing to prevent the Burning Inferno from going off on that person (and a Burning Inferno in melee sucks)
    – 1 tank doing their best to keep the Mistress’s on top of Jaraxxus so that melee/ranged can use incidental aoe to hit both her and Jaraxxus

  6. From our experience last night:

    ~ The chain lightning is definitely a larger jump than the usual 10 yards, so spread needs to be bigger than normal or perhaps Thorim-esque camps.

    ~ Fel Fireball can be interrupted, negating the need for a dedicated dispel like Fusion Punch. I don’t know if this is intentional.

    ~ With Legion Flame, my preferred strat is to simply run the fire straight back to the wall, but the other option is to keep it in a tight area. It will despawn after a few minutes.

    ~ Incinerate Flesh was not a huge issue, but we talked in length about it before we pulled so the healers were all on the ball with that. We never had a burning inferno go off.

    ~ We never saw Touch of Jaraxxus or Curse of the Nether.

    ~ It honestly wasn’t as healing intensive as I thought it would be. 6 healers was enough in 25 man.
    .-= ummeiko´s last blog ..Fresh 80 Healing Priest – Gear from heroics =-.

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  8. My guild somehow managed to 2 shot this last night with out a clue as to what we were doing. We knew we needed to dispell something on people and spell steal/purge something on him. Oh and that there would be adds.

    We were clueless as to how incinerate flesh and burning inferno worked. I think we ate every burning inferno. We had a Paladin, Shaman, Druid (me), and 4 Holy priests. It was good we stacked heavy on healers because we were all on fumes at the end. It seems these fights are very forgiving, since we managed to get a kill while completely ignoring a key mechanic of the the fight.

    Ah, it’s good to know how this works, should be much easier next week ;D

  9. We one shotted this fight today on 10 man and I’m not entirely sure why. It was certainly very healing intensive, we had some people die in Flames of the Legion and I think ultimatley it is a mistake to try and heal through that. It does a significant amount of damage (much more than the Infernals, or the Chain Fel Fire) so it can catch you unaware as a healer if somebody stands still and eats all five seconds of it.

    We also had a couple of Burning Inferno’s go off which were nasty, but on 10 man are apparently much simpler because I don’t think we lost anybody to those.

    We even had a couple of Fel Fireballs hit the tank which were relatively simple to heal and dispel.

    I think whilst the fight is very messy and healing intensive, good DPS and 3 healers on 10 man can brute force you through it.

  10. Ummm…..yeah this fight is pretty much a joke, my guild who can barely do any Ulduar hard modes 1 shot it in 25 man with about 3 random deaths. zzzz. This new content is a joke.

  11. Easy fight with 2 healers on 10man, just keep in range or in short running distance of the ranged dps in case they get Incinerate flesh. You can tell when the debuff is still on the player if your heals are being absorbed, so keep healing until they get overhealed.

  12. Yeah – I don’t know if the RNG gods liked us or what but we found it an easy, no death 1 shot (10 man). We didn’t really have much of an idea either and I am certain that we missed the absorb healing buff once (no-one took much damage at all from the explosion).

    I think the key to this fight is add control. Get the infernals and the mistress down quickly then all you have to do is spell steal the buff and interrupt whatever you can.
    .-= Silk´s last blog ..Was that a boss? =-.

  13. “- Run away if you get Incinerate Flesh, as we were having a hell of a time applying enough healing to prevent the Burning Inferno from going off on that person (and a Burning Inferno in melee sucks)”

    As far as I could see last night, running away won’t achieve anything with Burning Inferno. It’s an autohit on the whole raid – bit like what happens if the cubes weren’t clicked on maggy.

    I was prepared last night, with Grid setup to show Incinerate flesh on someone as soon as they got it. We had people move more central so they were in range of all healers.

    One Holylight, greater heal, healing wave, couple of nourishes from each healer is enough to get rid of it accounting for some crits.

    Alternatively have 2-3 healers assigned for the spammage, leaving the rest to the tanks/raid as there is a lot of other damage bouncing around.

    We did have one burning inferno go off. We had infernals up, a spawning mistress, and large stack of nether power on the boss. We simply didn’t have the spare healing to single target spam one person until we were back under control. The Burning inferno isn’t nice, but it is healable in a pinch.

    There’s quite a funky animation the mistresses do – grabbing someone, and jumping high up in the middle of the arena. Quite easy to spot, and half a second later you’ll see someone drop to about half health on raid frames. A good one to have a quick/instant heal ready for.

    Fun fight, a one-shot, but I’m sure it’ll be the cause of much practice on heroic simply because there’s so much to look out for. I didn’t even notice a Maiden’s Kiss, or the Legion’s flame personally last night, but I’m expecting them to be very noticable on heroic.

  14. We oneshot it on 10-man last night, didn’t have enough people online to try 25-man.

    Is the Spinning Pain Spike somehow avoidable? My priest was fully topped off at around 21k hp but it oneshot me with 7k overkill. It was a critical hit though, I should have survived a normal one. I hope it won’t be a luck based ability where normal hit is OK and crit an unavoidable death (for anything non-plate).

  15. You can get away with one healer on the tank in 25-man, easy. As long as mages are spelling-stealing Nether Power, melee is interrupting when needed, the tank takes very little damage. I was originally assigned as the tank healer (Disc) along with a Holy paladin, and I ended up dropping my heals on the tank to help with the raid. If anything, the off-tanks who are gathering up the adds require more healers, I was watching their health yo-yo up and down quite a bit.

    We also had a warlock banish one of the Infernals, it made it a little easier for ranged DPS to focus fire: one less add to worry about, at least for a little while.

    Overall, an easy but mildly chaotic fight.


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