Great news, Good news, Bad news

Quick hits here, guys. Had an extremely eventful Sunday.

Great news: I’ve acquired my Stanley Cup Rings (RE: Band of Karabor) x 2. They’re both fully enchanted.

Good news: My Guild apparently killed Archimonde.

Bad news: I wasn’t there when they did it.

Really bad news: Apparently the Apostle of Argus dropped.

Just when you think it can’t get any worse: It got disenchanted.

EDIT: My Guild’s a bunch of practical jokers. *whew*. What’s worse is that now I’ll have to endure the gloating from that OTHER healer. Yeah, you know, the furry one. To which I’ll retaliate with songs from West Side Story.




Excuse me while I go cry myself to sleep.

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  1. Crushing depression is the best way to get some shut eye.

  2. Grats on those rings, I still have zero. We also killed Archimonde, and the Apostle dropped and I got it.

    Let’s hope it drops some more for you. 🙂

  3. oy, that sucks about the staff!

  4. “Really bad news: Apparently the Apostle of Argus dropped.”

    Ya jeez awful shame huh :S

  5. Doc Holiday says

    Keep the Melee alive = dead Arch


  6. They didn’t… they wouldn’t….

    Come on, there HAD to be another druid or priest in the raid. Had to be.

  7. Um, why do I think that your guild is cruelly joking? The Apostle of Argus getting DE’d? Riiiiiiight.


  8. Thorinar says

    “Um, why do I think that your guild is cruelly joking? The Apostle of Argus getting DE’d? Riiiiiiight.”

    What!?!? We would never joke about something Matt really really wanted getting DE’d the night he wasn’t there… 😀

    Or would we?

  9. Cruel, cruel guild to go and do such a thing the night you’re not there!

    Though I’m also of the suspicion that that staff would’nt’ve gotten DEd surely someone else staffy would’ve been drooling all over it also.

    Here’s hoping Archimonde falls over for you next time.

  10. Rofl. Lots of love Matt. We did in fact down the boss and we did in fact have the staff and bow drop. Though nothing was DE’d. Good times!

  11. next time ull get it for like 10dkp:P

  12. On a serious note, though… The Staff of Immaculate Recovery is mo’ bettah for priests.

    And it will look snazzy with your T5!

    Go kill Bloodboil!

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