Good News Healers: No Change to Healing Model Going into Mists

I couldn’t remember if this was addressed at all during the Q&A’s. During the Hilton after party, I managed to track down GC for a few photo op’s with my guild and I just had to ask him to make sure:

Me: Is there going to be any change in the healing models going from Cataclysm into Mists of Pandaria?

GC: Nope! No major changes!

Sweet! No new real learning curve. This should make life easy for all of us during the expansion transition. The big significance is that we’ll be starting off with the ol’ small heal, medium heal, and big heal model again. Like Firelands, as we progress through harder content and as our gear and stats continue to improve, we’ll eventually end up with a slightly smaller tool kit at our disposal.

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  1. Back to being mana starved until raid gear!

  2. Not sure that I am thrilled with this in conjunction with Blizzard’s take that Tree healing is just fine – even though all the theorycrafters keep pointing out the inefficiencies of the spec.

    But we shall see. Though frankly, what would have been kind of cool was if Blizzard turned Trees into a ranged DPS healer instead of having that model be a sub-spec of another healing class. Not that I want to take that away from priests (and I LOVE playing Atonement on my priest), but it is a clever playstyle and deserves a more dedicated slot. Having Trees be HoT/DPS range based would make Trees unique healers instead of simply poor man versions of other healing classes.

    And I’m okay re-re-re learning the spec if the end result is an intriguing playstyle.

  3. I got a script injection malware warning on your website. Just a heads up.

  4. What Matt fails to stress is that we were at a PARTY.

    GC & I were chatting, having a few jokes and discussing what could be my best troll ever when this guy leans in and asks him “Is there going to be any change in healing models…”

    You’ll notice GC’s answer is pretty short, not because he wasn’t a good sport and wouldn’t have taken the time to elaborate, but because I pushed Matt back out of the way and chastised him for walking to talk shop while we were at a party.

    @araquen While your idea about trees as atonement boomkin instead is intersting, I have to say that I don’t know any healer who feels bad for resto druids right now.

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