Guides to 3.0.2

Didn’t feel the need to do one of my own. Already technically contributed to the Priest column (and really inaccurately at that).

Happy patch day!

Most likely not going to update a whole lot of addons. Not sure how much more we’re going to raid. Just going to update raidframes and thats it. Going to try to configure key bindings via WoW default interface (Thats going to be fun).

To do list

  • UBRS for the Leeroy title
  • Leveling every capital city and smashing said leaders
  • World domination

Might squeeze in some study time in there. Who knows?

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  1. I hate to burst your bubble but you know the world leaders’ levels are going up with the patch, right? 🙂

  2. @Seri: When I bring an army, I bring an army.

  3. An army that can hit lv 83s? >.>

  4. Aren’t they, like, ?? (Boss)?

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  5. @Joveta: Who do you think will win? Level 83 raid boss or 200 Level 70s?

  6. DocHoliday says

    Lvl 83 raid boss would win

  7. Of course the 1st thing i did, mounted up in my drake and flew very high in the sky and used the bubble to fall down to get the achievement 😛
    no im 7 mounts shy from the 50 mounts one, cant wait to get that albino drake

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