Get Rich or Heal Trying: How to Make Money via Dailies

Get Rich or Heal Trying: How to Make Money via Dailies


This is a guest post by Sientina discussing earning gold in WoW as a healer.

I’m Sientina, and I heal things to death. You see that warrior over there? He’s been trying to kill me for the last 4 minutes and I’m healing away all his damage, waiting for help to arrive.  Sure, I could probably kill him… eventually, but I rolled a healing class for a reason. I don’t kill things. I don’t grind elementals for eternals. The thing is, raiding takes its toll. I have reagents to buy, armor to repair, and hair to cut when my old style isn’t working for me anymore. What’s a girl to do when she has money issues and no sugar daddy?

I could just heal the daily heroic for cash but if I don’t want to commit to a full heroic run, I can do a few dailies instead and still have the gold for the raid tonight. Besides, have you seen those dungeons? They need to fire their cleaning staff. I end up with more cobwebs in my hair then hair products, and I use a lot of hair products. For a style this good, there needs to be money rolling in. These dailies keep my hair free of cobwebs and my gear free of blood and gore.


Stop by your respective airships and pick these quests up.

Capture More Dispatches / Keeping the Alliance Blind – shoot down 6 scouts just west of Aldur’thar.
That’s Abominable! / That’s Abominable! – Kill an abom in the broken front for his guts and use your newly made Frankenstein creation to blow the undead to pieces.
The Solution Solution / Volatility – Loot some helms, armor, and bones and blow a Frostbrood Skytalon sky-high.
If you’ve unlocked enough quests to have the tabard of the Knights of the Ebon Blade, head to the Shadow Vault for 2 more dailies.
Vile Like Fire! – Grab a proto-drake and burn 8 buildings.  You can re-burn something already on fire, so it doesn’t matter how many others are around.
Shoot ‘Em Up – There are two buildings with harpoon launchers on the balcony. Pick a weapon and kill 15 drakes.  Make sure to grab group with anyone else at a harpoon, you’ll both be done sooner.
Both Alliance and Horde have their own assault point in Ymirhiem.  Join them to help their cause in a non-killing sort of fashion.  Horde, you’ll report to the northern edge while Alliance will be on the eastern side.
Assault by Air / Assault by Air – Grab the transport and hit the spear guns with the blinding shot to stay alive til all four of your infiltrators are dropped.
King of the Mountain / King of the Mountain – Jump up the mountain and plant the flag.  You can click for your next jump before you land so you can scale vertical walls with ease.

Sholazar Basin

For those Honored with Oracles:

Appeasing the Great Rain Stone – Hop around with your little green friend and look for sparklies on the ground.  After he digs them up, loot them.
Song of Fecundity – Go west to the Maker’s shelf and blow the horn around 8 piles of dirt.
Song of Reflection – Go to the top of each Pillar and use the digeridoo at each crystal.
For those Honored with Frenzyheart…
Chicken Party! – Click on 12 chickens or net big groups of them.  You don’t have to dismount to net or gather the chickens up, so catch them rodeo style.

Storm Peaks

You will have to unlock the Sons of Hodir quests to get these. Part of them are Sons of Hodir Dailies, and will give you rep towards your shoulder enchants.  Others are from Brunnhildar. Talk to Gretta the Arbiter to start them.

Thrusting Hodir’s Spear – Only available at Honored. Find a wyrm and slay him using the special cast bar.  Once you get the hang of killing the wyrm, it’ll take you about 5 minutes tops for 16 gold and 500 rep.
Everfrost – This isn’t a daily, but when you’re out and about and you see an everfrost chip, loot it.  Its a free 13 gold and then 7 gold for repeats.  You can do this as many times as you find chips and sometimes someone in general chat will be willing to pay you for the location of one.  If not… more rep for you.
Back to the Pit – Grab a warbear and beat 6 other bear-back riders in combat.
Maintaining Discipline – Beating slaves couldn’t be easier.  If they choose to fight back, you might have to kill one or two.

Grizzly Hills

The Alliance and Horde fight over the Blue Sky Logging Grounds.  Thankfully we can assist.

Pieces Parts / Making Repairs – Loot gears and springs off the ground.  The opposite factions npc’s won’t attack you, but enemy players might.
Life or Death / Overwhelmed! – Bandage 15 of your forces.
Shredder Repair / Shred the Alliance – Shredder time! Use the speed boost and get your machine out of there.  As a note, the keys you get from the quest reward will let you use shredders down in Venture Bay.


Defending Wyrmrest Temple – Fly to the shrine, disable it and kill all opposing dragonflight in your way.  Simple? Yes… but you can up the ante by trying to complete Rapid Defense as well.

With dailies to keep this girl independent and her hair the best in Dalaran, I’m as carefree as bird. If you’re needing a break from that dreary old dungeon crawl, try a different way to get the gold you need.  Unless the main tank is cute and available. That’s a different situation.

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Matticus is the founder of World of Matticus and Plus Heal. Read more of his columns at WoW Insider. League of Legends player. Caffeine enthusiast.


  1. I like it! A very nice list, especially when your pocket tank is away on a vacation. 😛

    Brandon Tilleys last blog post..Heroic/Raid Saves in 3.1

  2. First off, a female WoW player without a sugar daddy… nonsense. Just Kidding!

    Very good list. I might have to try it out. I usually get bored after a few dailies but then again I only do Sons of Hodir and Icecrown. Don’t tell anybody but I haven’t even step foot in Sholazar yet, and I only visited Grizzly Hills to help a friend with a quest.

    Once I get my dual spec I’ll probably be more inclined to fire my chicken lazers and do some of those key questlines.

  3. So… daily quests that don’t involve normal/direct killing of things? Zul’Drak’s Troll Patrol – sometimes. Depending on the specific sub-quests that show up, it’s possible to be tasked with gathering ingredients for a potion from racks, collecting medals off fallen trolls, putting up banners at specific points, and talking to Argent Crusade soldiers. I’ve not been doing any hard study of it, but that seems to be the quest set every two or three days. No fighting required. You can even talk to the soldiers while mounted. Complete all four sub-quests and turn in the main in under twenty minutes for an additional bonus.

    Given that it counts for multiple daily slots, I suppose it may not be the most efficient for money, but the bonus for doing it quickly is pretty good and it’s a way to build up Argent Crusade rep, if desired.

  4. @ Reyalyn – I thought about the Zul’Drak Troll Patrol, but for the amount of daily slots and how little money you get from the dailies to give you the completed quest, I decided not to. Same with the Kalu’ak, 5 gold a daily is just as bad as the Shattered Sun Offensive dailies now.

  5. You could also do the Kalu’ak daily where you bring the walruses together for love. That can be done without killing anything, too, usually.

  6. I really enjoy the dailies Drake Hunt and Aces High! in Coldarra on my resto shaman. They’re quick, easy (once you get the hang of Aces High! it’s cake), and don’t involve having to personally heal-fight anything.

  7. Thank you, charming post!
    I’ll be lookin in to this even if I’m on the stabbity side of the force

    Oh! and the barber in Under City is just to die for! (literally)

  8. If you are a Druid healer the 5g from the Kalu’ak Q where you collect the little babies is easy 5g. You can pick the cubs up without breaking flight form, even while the mothers are hitting you. The whole Q only takes as long as it takes to fly round 12 cubs, 2-3 minutes at the most.

    If you doing the Wyrmrest Q anyway you might as well pop accross for the extra 5g. Of course it doesn’t help you none druid healers.

  9. I stopped doing the wyrmrest one unless it is coupled to a raid.

    Gold refund by quest: 10g
    Gold cost to get there: 1-2g
    Gold cost to return: 1-2g
    Extra’s: None.

    Not the most efficient one but a perfect time killer when half that OS pug is still “repairing and afk’ing for just 10s” or after the OS raid.

  10. Good Post =)

    I would also add that there is still gold to be had in the old world if you are not opposed to OLD SCHOOL runs.

    In example –

    1) 2-3 man ZG runs (good for gold and 2 rare 100% spedd ground mounts in this instance).

    2) 2-3 man Onyxia and MC (even though gold has been nerfed in these places it is still worth the effort).

    3) 1-2 man 5 man 70 heroic runs. (Good for gold and BOE epics sell well on AH for newbies and others leveling alts)

    4) 1 man 5 man 60 classic runs (Some gold but mostly good for enchant mats and cloth used in faction building with major cities).

  11. I’m not sure if it is Alliance only, but you can get a daily in Venture Bay that involves dropping a smoke bomb on Venture Co npcs in various buildings. Takes a couple of minutes, and has a 9 gold reward. So easy.

    If you have a flying mount, you can also do the collection daily from the Venture Co ship – drop in, smack down a couple of Goblins, and pick up the barrel of goo.
    Again, shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes for 9 gold or so.

  12. My bad, I got my rewards mixed up. The barrel of goo is not 9 gold, but the ‘kill 10 Horde’ quest is.

  13. Sientina, the chicken quest is only available if you are honored with the Frenzyheart, not the oracles, also the two song quests ar not doable in the same day, as only one “song” quest is given every day along with one to kill the “putty men” and Appeasing the Great Rain Stone.

    Other than that, nice list

  14. The best solution to gold is not doing dailies at all. If you have the means, run a 10 man naxx once a week. I make more gold off 1 naxx run, (assuming only 1 or two deaths if any), than I could in an entire week of dalies. It’s generally worth about 350 – 400g. If you have the means to 8 man it your even better off.

    Granted in order to consider this a gold making opertunity you will need a fully kitted T7.5+ raid group … but 2.5 hours for 350-400g is more than worth it once a week.

    If you must do dailies, there are several listed there that I didn’t even realize existed. Great post, I will have to check some of those out!

    Xannders last blog post..25 dragons > Malygos

  15. Hi. Excellent work. would not anticipate this. This is the excellent story. Many thanks!


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