Gamespy: Wrath of the Lich King New Info and Reaction

Gamespy just unveiled a whole bunch of new information about the upcoming WoW expansion. There’s a lot more information about the Death Knight, Northrend, and instancing in general.


  • Players to have optional and different starting zones
  • "Not just be a land of ice and snow."
  • Way bigger than Outland
  • Un’Goro makes a return
  • Flying mounts unlocked at level 77
Matt’s Reaction

Good. It was hard enough for me to kill stuff as it as a Disc/Holy Priest when I turned 70 in Hellfire without having all my kills get tagged. These screenshots are beeeeautiful. I always thought of Northrend as a big giant popsicle. Glad to see Blizz is varying up the location. Flying mounts will be used for levelling at 77+.

Raiding and Instancing

  • All raid instances will have both 10 person and 25 person versions
  • 10 and 25 versions will be on separate cooldowns (Can play in a 10 man earlier in the day and a 25 later)
  • At level 80, every major encounter and boss fight can be experienced with a group of 10
  • Heroic dungeons in WotLK will have separate loot tables than their non-heroic versions
  • Another Troll instance or zone: The temple of Zul’Drak
Matt’s Reaction

Very good move by Blizzard. Karazhan is the most popular raid instance in the game by sheer difficulty level and accessibility. It is a lot more difficult to find players for a 25 player instance than a 10. I don’t see what the high end guilds will have to complain about. If anything, there is now more stuff for them to do. The 25 player loot will be substantially be more greater than the 10s. I’m curious to see how that will be pulled off. But either way, loot is loot. This will provide a great alternative from having to farm copious amounts of "Frozen Primals" or something.

In any case, us elitist Guilds still get our fun and challenge. The casual players will get their fill by being able to experience every raid dungeon in the game. You can even 10 man Arthas.

I’m also glad Blizzard learned more about their badge system. It was a great idea to have in TBC, but the incentives were just bad. Magister’s Terrace proved that Blizzard is willing to adapt new principles by separating loot tables.


  • Malygos, dragon leader of the Blue flight, makes an appearance
  • Worgen and sons of Arugal return
  • New encounter based on a Warcraft III mission (Helping Arthas destroy Stratholme?)
  • P.E.T.A. makes an appearance known as D.H.E.T.A.
Matt’s Reaction

Eh, I approve. I’ve always liked Blizzard lore. I’ve followed a lot of it since the original Warcraft. I wonder what other easter eggs we’ll see in the game. Hopefully we’ll get to see some SG-1 references at some point.

Death Knight

  • Can apparently turn dead teammates into ghouls (Necromancers in Guild Wars)
  • Starts at Level 55, available to any player with a 55+ character
  • Starts at a Necropolis over EPL
  • Can Dual Wield
  • Are not double racials (Undead/Gnome, for instance)
  • Every race can be a Death Knight
  • The Tanking DK relies on parrying (2H tank for real?)
Matt’s Reaction

2 Hand tanking. This is going to be amazing. Just about everyone in the Guild will have a Death Knight now. The ghoul ability can even be used in arena. Imagine a team with Druids, Hunters, Mages, and other classes with pets (or the stupid mini Gnome trinket). The alternative will be an Enhancement Shaman variation. This will be very good news for Guilds with cheap tanks. Now they don’t have to spend copious amounts of gold to constantly respec their character. They can simply load up the right runes in order to satisfy whatever role they need to fulfill.

Vehicle System

  • Ability to drive stuff around and interact with people or objects
  • Gamespy Example: Players will fly over a human settlement being overrun with the Scourge, lowering a ladder down to pull up and rescue civilians. In one dungeon instance, players will be able to "liberate" some blue dragons that they can mount up and fly around, fighting their way up a massive tower.
  • You can ride a mammoth which has it’s own combat abilities
Matt’s Reaction

This has to be the most coolest part of the expansion. Have you wished that you were able to shoot missiles at other players on their mounts? It seems like this might be possible in the expansion.

I’m really excited about the expansion now. I can’t wait!

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