Build Your Own Guild


Sydera’s been writing a series in Guild management from bottom to top. She addresses a multitude of problems and areas that face guilds today and how to address them.

Check it out!

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Rules of the Game
Part 3: The Dreaded Loot Question
Part 4: Leadership
Part 5: Membership
Part 6: Scheduling
Part 7: Day to Day Management
Part 8: Dealing with Feedback
Part 9: Ambition
Part 10: Making Changes


  1. whatisboom? says:

    […] out the post, and stumbled into a few more articles. The first post that caught my eye was his Build Your Own Guild series.  His subject matter covers everything from a serious raiding […]

  2. […] advice on building and maintaining a guild and resolving dilemmas and conflicts, I refer to the excellent guides over at World of […]

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