Guildmate Circumvents Guild Leader, Goes Straight to Blizz GM’s

Boy what an eventful week this has been so far. There seems to be an increase in epic stories happening across the WoW blogosphere. I’ve got an interesting story of my own to share.

There’s this Guild that I have vested interest in. Let’s refer to them as "Raised Villains".

The other day, one of their members was having a lively discussion with another player within the Guild. A miniature exchange broke out and everyone had a big giant hissy fit. Words were said, insults were flung, until eventually one member called the other member a "British cigarette".

He huffed and oh did he puff. He got so angry he wanted to tell mommy that Tommy called him a word that rhymes with "sag".

Unfortunately, mommy Guildleader wasn’t around to discipline Tommy. So Steve McQueen decided to take it upon himself and go past mommy and straight to daddy GM.

Sure enough, daddy GM came flying into the room and banned Tommy for 2 days without video games.

I don’t know about you, but I found that absolutely outrageous. Sure calling someone "jet lag without the jet or the lag" goes against the TOS. But there’s an unwritten code out there somewhere that says you don’t tattle on people like that to GM. However, I do have a twisted sense of ethics. Most guys I know would take their lumps and fight back. Going straight to a GM would be an unfair advantage. Personally I think it’s quite cowardly.

Yeesh. Kids these days. If everyone got banned for saying things against the TOS, there would be no one to play with. Quite frankly, that’s why the ESRB gave this game a variable rating (Game experience may change with online play).

So here’s the lesson: If you’re going to diss someone, diss someone over a medium where it can’t be tracked like on vent.

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