Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!


Avast you scally wags!, happy talk like a pirate day from us at World o’ Matticus, shiver me timbers! Hope you have a fun day and don’t forget t’ get your achie’ement in Booty Bay. Tis’ quick and easy. Fly t’ booty bay and head o’er past the horde flight point. Jump up ont’ the roo’ and talk t’ Dread Captain Demeza, argh! Get your free pirate costumes and then find some wenches and raid some ta’erns!

From Blizzard

Yarrrr matey, it be Pirates’ Day! Commoners wearing pirate garb have appeared in all the world’s cities with the news that the Dread Captain DeMeza and her crew have landed in Booty Bay and declared it Pirates’ Day! If you are brave enough to share a drink with her, you may have what it takes to become an honorary crew member for the day.

First, talk to any pirate commoner to receive a costume to help you get into the spirit of Pirates’ Day. Once appropriately attired, head down to Booty Bay to join in the fun. There, look for Dread Captain Demeza and her crew, who have taken over the roof of the Booty Bay bank and auction house. By talking to Captain DeMeza, players become an honorary crew member and transform into a pirate of their race and gender for 12 hours. This costume buff may be clicked off but persists through combat, mounting, death, and so on. Other highlights of the holiday include:

  • A large crowd of pirate revelers (“Dread Crew”) who dance, talk, eat, drink, laugh, and shoot fireworks. Ask Baron Revilgaz what he thinks of the visitors.
  • The Tauren First Mate Hapana and his giant South Seas assault parrot, Nyuni.
  • A trio of cannons and cannoneers who periodically fire out into the bay – at times, just barely missing the sails of the incoming transport. Those crazy corsairs.
  • Cap’n Slappy and Ol’ Chumbucket, two curiously-named pirates.
  • Lively pirate-themed music that plays upon the rooftop.

so what be you goin’ t’ do this fine holliday? Goin’ t’ any pirate theme parties? Breakin’ out the de’iate delights and raidin’ pirate style? Rollin’ around with your admiral’s hat? Aye, me parrot concurs th’s be soundin’ like good fun!

Share with us your Talk like a pirate day pictures, your favorite pirate joke or just feel free to chime in with some good old pirate speak! YARRRRRRRRRRRR!

Edit, I’ve been informed this post needs more pirates. So in honor of my guild master


Image courtesy of Fox Studios (PIRATE WASH FTW!!!!)

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  1. So pirates day ended fairly quickly for me considering there wasn’t much to do in Booty Bay, especially not on a PVE server. But I did manage to make a nice screenshot.

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  2. Good grief, that video was the most disturbing thing I’ve seen in a long time! 😛
    .-= Rhii´s last blog ..Argh! Light’s Hope Chapel! =-.

  3. @Rhii Yeah, when in need of truly disturbing things, turn to youtube and children’s tv shows. lol

  4. Arrhh, laddie looks braw indeed! Ye can bet yer peg leg that ah be heading there to keel haul some scallywags! Arrggh!
    .-= We Fly Spitfires´s last blog ..Aion Character Pre-Selection =-.

  5. You get extra points for having an Alan Tudyk photo as the banner on this one. Solidarity!
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